20 Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2024: Claim Up to 99% OFF


If you want to get a massive discount on your web hosting, this Black Friday deal is a great opportunity for you.

In this article, I will describe the 20 best Black Friday web hosting deals. Some of the deals will offer you up to 99% discount.

Are you excited to know about the top 20 Black Friday web hosting deals? So, without further delay, let’s see the deals.

List of Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals in 2024

I know that most of you have already decided to buy your favourite hosting services in this Black Friday offer.

Some of you are surfing the web just to make sure your favourite web hosting company is offering any discount deals or not.

So, for them, I have decided to put the top 20 on the list of best Black Friday web hosting deals & discounts in 2024.

HostingStarting PriceDiscountLive Offer Link
Hostinger (My pick)$12.99/Mo85% OFFClaim Live Deal
ChemiCloud$9.95/Mo82% OFFClaim Live Deal
FastComet$11.95/Mo85% OFFClaim Live Deal
StableHost$1.50/Mo50% OFFClaim Live Deal
Cloudways$11.00/Mo40% OFFClaim Live Deal
KnownHost$3.47/Mo50% OFFClaim Live Deal
Network Solutions$5.69/Mo55% OFFClaim Live Deal
Easywp$6.88/Mo70% OFFClaim Live Deal
Web Hosting Hub$11.99/Mo50% OFFClaim Live Deal
Nexcess$14/Mo75% OFFClaim Live Deal
BigRock₹79/Mo75% OFFClaim Live Deal
Ultahost$4.61/Mo50% OFFClaim Live Deal
Temok$4.05/Mo75% OFFClaim Live Deal
WPX$24/MoUp to 99% OFFClaim Live Deal
HostArmada$9.95/Mo82% OFFClaim Live Deal
Nestify$19/Mo50% OFFClaim Live Deal
Liquid Web$59/Mo85% OFFClaim Live Deal
Inmotion Hosting$8.99/MoUp to 81% OFFClaim Live Deal
RoseHosting$7.99/Mo50% OFFClaim Live Deal
Namecheap$42.88/Yrs99% OFFClaim Live Deal

If you don’t have time to read this full article to learn about web hosting deals, you can simply click the links in the list to go to the offer page and claim your discount.

What is the Black Friday Deal?

Black Friday deal is the time every year of November end week, when most companies offer a significant discount on their product or service, especially for digital service or digital product seller companies.

This time of the year, every company offers a 30,40, 50, 80, or 99% discount or some special deals.

For tech lovers, this is an amazing week of the year because it opens up the opportunity to grab their anticipated software and gadgets at a discount price.

Why is It a Great Opportunity for Beginners?

As beginners, most of us want to start small, or most of us don’t get the opportunity to make a big start.

But if we want to start, we must purchase a domain hosting service. Hosting services are not that cheap if you think from the perspective of a beginner. So, what do beginners do in this situation?

Usually, most beginners go for the cheap option. From my personal experience, I have seen that cheap hosting lacks features and performance.

As a result, most beginners face hard times and cannot compete with their competitors.

In my list, the 20 hosting service providers are the best in the industry, but almost all of them are out of budget or hard for a beginner to purchase.

But anyhow, a beginner can get any of these 20 hostings. The best opportunity for beginners to grab these hosting is the Black Friday deals. On Black Friday sales, the average discount amount is around 50%.

As a result, most of the hosting comes within the budget of the beginner, and they can easily purchase and enjoy premium hosting services.

So I strongly suggest beginners always wait and look for this type of discount deal before buying hosting services.

How Did I Make My Top 20 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals?

There are so many companies that are offering hosting services. On Black Friday, almost every company gives a discount.

So the question arises: how have I decided my top 20 best Black Friday web hosting deals and discounts in 2024?

If you have visited my website before, you might know that I am a software and tools reviewer, and I love to review and research software or tools and share my personal experience with my readers.

First, I have made a list of 35 hosting-providing companies, which I personally tested for review.

From there, I have shortlisted 20 hosting services that I think are offering the best deals on this Black Friday.

Let me tell you all of the 20 hosts on my list are amazing and good hosting services. They are the industry leaders with exceptional features and modern technology.

Top 20 Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

Here are the top 20 best web hosting deals & discounts in 2024. I hope that you will like this ranking.

If I have made any mistake or you have some disagreements about the list, you can email or write a comment with your opinion.

All the deals have heavy discounts, so without further dues, let’s see the deals and choose which one really suits your needs.

#1 – Hostinger Black Friday Deal


Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting companies. I can tell that most of the people related to the website are well aware of the name hosting.

It is a world-class, popular web hosting service. It is so popular because of its affordability, good performance, and user-friendly interface.

Not only are its hosting services affordable, but if you look at its other addons like email accounts, custom domains, unlimited free SSL certificates, regular backups, etc., all you are getting is at a very cheap rate.

Do you think it will become popular due to its affordability? You are completely wrong. When it comes to performance, Hostinger is a boss.

They offer 99.9% uptime, and if you see some of its test results, you will be shocked to see that they can achieve 100% uptime.

Not only uptime, it uses some modern technology like LiteSpeed server for better speed of your website.

Now, another big reason why Hostinger is one of the industry leaders is that it is a very user-friendly hosting service.

They have a special dashboard specially created for beginners and people who have less knowledge about the technical thighs of hosting.

Hostinger calls their dashboard hpanel, which is a very nice, clean, and feature-rich dashboard. Simply put, it’s a better and more user-friendly version of traditional panels like cPanel.

They have 10 data centers around the world, all of which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

So many data centers allow you to choose the nearest data center for your targeted audience at a better speed.

We all have seen that many hosting companies have a pretty confusing setup process, so we usually need to get help from customer support.

But in Hostinger, they have a feature called setup wizard. With the help of that, you can easily set up your hosting.

There are three types of hosting: shared hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. On the Black Friday deal of Hostinger, you will get 85% OFF.

As a result, the price will drop to $1.99/month, and you will get 2 months free on their web hosting.

Same with cloud hosting, you will get 64% off and two months free, and the price will drop to $8.99/month.

On VPS, you will get up to 63%, which will make the starting price $6.99/month.

I have a detailed review of this web hosting company; if you are interested, you can read my full article about Hostinger.

#2 – ChemiCloud Black Friday Deal


Chemicloud is a new but very reputable and reliable hosting company. This company has a very good reputation in terms of customer satisfaction.

Though they are new, the operating team behind ChemiCloud is a well-experienced team and has past experience in working with other hosting companies.

They are very professional in serving their customers with good shared hosting and cloud VPS hosting. Their hostings are specially optimized for WordPress.

So, if you are a WordPress site owner or want to make a site on WordPress, you can think of Chemicloud. It operates data centers in seven locations across four continents.

Though it’s relatively new, the number of their data centers is few compared to other hosting, and they use high-performance servers and very modern infrastructure on their data centers.

They use a very special technology, which is called LiteSpeed servers. This feature on their data center can easily beat the common NGINX and Apache web servers, so their data centers are few but very powerful.

You can see the performance if you analyze some test results of ChemiCloud. After researching, I have found out that their average response time is 11ms, which is pretty good.

They offer a 99.99% uptime. But the interesting fact is that if they can’t meet this claim, they will give you a refund, which is pretty unique in the hosting industry, with a refund guarantee if not met.

In terms of security, they use some excellent systems. They don’t compromise with the security of their customers.

As a result, they use an advanced Firewall with Imunify 360 protection, which we are used to seeing in costly hosting services.

Besides this, they use two-factor authentication, which is a very good defense system against malware and viruses.

Lastly, the common thing is an SSL certificate, and Chemicloud offers this to its customers for free. Their shared and WordPress hosting plans start from 9.95/month.

But in this Black Friday deal, you will get more than an 82% discount on their hosting service; as a result, it will get as low as 1.95/month.

On its VPS hosting, you will get up to 45% off for monthly and 3-month billing cycles.

Also, they will offer you an extra free month for 12-month plans. On reseller hosting, which starts from 29.95/month, you can get up to a 45% discount.

#3 – FastComet Black Friday Deal


In my list, every hosting is special, but FastComent is a little bit more special than the rest of the hosting.

Because it was awarded as the number one hosting provider for 2021 by the HostAdvice community, its main motto is to provide its customers with performance-based hosting.

You can ask me how they became the number one hosting provider for 2021. The reason for this is that they have a well-trained and professional team to manage the hosting-providing business.

Not only the HostAdvice community, but it also has a very high reputation in other review sites like Trustpilot.

It has a score of 4.8 out of 5 based on 2.592 reviews on Trustpilot. The company is trying to make a signature in the hosting industry.

As a result, they are trying hard to provide their customers with better hosting than their competitors.

To do that, they have built 11 data centers around the world. These data centers are equipped with the latest technology.

As a result, you will get a very high-performing hosting service with modern infrastructure.

If you talk about performance, FastComet is really fast, like its name, and it’s faster than most of the industry leaders in the hoisting industry.

The fast speed is the result of their Free Cloudflare CDN and SSD storage. In some tests, customers claim that they have got 100% uptime.

I was pretty shocked and researched about it and found out that FastComet monitors their servers every 60 seconds from 7 different locations in order to maintain 99.99% uptime.

It is also very careful in the security sector of its hosting services. Some of its most powerful security systems include an optimized firewall, free SSL, DDoS protection, and Imunify360 protection.

These security features are enough to protect your site from rising cyber threats. FastComet has three plans for its shared hosting service.

The plan starts from $11.95/month and goes up to $24.95/month. But you will get an 85% discount on Black Friday deals from FastComet.

Also, it is famous for its Cloud VPS hosting. You can also get a 30% discount on Cloud VPS hosting plans of FastComet on the Black Friday deal.

#4 – StableHost Black Friday Deal


It’s a popular hosting provider, and this company has a good reputation for providing website owners with very good web hosting services.

It has a loyal customer base, and you will find very positive reviews and comments about Stablehost.

Stablehost is offering a whopping up to 50% OFF on their web hosting services. Stablehost is renowned for its high-quality hosting service.

It’s a hosting service that will offer you a 99.99% uptime and good page load speed. They are very sincere in maintaining the uptime and performance of their hosting service.

As a result, they will offer you some special features like Cluster. This feature is helpful to minimize downtime of your hosting service. This hosting service provider has four plans.

MINI, STARTER, PRO, PLATINUM. The regular price of these plans was $1.50/month, $3.50/month, $8.50/month, and $27.99/month. You will get a flat 50% off on Black Friday on these plans.

As a result, the price will be $0.75/month,$1.75/month,$4.25/month, and $13.99/month.

So, as you can see in the Black Friday deal of StableHost, you will get a golden opportunity to save a huge amount of money on StableHost hosting services.

I have a detailed review of this web hosting company; if you are interested, you can read my full article about Stablehost.

#5 – Cloudways Black Friday Deal


On my list, this hosting company has the latest and modern technology for hosting services because it offers cloud hosting.

As we are predicting cloud hosting is the future, Cloudways is now giving us the premium test of the future of hosting.

Though it offers modern technology, it’s an affordable hosting that will give you access to high-end cloud technology.

Suppose you are thinking about who will get the most benefit from Cloudways’ cloud technology.

The answer is that Cloudways hosting offers highly optimized servers for bloggers, so it’s clear that bloggers will get the most benefit from this.

Cloudways also gives priority to speed, performance, and security. When it comes to security, cloud hosting is the most secure hosting in the industry.

Some of its advanced security features include two-factor authentication, firewalls, and auto-healing servers.

Another useful feature of Cloudways is easy WordPress installation with a one-click setup and ThunderStack for optimized WordPress hosting.

So, if you are a blogger and planning to build your website using the WordPress CMS system, Cloudways offers everything you need.

Not only for bloggers, if you want to start your business online, it will give you support by providing some unique E-commerce security options.

Though it’s a new technology in the hosting industry, using Cloudways cloud hosting is easy.

Because it offers a user-friendly dashboard, anyone can manage Cloudways hosting easily. When it comes to price, it is different from other types of hosting services.

Because only Cloudways offers unique hourly payment plans. You can choose hosting from three providers: Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Cloudways cloud hosting packages start from $11/month. But, on the Black Friday deal of Cloudways, you will get up to 40% discount on cloud hosting services.

I have a detailed review of this web hosting company; if you are interested, you can read my full article about Cloudways.

#6 – KnownHost Black Friday Deal


If you talk about some industry-leading hosting services, then you need to put Knownhost on the list.

It is one of the world’s leading hosting service providers in the hosting service providing industry. You can ask me why it’s so popular.

The answer is simple: it offers great performance to its users. It offers its customers excellent uptime and loading speed.

From some results of the Pingdom speed tester tool, it is claimed that the KnownHost offers a loading time of 1.13 seconds, which is very fast.

The company claims that it offers 99.99% uptime, but from some reviews, its customers justify that they face very minimal downtime.

Knownhost is an easy-to-use host for its simple dashboard and management system. It offers a user-friendly dashboard suitable for beginners.

There is another big reason for Knownhost to become an industry leader in web hosting. The reason is its customer support.

They offer 24/7 customer support, and their support team is very professional and quick to solve any customer problem.

KnownHost offers many types of hosting including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

The plans start from $3.47/month, $43.25/month, and $53.25/month. But, on Black Friday deals of KnownHost, you will get a groundbreaking 50% discount on all its hosting services.

Getting this huge discount on this type of reputable and reliable hosting service is a dream for beginners.

I have a detailed review of this web hosting company; if you are interested, you can read my full blog post about KnownHost.

#7 – Network Solutions Black Friday Deal


Network Solutions is a great company that specializes in shared hosting services. It is the world’s oldest domain registrar.

Not only shared hosting, if you are looking for WordPress hosting, security packages, and email hosting services, you can rely on Network solutions.

This company holds the sole registrar rights for the .com, .net, and .org domains.

This web hosting service is especially known for its user-friendliness. If you are a beginner, I suggest you try this web hosting service because it’s beginner-friendly hosting.

Its iconic feature is its easy website builders. When it comes to security, it offers a tremendously good website security system.

Some of the most unique features of Network Solutions are cybersecurity and brand protection. This hosting company is famous for offering shared hosting.

It has four plans: Starter, Essential, Premium Plus, and Premium Plus. The price of this plan starts from $5.69/month and goes up to $31.61/month.

In the Network Solutions Black Friday deal, you will get up to 55% off on this pricing.

As a result, you will get its hosting services from $2.84/month. The 55% discount on the Black Friday deal is an amazing deal from Network Solutions.

I have a detailed review of this web hosting company; if you are interested, you can read my full blog post about Network Solutions.

#8 – Easywp Black Friday Deal


Easywp is a hosting service provider company that is powered by Namecheap Cloud. The company claims that it offers the world’s fastest-managed WordPress hosting service.

If you want to build your site on WordPress and want a reliable hosting service for your WordPress website, this is the best solution you can get.

The WordPress website offers many features, such as WordPress installation in under 90 seconds.

You can use any domain name with this hosting service. It is a feature-rich hosting service offering premium features that are necessary for a WordPress website.

So, if you are a beginner and looking for premium features for your WordPress website to run smoothly, you can try Easywp.

The most unique feature of this web hosting company is that it offers non-technical individuals the ability to install WordPress and operate it very easily and quickly.

If you need a fast loading time for your WordPress site, this is the best hosting service available in the market.

Because if you see some of the test results of Easywp, you will find out that most of the time, its fully loaded time was 1.4 seconds, which is really fast and also faster than its competitors.

It has three plans: Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic. The price starts from $6.88/month and goes up to $19.88/month. But on the Black Friday deal of Easywp, you will get an additional 70% OFF.

I have a detailed review of this web hosting company; if you are interested, you can read my full blog article about Easywp.

#9 – Web Hosting Hub Black Friday Deal


This company offers hosting services that are suitable for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.

The company is relatively new and started its journey in 2010. If you don’t have or do not want to spend a lot of money on your web hosting, you can go for Web Hosting Hub.

They are very professional and expert in providing their customers with a good shared hosting service.

Their shared hosting plans are specially designed to keep in mind the requirements of individuals, bloggers, and small businesses.

It’s an exceptional web hosting service provider company that uses renewable green energy to operate its servers.

If you talk about the features of Web Hosting Hub, you will see that it offers a ton of features and tools for its customers.

If you think they use green renewable energy, they must use servers with old technology, which consumes less power.

But if you are completely wrong. They offer high-performance DELL servers with 24 Intel Cores, 24GB of memory, and RAID 10 storage.

Some of its extraordinary and noticeable features are Mozy cloud backup service, manual or scheduled backups, free SSL, w/suPHP, and reliable SPAM protection.

Now, if you want a professional-looking website but don’t want to pay a web developer, you can use their website builder.

Web Hosting Hub offers a drag-and-drop feature for website builders. Its website builder comes with pre-designed themes and templates for quick website building.

Besides these features, Web Hosting Hub has a unique feature, which is unlimited storage and bandwidth.

This means you will not face any restrictions while using the storage and bandwidth of your hosting.

Web Hosting Hub has three web hosting plans. Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo. The pricing of these plans is $11.99/month, $15.49/month, and $ 20.49/month.

But on the Black Friday deal, you can save up to 50% on this reliable and performance-focused web hosting service.

As a result, the prices will drop down to $5.99/month (50% OFF), $7.99/month (48% OFF), and $9.99/month (51% OFF).

#10 – Nexcess Black Friday Deal


If you are looking to buy a web hosting service from a company that has a lot of experience in the hosting industry, then you can choose Nexcess.

This company has over 22 years of experience in serving people with good quality hosting services.

Over the years, the company has become specialized in WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce hosting.

If you think I am suggesting this company only because it’s an old, experienced company, you are wrong.

Nexcess has a very good reputation for focusing on customer satisfaction, and this company uses modern technology.

If you are a beginner, congratulations; this web hosting service offers you everything you need.

Because it offers a user-friendly dashboard so you can manage your hosting easily and efficiently, if you look at its major features, you will find out that they have a very good infrastructure, which includes modern technologies with multiple data centers.

Let’s not forget the security features because Nexcess offers top-notch security features in the industry.

With great uptime and performance, it’s one of the leading hosting service providers in the industry.

Some of its iconic features are Auto Scalability, Plugin Monitor, and E-commerce Friendly Hosting. Now comes to the main thing: what will you get from it on the Black Friday deal of Nexcess?

I am glad to know that this amazing web hosting company is offering up to 75% discounts on its web hosting services. You can get a huge price drop after this discount from Nexcess.

#11 – Bigrock Black Friday Deal


If you are looking for a budget-friendly but very powerful and reliable hosting service, then you might try Bigrock.

It’s a popular web hosting service, and it has over 6 million active users. From the number of active users, you can easily determine that the company has a very good reputation.

If you asked me how they got this much reputation, The answer is they are offering their hosting services that cost you 60% less compared to the same type of service from other companies in the industry.

BigRock is an excellent hosting service provider at an affordable price. Cheap hosting doesn’t mean they have a bad infrastructure or unprofessional employees.

When it comes to providing good service to its customers, Bigrock always rocks.

Because they have built globally distributed data centers in order to provide fast and secure hosting services, their data centers are made with modern technology and high-performance servers.

If you are a small business owner or planning to start your first business website, Bigrock is the best option.

Because their hostings are specially designed for individuals and small businesses, they provide various types of hosting like Reseller Hosting (Linux and Windows), starting price of ₹79/month, WordPress hosting starting from ₹199/month, E-commerce Hosting starting at ₹199/month, CMS Hosting starts at ₹199/month.

Linux Shared hosting starts at ₹79/month; Windows Shared hosting starts at ₹109/month. But you will get a massive 75% discount on the Black Friday.

As we all know, addons are very crucial for managing your hosting and getting the best performance from it.

One exceptional thing about this hosting is that it also offers discounts on Addons on their Black Friday deals.

#12 – Ultahost Black Friday Deal


Ultahost is a reliable and performance-focused hosting service. It started in the journey quite recently in the hosting industry, but in this short amount of time, it has become one of the favorite hosting services of people who are looking to purchase VPS hosting.

They specialize in providing VPS hosting, and their infrastructure is designed to give the best performance and flexibility of VPS hosting.

Besides VPS hosting, they offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, and other types of hosting services.

Though the demand for shared hosting is the highest, they also provide a good shared hosting service.

Their VPS hosting price starts from $7.33/month. And their popular shared hosting starts from $4.61/month and goes up to $18.19/month.

If you visit their website, you will see a flat 50% off on their hosting packages if you purchase their yearly plan.

Here is a special link to visit their website, which is a great opportunity to save a huge amount on your hosting service.

If you look at the offering of Ultahost, you will find out that it’s a performance-based hosting that focuses on affordability and gives its users flexibility in using hosting.

How can you determine its performance-focused hosting? Let me tell you that they use SSDs for faster server performance and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The flexibility comes from the full control over VPS hosting, which Ultahost will grant you.

If you are a developer, it will be an amazing feature for you. Now, sometimes, we need to maintain our privacy; in order to do that, they offer anonymous VPS Hosting.

Also, in terms of security, they are very careful to ensure their customers’ safety from many online threats. As a result, they provide powerful protection against viruses and malware.

#13 – Temok Black Friday Deal


If you are a beginner and have a very tight budget but still want to purchase an excellent hosting service for your website, Temok is the right solution for you.

I think it’s one of the most affordable hosts on my list. But don’t think that it lacks performance because of its affordability.

It’s a reputable hosting service provider that offers good hosting services. This hosting service offers various types of premium features in this price range.

Temok offers various types of hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting.

Despite its affordable pricing, it offers tremendously good performance and uptime. They have built multiple data centers in various locations with state-of-the-art technology.

As a result, its users get very powerful and reliable hosting services from the. One of the most important features of Temok hosting is its excellent security.

It offers SSL certificates, DDoS protection, Firewalls, and Advanced security features. In this price range, these types of features are unexpected.

This hosting service is not only affordable but also user-friendly. It offers a wide range of domain extensions with a user-friendly domain management interface, which will make your work easier.

Its most popular hosting is Windows shared hosting and their shared hosting price starts from $4.05/month for a three-year plan. But you will get up to 75% discount on the Black Friday.

#14 – WPX Black Friday Deal


If you are planning to buy a hosting service suitable for your WordPress website, then WPX is another solution for you.

The company was established in 2013, and in this short amount of time, it became very popular among WordPress website owners.

This popularity comes from the high-performance and premium WordPress hosting services of WPX.

Their hosting is specially designed to give you high performance on your WordPress website.

The company claims that it is the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service provider. You can ask me the reason behind claiming this.

The simple answer is they use a high-performance content delivery network (CDN). With it, they added SSD storage. As a result, they can achieve this kind of extraordinary speed.

In terms of security, the most eye-catching feature of WPX is that they offer free malware scans. As a result, you don’t need to pay extra to get protection from viruses and malware.

The most exceptional thing about WPX, which I don’t see in any of the web hosting on the list, is its quick 30-second customer support.

You can find numerous positive reviews about their 24/7 quick response customer support via live chat and a ticketing system.

If you ask me which pricing plan you love the most in your top 20 list, I will tell you the name of WPX because all plans are complete.

Their basic plan is enough to fulfill the total requirements of a beginner or intermediate website owner fully.

As a result, its customers don’t need to pay any extra money for additional services or add-ons.

It is an open secret that most of the WordPress website owners lack some technical experience and knowledge.

So, to keep their needs in mind, WPX Hosting designed a user-friendly hosting service. Especially their custom dashboard, which is specially designed for beginners

From this easy-to-use dashboard, users can easily manage their SSL certificates, backups, and other aspects.

On the Black Friday deal of WPX, you will get up to $200 OFF. Their offer system is a little different.

On the Black Friday deal, WPX offered four months of hosting at the price of one month. The pricing of their plans starts from $24.99/month.

#15 – HostArmada Black Friday Deal


If you are a new website owner and don’t have any experience in this sector, you can choose HostArmada. It’s a US-based independent and privately-owned very reputable web hosting company.

This company develops its hosting services to keep in mind the needs of beginners and intermediate website owners.

It’s a new company, and it uses modern technology. So, first of all, the most noticeable thing is their SSD-based cloud hosting.

If you want a faster website, you can rely on this technology because it is at least 300 times faster than HDD hosting. Most intermediates and beginners like to use WordPress as their CMS system.

So, HostArmada implements some essential technology to make their WordPress hosting more powerful.

One of them is the LiteSpeed Cache technology, which improves the speed of WordPress sites. I have found several new technologies in HostArmada.

Most iconic of them are Memcached cache technology and the Brotli compression system. These two features improve the overall speed and performance of your website.

But the thing that makes HostArmada competently different from other hosting is there is no over-selling policy.

As a result, it can maintain a lower number of clients per server; as a result, its customers get the perfect amount of resources.

The basic security option of HostArmada is their free SSL certificates. Besides this, they provide some strong security features like free malware removal services.

To maintain the proper security and safety of their servers, they frequently conduct website scans for malware detection.

It also offers a feature named “Connection Limit” to reduce the risk of DDoS attacks. If this isn’t enough for you, HostArmada has many more to offer you. It offers a firewall solution (WAF) for protection.

Isn’t it clear now that HostArmada has a state-of-the-art security system?

As I mentioned earlier about HostArmada, HostArmada is a new company, but the employees have a lot of experience. You can ask me how that is possible.

The reason is they have hired professionals who have previous work experience in employing an expert team with vast web hosting experience in industry-leading hosting companies.

When it comes to pricing, HostArmada is actually a reasonable host despite its excellent features. Its plans start from only $9.95/month.

But on Black Friday sales of HostArmada, you will get an 82% discount if you purchase the 3-year plan.

#16 – Nestify Black Friday Deal


Now, because of the demand, most of the good hosting providers are offering especially optimized hosting for WordPress. One of them is Nestify.

It’s a hosting company that is famous for its performance-based WordPress hosting. This hosting service is powered by two big names in the hosting industry, which are AWS and Vultr.

They have several data centers located in the United States, London, India, and Australia.

They are trying to modernize their data centers by adding high-performance hardware like SSD storage. Now you can ask me how Nestify became so good at WordPress hosting.

The answer is they have a special, experienced team, and some of the team members are WordPress contributors. As a result, their main focus is on developing managed WordPress hosting services.

Not only is it optimized for WordPress to give you performance, but it also offers many features that will protect your WordPress site.

Nestify offers a multi-layer security system that ensures the safety of your website. This security system includes automatic data backups at regular intervals.

Aren’t you convinced enough about the reliability of Nestify? Then let me tell you that Nestify is providing services to some big companies like Walmart, Berkeley, Sony, and AVON.To make the WordPress site more powerful, it offers some special features.

Like Emphasis on scalability, Automatic WebP conversion, Brotli compression, and Speedien for improved speed.

With the help of these features, you can easily make your site rank in Google’s number one position.

Now, if you talk about the pricing, their regular quality hosting plans are affordable and start from $19/month.

But in the premium category, plans start from $19/month and go up to $1299+/month.

But the good news is that on the Black Friday deal of Nestify, you will get a whopping 50% off on this pricing plan.

#17 – Liquid Web Black Friday Deal


In my list, Liquid Web is one of my favorite hosts because of its extremely good service.

It’s a very reputable and trusted company that is now serving more than 30,000 websites globally.

Do you need an idea about how good their service is? Let me inform you that it is serving companies like United Way, ESPN, Red Bull, National Geographic, Home Depot, Porsche, Motorola, etc.

This company does not focus on one type of hosting. It offers various types of hosting services like Managed Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Email Hosting, etc., but from some review and research, I have found out about their excellent performance on Cloud and VPS hosting.

All of their hosting plans are fully managed, and they have become a very big name in the managed hosting sector.

Liquid Web managed server setup, security, monitoring, backups, and updates, all things for their clients.

As a result, their customer base is more focused on the growth of their website. Unlike other companies, Liquid Web always invests a lot of money in building powerful servers for better speed.

The result of these investments is business-grade SSD storage and strategically important data centers. Because of this, you can enjoy speedy and relatable hosting services from them.

It is one of the few companies that can proudly claim that they offer 100% network uptime. And if they can’t match their statement, you can expect compensation in case of downtime.

Liquid Web is a very good option if you are a developer. Because it offers a wide range of programming languages and frameworks; as a result, you can use any kind of language for your work.

Also, to help you further, it gives you root access to VPS hosting. In terms of security, they are one of the best on the list.

They provide multilevel DDoS protection to safeguard websites from malicious attacks. With this, you will get free SSL certificates and real-time monitoring to identify and detect security threats.

On this Liquid Web’s Black Friday deal, you will get 85% off on their VPS hosting. The regular price of their VPShosting starts from $59/month.

By applying this coupon code “LWVPSBF24,” you can claim 85% OFF. Also, if you want to purchase dedicated hosting “LWDEDIBF2024,” apply this coupon code to claim a 68% discount.

I have a detailed review of this web hosting company; if you are interested, you can read the full article about Liquid Web.

#18 – Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal


It is an old and very reputable hosting service provider in the hosting industry that started its journey back in 2001.

This hosting service is famous for its blazing-fast speed and performance. I think we all know how hosting companies get the best possible speed, and that is the implementation of SSDs.

In this case, Inmotion Hosting has done the same.

But the exceptional thing about them is that they combine NGINX and Apache systems with their SSDs to get the best performance possible.

Besides this, they offer you a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) for an extra boost.

The thing that makes InMotion Hosting different from others is that they do not charge for domain names and provide a free domain for the first year.

Where we are used to seeing a 30-day money-back guarantee in other hostings, it offers a massive 90-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Also, its shared hosting plans are designed with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The offerings don’t stop here on their shared hosting, and you have the ability to host multiple websites on a single account.

In terms of security, they are top-class. They offer free SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and regular server monitoring to eliminate any threats.

If you are a developer, you will find their hosting very useful because of their advanced developer features.

It supports various programming languages with which you will get SSH access, Git integration, and Customizable server configurations.

So you can do your developing work pretty fluently. They have a very good review of their customer support.

Their customer support is quick, and you can contact them via live chat, ticketing system, phone, and Skype.

On the Black Friday deal, you will get a massive discount on their shared hosting plans, which is 75%.

On WordPress hosting, you will get 68% off, VPS Hosting 67% off, and dedicated Servers 23% off. But the magic is you will get 81% off on their Reseller Hosting.

#19 – RoseHosting Black Friday Deal


Are you looking to buy VPS hosting services from a very experienced and reputable company? Then look no further than RoseHosting.

The company was founded in 2001, and it is known as the first company to offer Linux VPS services. This company has served over 337,000 websites with VPS hosting.

They have been in the industry for a long period of time, and as a result, they have gathered vast experience in fully managed Linux VPS hosting.

Besides this, they also thought about the industry’s demand, developed hosting services for WordPress websites, and managed eCommerce hosting for online stores.

To get full control over its hosting service and give its customers a very good service, it operates a private data center in St. Louis, Missouri.

And in their data center, they use Dell Hardware, which is now the best hardware a hosting company can offer. These hard wears are very reliable.

They also use PCIe 4.0 NVMe, which gives an extra speed boost to their hosting service. Now, if you want to see practically how good RoseHosting services are, you can just look at the test result of it.

From some tests, I have found that it has a response time of 300 ms. This company also claims that it offers 99.99% uptime.

But their claim is different from others because they will refund you 10% of the monthly fee for every one hour of downtime, which can go up to 100%.

One of the best mottos of RoseHosting is that they strictly say no to overselling. As a result, you can enjoy the benefit of proper server resources.

Now it’s time to see RoseHosting’s pricing. First of all, their most famous VPS hosting starts from $43.99/month.

WordPress hosting starts from $7.99/month. Also, if you want, they have an option where you can customize your hosting plan according to your needs.

On the Black Friday deal of RoseHosting, you will get a 50% discount on this price.

#20 – Namecheap Black Friday Deal


Finally, this is the highest discount-giving deal on my list. Like its name, it’s an affordable host, and I don’t think I need to talk much about this host because it’s already a very popular one.

Because it offers a 99% discount on domain registration and 80% on hosting, there is no doubt it’s the cheapest deal on my list.

Do you think it is not as rich as other hosting on my list? You are completely wrong. It is actually one of the world’s fastest-managed WordPress cloud hosting in the industry.

An exceptional thing about its infrastructure is that its servers are on the NameCheap cloud. As we all know, cloud servers are fast and safe. So we can expect fast speed and secure hosting from Namecheap.

In terms of security, like other hosting services here, you will get a free SSL certificate. Besides this, the common security system is available with Namecheap hosting packages.

In terms of performance, they claim that they will provide you with 99.9% uptime, and this claim is tested by many people, and it’s true.

As I told you, it’s also a fast and performance-focused hosting service provider. On their shared hosting, you will get access to cPanel, which is a very common and user-friendly control panel, making it easy for beginners to operate the hosting properly.

Namecheap has very good customer support. They will provide you with 24/7 email support and live chat availability.

Free migration is a common feature, and from Namecheap, you will also get free WordPress site migration.

Plugins are very important to maintain a WordPress site. So, they focused on improving the plugin experience by providing automatic WordPress plugin updates.

Basically, Namecheap is the ultimate host for businesses of every size. They are very reputable and trusted, with a focus on customer needs.

In the market, they give the most competitive price. With that, you will get a 30-day trial period for every type of hosting.

Namecheap web hosting plans are competitively priced. Namecheap hosting and domain prices are cheap.

How cheap can you actually ask for plans available for as low as $1? But in the Black Friday deal, you will get a domain and hosting almost free.

To claim the Black Friday deal on Namecheap, you need to apply a coupon code. Here is a list of coupon codes for discounts.

  • Want to get a discount on a domain? Use coupon: BFCMTLD23 (You will get a 99% discount).
  • Discount on domain transfer use coupon: BFCMTR23 (50% discount).
  • For shared hosting, use coupon BFCMSHARED23 (Up to 80% discount).
  • A flat 80% discount and no coupon are required on WordPress hosting.
  • For email service, use the coupon BFCMEMAIL23 for an 80% discount.
  • On SSL, use coupon BFCMSSL23 to get 95% off.

Are These All Good Web Hosting Deals?

Yes, I am pretty sure that there is no other good deal available in the market at this time. This list is the result of my past experience and a very long time of hard work.

If you are in the website business or anyhow involved in this sector, I think you don’t have any doubt about my list.

In my list, I have tried to give a brief description of the hosting I have chosen for the 20 best Black Friday web hosting deals & discounts in 2024.

If you have made it this far, I am pretty sure you have gained some good knowledge about different types of hosting.

And it’s enough to compare any other hosting with my list. As we all know, different people have different types or perspectives.

So It’s up to you now to compare your choice with my list to decide which one is the best deal.

Importance of Black Friday Deal for Website Owners

Black Friday deal has a huge impact on website owners and people related to this type of sector. If you talk about domain, hosting, and SSL, different types of addons aren’t for a lifetime.

Most of the time, we need to renew it, and renewing the essential services is pretty costly, which can give a heavy burden to most of us.

But on Black Friday, people get their essentials at a very low rate, making them purchase more and pay less.

As a result, they can add extra features with the same money as their regular renewal cost. As a result, it gives a boost to their website and business. So it’s like a big festival for website owners.

Last Thoughts

Finally, the end of my 2024 best Black Friday web hosting deals. I hope you have found the most suitable deal from this list.

It’s the best opportunity to buy hosting, and I suggest you do not miss these deals. Best wishes to you, and I hope that in this Black Friday sale, everyone gets their desired hosting services.

FAQs | Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

Now, in this part, I will describe some frequently asked questions about the Black Friday web hosting deals in 2024. So, without further delay, let’s start.

When will the Black Friday deals go live?

On 24 November, the Black Friday deal will go live.

Is this Black Friday deal the opportunity to save a lot in the hosting domain?

Yes, most of the company offers a massive discount of 50, 60, or even 99%. So it’s a great opportunity to save a lot.

Do I only get a discount on hosting on the Black Friday deal? 

Primarily on hosting, but you will also get discounts on domains and other features.

What is the highest discount on Black Friday?

The highest discount can go up to 99%, and the average highest discount is around 80%.

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals suitable for beginners?

Yes, it’s suitable for beginners because it’s a great opportunity to save a hefty sum from the hosting budget.

Does Black Friday sales of hosting services happen every year?

Yes, every year in late November, the Black Friday sale goes live.

Is Black Friday sales of Web Hosting Deals worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it because you will get hosting services at a very cheap rate at this time of the year.

How much money can I save on the Black Friday Web Hosting Deals offer?

It should be at least 50% of your budget and can go up to 99%.

Are Black Friday offers of Web Hosting Deals legitimate?

Yes, the Black Friday deals are legit, and you will truly get a huge discount on the Black Friday sale.

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