Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2024 (Get Instant 40% OFF)


If you want to try the new technology of hosting, which is cloud hosting, you may have heard the name Cloudways.

It’s one of the best cloud hosting service providers in the web hosting industry.

This top-notch new technology is costly, so it’s out of range for many website owners or those who want to build their websites on cloud hosting.

But the good news is that Cloudways offers a 40% discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

On this Black Friday sale, Cloudways hosting service will become affordable for many of us. Let’s see the details of Cloudways Black Friday deals.

About Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service provider. It’s a good option for bloggers because of its highly optimized servers.

The secret behind their high performance is that they collaborate with top cloud providers like DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud. It’s a managed cloud hosting service.

As a result, you can do little in order to manage your hosting. As a result, you can focus on your business. Cloudways offers numerous features to its users.

First of all, they offer various open-source tools like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, Magento, and PHP.

Because it’s a cloud hosting service provider, you can’t complain about the speed and performance because you will get top-notch performance from Cloudways.

Besides performance, the main thing about cloud hosting is security. We all know cloud hosting provides more security than conventional hosting.

If you compare it to other popular hosting provider’s security, Cloudways‘s security is much better.

It provides free SSL certificates, advanced caching technologies, SSD-based servers, CDNs, dedicated firewalls, and IP whitelisting.

If you are new to Cloudways and want to know more about this hosting, here is an in-depth article on Cloudways review.

Isn’t it interesting to get this type of modern hosting service for your website? So, let’s see how you can buy Cloudways hosting service at a 40 % discount on Black Friday sales.

How to Activate Cloudways Black Friday Deal?

The process of claiming the Black Friday deal of Cloudways is unique as its hosting service.

But the process of doing that is simple. Here are some simple steps you need to follow to claim the Cloudways Black Friday sale.

First of all, you need to click this link to visit the offer page of Cloudways, where you will see the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals pricing plans page.

Have a look at this:


Now, you need to select a suitable plan for you. You can choose from three different cloud hosting service providers: Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud.

After selecting the plan, click the “START FREE ” button to take you to a signup page. Here, you need to give your email and some basic information to create a Cloudways account.

You will find an option to enter the promo code on this signup page. You need to give a special promo code to activate the 40% discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

The special promo code is “BFCM4030.”

Have a look at what it looks like:


Now, you need to verify the email address of your Cloudways account. Lastly, you need to select a payment method and make a payment.

That’s it; now you can enjoy cloud hosting service with a 40% discount for the first four months.

Cloudways Black Friday Pricing Plans 2024

The pricing plan of Cloudways is unique. Here, you can pay for your hosting service hourly. Most of the hosting service providers don’t offer hourly payments.

But I would prefer the monthly plans because it’s cheap. There are three different providers, each of them offering four different monthly plans, and all the plans have premium and standard versions. Let’s discuss the pricing of each provider.

Digital Ocean


Digital Ocean is the cheapest provider of Cloudways cloud hosting. The Digital Ocean hosting price of the premium plans starts from $11/mo and goes up to $88/mo.

You can get a 40% discount on the Black Friday deal at its original price. But the fact is, except for the starting plan, all three plans include Free Object Cache Pro. Because of this, you can save up to 95/month.



AWS is the most costly hosting plan of Cloudways. It starts from $38.56/mo and goes up to $285.21/mo.

But the fact is all of its plans include Free Object Cache Pro. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can get this price to drop at an affordable rate.

Google Cloud


The plans for the Google Cloud server start from $37.45/mo and go up to $241.62/mo.

The most popular plan of this server costs around $84.12/mo. Without the starting plan, it also provides Free Object Cache Pro.

Getting a 40% discount on this pricing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is a great opportunity to grab this amazing cloud hosting.

Cloudways Black Friday Features

There are many features Cloudways has to offer on this Black Friday sale. So, let’s see an in-depth feature of Cloudways.

Easy WordPress Installation

First of all, most web owners use WordPress as their CMS system, and Cloudways makes using WordPress very simple.

You can easily install WordPress with one click. With easy installation, you will also get backups, restores, and built-in cache apps.

Some reputed hosting service providers like FastComet, ChemiCloud, and WPX offer this type of WordPress facility.

Team Collaboration and Security

It provides a team collaboration feature where your team members can easily access your website. But here is a twist: you can set access limits to control your team.

As we all know, cloud hosting is the safest hosting you can buy. Cloudways is a cloud hosting service provider that also provides some extraordinary security services.

Their primary security system includes two-factor authentication, firewalls, and auto-healing servers.

Besides this, they provide Regular OS patches, automatic backups, Advanced DDoS protection, etc., so you can see that Cloudways doesn’t compromise security.

The exciting part about their safety is that they provide a unique E-commerce security option, which is rare in other hosting service providers.

User-friendly Interface and Site Migration

As I mentioned earlier in this article, Cloudways is friendly for beginners. Because it offers a user-friendly dashboard, you will understand how to manage your Cloudways hosting.

Site migration is a standard feature, and most of the hosting service providers are now giving free site migration.

Cloudways stay caught up in this case. They also provide an easy and accessible site migration process as a marketing policy to grab customers.

Speed and Performance

I personally love the speed and performance of Cloudways. The thing that caught my eye was a new feature named ‘ThunderStack’. This is used for optimized WordPress hosting.

If I talk about some of its crucial benchmarking tests, its page load time was under 1 second, which is extremely good.

How does Cloudways achieve such a good speed/ the answer is they have more than two dozen data centres worldwide for the best possible speed.

Lastly, the customer service of Cloudways is excellent. They provide 24/7 customer support, and the customer support team is well-trained and helpful.

Why Should Beginners Get the Black Friday Deal of Cloudways?

Technologies are changing over time, and beginners should adopt the new technology to participate in the website race.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service provider. It’s easy to manage, and it is a user-friendly cloud hosting.

Beginners can easily operate this hosting service. With industry-leading security and features, Cloudways is costly.

But because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can get your hands on this hosting at a low price.

If you are a new user and need to know your requirements exactly, you can go for this because you can easily scale up or down your cloud hosting service from Cloudways.

Moreover, if you are picky and want to customize your hosting according to your choice, you can do this with Cloudways.

Basically, these are the main reasons behind grabbing the Cloudways Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Last Thoughts

Black Friday is the perfect time to take advantage of great discounts and deals, and Cloudways is no exception.

With a whopping 40% OFF, this is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your hosting and take your online presence to the next level.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer. Visit this link to claim your discount and elevate your website’s performance today!

Not only Cloudways but also other exciting Black Friday web hosting deals are live now.

On this Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, you can buy FastComet, WPX Hosting, and other hosting services at a low price.

FAQs | Cloudways Black Friday 2024

Cloud hosting is a new technology for a huge number of people. In this part, I will try to answer some of my beloved readers’ common questions.

What is Cloudways used for?

Cloudways is a cloud hosting service providing company. They are the most famous cloud hosting provider in the hosting industry.

Is Cloudways better than WPX?

According to customer reviews, Cloudways is better than WPX. WPX is a great hosting, but Cloudways is slightly better.

How much can I save on Black Friday deals with Cloudways?

You can save up to 40% for the first four months.

Who are Cloudway’s competitors?

Every big company in the hosting industry is a competitor of Cloudways. But when it comes to the most critical competitor, it’s WPX.

How many sites are on Cloudways?

The benefit of cloud hosting is that there is no cap on-site number. On Cloudways hosting, you can host as many websites as you want.

Is Cloudways easy to use?

Yes, it’s beginner-friendly. It has an easy-to-use interface and an organized dashboard, which makes it easy to use.

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