20+ Best Web Hosting Providers (July 2024)


Are you thinking of owning a website? Is that so? I am sure you are thinking about the most crucial part of a website: its hosting.

If you are confused about which web hosting company is best and want to buy the best hosting service for your website?

Plenty of hosting companies are out there, and choosing the best one is really confusing.

So, to make your work easier, here is a list of 20+ of the best web hosting providers in July 2024. So, let’s see the list.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a place where you need to save all the details of your website, and your audience can view the files you have saved on that place.

It’s so simple; it’s the home of your website. It’s the place where all the documents you post on your website are stored, and your viewers can access the files from here.

If you are new to the web hosting industry, here is my detailed blog post on web hosting.

Top 20+ Web Hosting Providers (Ranked & Reviewed)

In my list, I have tried to cover the web hosting services I think are best. Feel free to comment in the website comment section if it doesn’t match your list.

Now, without further due, let’s see the top 20+ list of best web hosting providers.

#1 – Hostinger


On my list, the first hosting company is Hostinger. Because it is the most popular hosting on my list, it became so popular because of some exceptional reason.

The reasons are its affordability, performance, and user-friendly interface. Isn’t it amazing to get a perfect balance of these things in one hosting service provider?

It’s a beginner-friendly hosting, so if you are a beginner, I suggest you see Hostinger first before buying any other hosting.

It has a special dashboard for beginners and a setup wizard for easy setup. To offer its customers better-performing hosting, it uses the LiteSpeed server.

As I mentioned earlier, Hostinger is affordable. They have several hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. Their pricing starts from only $1.99/month.

#2 – StableHost


Now, StableHost has a special place on my list. Because it is a very good hosting that can fulfill any kind of hosting need, this company offers various types of web hosting like shared hosting and VPS hosting.

And all of their hosting plans are very affordable compared to big companies like KnownHost. In the hosting industry, StableHost has a very good reputation.

This company offers a very good uptime of 99.99%, and in terms of performance, it offers its customers a very good page load speed.

So, I think if you use this hosting service for your website, you won’t complain about the uptime and loading speed of your website.

The noticeable feature of this hosting service is Cluster, which reduces downtime. They have several pricing plans, and their pricing starts from only $1.50/month.

#3 – Network Solutions


Are you planning to use the CMS system on your website? Do you want specialized hosting services for the World’s most common CMS?

Network Solutions is the best solution for you. Because it offers very good Shared hosting and WordPress hosting, you can also purchase various types of security packages and email hosting.

A noticeable thing about this web hosting service is that it’s the World’s oldest domain registrar. It has the sole registrar rights for the .com, .net, and .org domains.

If we take a look at its features, we will find that it’s a user-friendly feature. With this user-friendliness, it offers a very good website builder, which I think is better than the website builder of Hostinger and other types of website builders.

If you purchase Network Solutions hosting for your website, you will get these user-friendly essential features with the addition of a robust website security system.

It offers various hosting plans, starting from a reasonable $3.79/month to $40.78/month.

#4 – Easywp


EasyWP is a hosting company that is fully dedicated to providing its customers with reliable and good hosting for WordPress sites.

So, I think it has the ability to be the first choice of people who want to host optimized for WordPress. Namecheap cloud powers this hosting, so it’s clear that it has a big name behind it.

If you take a close look at its features, you will find that it claims to be the World’s fastest-managed WordPress hosting provider.

I tested it and found a page load speed of 1.4 seconds, which is extremely good. If you see some test results, you will see that their claim is actually right.

One of its iconic features is quick WordPress installation in under 90 seconds.

The price of EasyWP is very cheap and starts from only $6.88/month, but it can go up to $19.88/month.

#5 – Web Hosting Hub


This hosting service targets the biggest customer base in the hosting industry: individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.

Most of the websites we are now seeing are owned by individuals or used by small businesses, and in the future, they will expand more.

Web Hosting Hub designs its hosting services to fill the needs of this category of customers.

Their hosting infrastructure is a little bit different from the rest of the hosting service providers in the industry.

Because they use renewable green energy on their servers, it’s a very big step, and I personally appreciate and hope to see this type of approach in every hosting company.

Despite using green energy, they don’t compromise with their server performance.

They use high-performance DELL servers to provide high-performing hosting services. You will be amazed to see its features because they are very useful.

Its useful features include Mozy cloud backup, manual/scheduled backups, free SSL, w/suPHP, and reliable SPAM protection.

With this feature, you will also get a website builder with a drag-and-drop feature.

The price of Web Hosting Hub starts from $11.99/month, and it can go up to $20.49/month.

#6 – Nexcess


In my list, Nexcess is a web hosting company that has vast experience in the web hosting service industry.

This web hosting company has over 22 years of experience. The company is well known for its WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce hosting.

During their journey of 22 years in the industry, they always prioritized customer satisfaction.

Also, they upgraded their systems with modern technology to keep up with the changing times.

The first noticeable thing about Nexcess is its user-friendly dashboard. If you are a beginner, you can easily manage their hosting from their easy-to-use dashboard.

All their data centers have high-speed hardware for better performance. In terms of security, they are one of the best companies.

Its features include auto Scalability, plugin Monitor, and e-commerce-friendly hosting.

#7 – Bigrock


Are you looking for low-budget hosting but don’t want to compromise features?

BigRock is the best solution you can find in the market because this company offers a very affordable price compared to its competitors.

How affordable?

The answer is that it offers almost 60% lower prices for the same type of hosting its competitors offer.

As a result, it has gained popularity, and now it has over 6 million active users. Despite its low price, it offers amazing hosting services.

BigRock offers reseller, WordPress, E-commerce, CMS, Linux-shared, and Windows-shared hosting services.

So whatever your need is, you can find it in BigRock at a very cheap price. The starting price for BigRock hostings is $0.95/month.

#8 – Ultahost


Do you need VPS hosting and want it from a company with vast experience in providing VPS hosting to its customers?

Then you should look at Ultahost.

It’s a very good hosting company that offers VPS hosting. Besides VPS, they also provide shared hosting and reseller hosting.

Ultahost is well known for its performance because it uses SSDs for faster performance.

They offer many types of hosting, including VPS hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, and more.

Their VPS hosting starts from $7.33/month. And if you want to know the other prices of their hosting, you can check out this link.

#9 – Temok


If you are a beginner and don’t have that much technical knowledge or want to avoid the confusing structure of big companies, you can look at Temok hosting.

It’s a very good hosting, and its motto is to provide beginner, budget-friendly, and easy-to-operate hosting. Budget-friendly hosting for beginners.

They have shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting in their arsenal.

All of these hosting companies are very good at performance, and you will get all the necessary features you want from Temok hosting.

They have multiple high-performance data centers, so you can hope to get a very good speed.

It offers SSL certificates, DDoS protection, firewalls, and advanced security in terms of iconic features.

If you want to see Temok’s pricing plan, you can see it by clicking this link.

#10 – Cloudways


Cloudways is one of my favorite cloud hosting where my website has been hosted. It’s a little bit different from the other hosting on my list

This hosting service provider company offers its customers a new technology called cloud hosting.

This new technology is fast and secure and will give you a smooth experience of web hosting services. Their hosting is specially made to keep in mind the needs of bloggers.

As a result, their hosting is highly optimized for bloggers. It also offers some very useful blogger-friendly features.

Its features include easy WordPress installation and ThunderStack for optimized WordPress hosting.

In terms of security features, it offers two-factor authentication, firewalls, and auto-healing servers.

The price of Cloudways is reasonable. You can get your hand on Cloudways cloud hosting only at $11 USD/month.

#11 – KnownHost


Like its name, Knownhost is a very popular and well-known hosting service provider company in the hosting industry.

Why is this company so well-known to customers? Because it offers extremely good performance.

They offer different types of hosting services like web hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

All of their hosting offers excellent uptime and loading speed. This excellent performance focus comes with 24/7 professional support.

As a result, you can call this an excellent hosting company for any type of customer base.

In terms of price, Knownhost offers a very attractive price. Its hosting plan price starts from only $3.47/month.

#12 – FastComet


In my list, this is the most popular and hot cake in the web hosting industry market.

This web hosting company has been awarded as the number one hosting provider for 2021 by HostAdvice.

How did they get this far? FastComet is a web hosting company that always focuses on performance-based hosting.

Their main motto is to satisfy their clients with the performance of their hosting service.

To maintain the performance of their hosting, they have hired a team of highly professional people who have past experience working with other hosting service provider companies.

With a well-trained team. In terms of infrastructure, they have 10 data centers, which is a very considerable number.

In terms of features, it offers free Cloudflare CDN and SSD storage for fast performance. Its price is not that high and starts from only $2.39/month and goes up to $4.99/month.

#13 – ChemiCloud


In my list, ChemiCloud is relatively new compared to other web hosting services.

Despite being the newest among all, it has a very good reputation and popularity among customers.

This web hosting company also focuses on providing specially optimized hosting for the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress.

It doesn’t spot them; they use LiteSpeed servers to make the hosting servers faster.

In terms of security, they offer an advanced firewall, Imunify 360 protection, and two-factor authentication.

If you want to know their price, you can simply click this link to see the prices.

#14 – WPX


My list is full of hosting companies that offer specially optimized WordPress hosting. Why that?

Most of the popular and good web hosting companies focus on WordPress hosting because the demand for this hosting is the highest.

As a result, I will tell you about another web hosting company that offers high-performance WordPress hosting, named WPX.

This hosting service provider claims that they are the best WordPress hosting provider with the fastest speed.

In order to get that speed, they use CDN technology and SSD storage. However, the most exceptional feature of WPX is that it offers the fastest customer support in the industry.

They have 24/7 support with a response time of 30 seconds. In terms of security features, they offer free malware scans for protection. Their price is a little bit high, starting from $20.83/month.

#15 – HostArmada


Hostarmada is a web hosting company whose target customers are mostly beginners.

As a result, they have designed their hosting plans according to the needs of beginners and intermediate website owners.

HostArmada is a high-performance host and has the ability to compete with any host in terms of performance.

The secret behind their performance is high-speed SSD servers. Also, for performance, they use some unique technologies, such as LiteSpeed Cache, Memcached, and Brotli compression.

They also offer free SSL certificates, malware removal services, frequent malware scans, and a “Connection Limit” feature.

They have a team of highly professional workers who have past experience working with popular companies like Hostinger, Network Solutions, etc.

Regarding HostArmada’s pricing plans, their pricing is affordable, starting from only $2.49/month.

#16 – RoseHosting


RoseHosting is a little different because it is not known for WordPress hosting, but it’s popular for its Linux VPS hosting.

This company is very old and has vast experience in serving clients with great VPS hosting services.

Their specialty is fully managed Linux VPS hosting along with WordPress hosting and managed eCommerce hosting.

You can tell them that it is one of the best industry leaders when it comes to fully managed Linux VPS hosting.

With a very good infrastructure made with Dell Hardware, PCIe 4.0 NVMe for extra speed offers some extraordinary hosting service.

I tested their hosting and found a very good page load speed and a 99.99% uptime. This company is so confident in its service that it offers a refund policy for downtime.

Their pricing is a little bit high because of their premium hosting. Its VPS hosting starts from $43.99/month.

#17 – Nestify


Now again, it is also a hosting service company that specializes in offering performance-based WordPress hosting.

The specialty of this hosting is its security. Because it offers a multi-layer security system and automatic data backups, because of its security, many big companies like Walmart and Sony use hosting from Nestify.

Some of its features include scalability, Automatic WebP conversion, Brotli compression, and Speedien.

They have two types of hosting plans. One is a regular plan, and the other is a premium plan for big companies.

Their regular hosting plans start from $19/month, which is affordable, and premium plans start from $99/month.

#18 – Liquid Web


Liquid Web is a hosting company that specializes in many sectors of web hosting. It’s a very versatile web hosting company that offers various types of web hosting.

Managed Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Email Hosting.

They have built their infrastructure based on high-performance hardware for better speed.

They use business-grade SSD storage for better performance. It’s the only company on my list that offers 100% uptime.

If you are a developer, I will strongly recommend this hosting service. It offers features like supporting various programming languages and root access, which is essential for developers.

Also, it has a very tight security system, which includes multilevel DDoS protection, free SSL certificates, and real-time monitoring.

Their VPS hosting starts from $20/month, and if you want to see the prices of other hosting plans, check out this link to see all the other plans.

#19 – Inmotion Hosting


It is a very old and reputable hosting company on my list. Inmotion Hosting is popular among a large number of people. They are so famous because of their blazing-fast speed and performance.

So what do they need to do in order to achieve this speed? If you made this long, I am pretty sure that you already know the answer, which is high-performing SSDs.

But Inmotion Hosting has taken it one step further. They combine their powerful SSDs with NGINX and Apache systems, making their hosting as fast as an F1 race car. They also offer free CDN.

Just imagine how fast their hosting performs after combining everything that can boost performance.

The unique thing about Inmotion Hosting is that it offers a free domain for the first year and a 90-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Also, it offers free SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and advanced developer features.

Their shared hosting starts from $2.29/month. You can see the rest of the hosting price by clicking this link.

#20 – Namecheap


Namecheap is one of the most affordable and popular hosting services. It gained popularity for good quality hosting and affordable domain registration.

It uses Namecheap cloud servers, and this cloud server offers a very fast, reliable web hosting service for fast and secure hosting.

Because it uses cloud servers, it has a superior security advantage over conventional physical servers.

Also, Namecheap offers free SSL certificates for a more robust security system.

Besides common features, it also offers great 24/7 email support, live chat availability, and free WordPress site migration.

#21 – Kinsta


It is an interesting hosting for WordPress users. Because Kinsta combines the cloud hosting service with managed WordPress hosting, it offers true managed WordPress hosting to its customers.

A unique thing about Kinsta is that it offers two different performance monitoring tools. As a result, you can track and monitor your website performance.

With that, it offers some excellent and premium quality add-ons. In terms of features, it offers all types of managed hosting features with free SSL.

Wrap Up

Lastly, the list is based on my personal experience and review. I think I have covered most of the good hosting in the market.

If I missed something, you can leave a comment to inform me, and I will highly appreciate that.

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