Knownhost Black Friday Sales 2024: Get 50% OFF (Verified)


As we all know, KnownHost is one of the leading hosting service providers in the industry.

The features they offer and the facilities they give their clients make their hosting costly for beginners.

If you’re thinking about how you can get hosting from KnownHost at a cheap price, you are in the perfect place.

In this article, I will talk about a Black Friday Deal with KnownHost and how you can get the offer. So, let’s start.

KnownHost Black Friday Overview

Knownhost is a hosting service provider company. Their main business is to provide domain hosting services to people who want to build a website.

It’s a big name in the hosting industry, so I think most of you will have heard about it. I personally use KnownHost hosting for one of my websites.


Their hosting is pretty good, and the company is reliable. If you are a beginner, this hosting service is especially for you.

Because they provide a user-friendly dashboard and other features that will help beginners easily manage their website, if you are worried about their speed and performance, let me tell you that their score is 1.13 seconds in the Pingdom speed tester tool, which surpasses Google’s recommended page load time.

They offer 24/7 customer support, which is a very good thing. My personal website, which is using KnownHost’s hosting, experiences 100% uptime through the company claims for 99.99% uptime.

Nowadays, the most concerning thing to website owners is the security of their websites.

So KnownHost offers Free Domain Privacy and SSL Certificates with its hosting. Overall, KnownHost offers a complete package when it comes to hosting services.

KnownHost Key Features

KnownHost offers a ton of features with its hosting services. So, let’s see some features of the KnownHost hosting service.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

They offer an easy-to-use dashboard with their hosting service, which is a plus point. The Dashboard is easy to navigate and especially ideal for beginners.

If you use their VPS hosting, you will also get the option of a WHM panel. Their dashboard is suitable for both experienced website owners and beginners.

Best Speed and Performance

Their speed and performance are top-class. The result of their gt matrix is extraordinarily good.

I personally got 100% uptime, though the company claims 99.99% uptime. 

24/7 Customer Service

They offer excellent customer service. If you have any problem, you can ask them any time, and they are ready to solve your problem.

This 24/7 customer support is especially helpful for beginners because they face frequent problems.

If they get the proper support from customer support, they can achieve their desired success.

Free Domain Privacy and SSL Certificates

KnownHost does not compromise the security of the website. They will provide you with free domain privacy.

Not only this, you will get SSL certificates, which will add an extra layer of protection to your site.

Site Migration

If you are using a hosting service that is unable to satisfy you, in this case, you can migrate from the hosting to KnownHost.

KnownHost will offer you an easy site migration process. As a result, you can easily shift your website from any hosting to KnownHost.

Knownhost Black Friday Pricing Plans 2024

Before the offer, don’t you want to know the actual price of the hosting they are offering?

I think knowing the price and plans will help you to choose the best hosting for you, and you can determine which one you should buy when the offer starts. So, let’s see the pricing plans and some basic features.

1. Web hosting


Their shared hosting plans start at $3.47/Mo and include domains, cores, RAM, storage, email accounts, and LiteSpeed.

Reseller hosting costs $6.97 to $27.47/Mo and includes CPU, RAM, storage, cPanel/WHM, and premium bandwidth.

WordPress hosting starts at $5.98 per month and includes WordPress sites, NVMe storage, email accounts, and monthly visits.

2. VPS hosting


Basic VPS plans start at $43.25 per month (2 Core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 75 GB SSD), Standard at $63.25 per month (4 Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 150 GB SSD), Professional at $83.25 per month (6 Core CPU, 10 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD), and Premium at $103.25 per month (8 Core CPU, 12 GB RAM, 300 GB SSD).

They also offer various plans for Unmanaged VPS Hosting Plans and NVMe VPS. Check out their full pricing plans and options to know more.

3. Cloud hosting


The Basic cloud hosting package offers 2 vCPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 60 GB NVMe storage, and 2 TB premium bandwidth for $53.25/Mo.

The Standard plan enhances performance with 4 vCPU cores, 6 GB RAM, 120 GB NVMe storage, and 3 TB premium bandwidth, starting at $73.25/Mo.

The Recommended Professional package delivers 6 vCPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 200 GB NVMe storage, and 4 TB premium bandwidth, beginning at $93.25/Mo.

For robust power, the Premium plan includes 8 vCPU cores, 12 GB RAM, 260 GB NVMe storage, and 5 TB premium bandwidth, starting at $123.25/Mo.

Also, they provide various types of server options. You can check them.

How to Activate KnownHost Black Friday Deal?

Getting a discount sometimes gets overwhelming because of the steps you need to follow to get the discount.

But when it comes to KnownHost, the process of getting the Black Friday deal is straightforward.

First, you need to visit the KnownHost official website by clicking this special link (no coupon code is required) and look for the deal you’re looking for.

Here’s what it looks like;


After finding the deal you want to buy, you will find an “Order Now” button under it. Then click the button.

After clicking the Order Now button, KnownHost will take you to a page. On that page, you need to choose a unique domain name for your website that is not already in use.


Plus, as you can see above, you’ll get a huge 50% discount on any plan you choose.

After choosing the domain name, you need to select a payment method they accept. Usually, they accept any card and PayPal payment.

After that, you need an account on KnownHost to claim the discount deal. If you don’t already have an account on KnownHost, you need to create one by entering your information.


As you can see in the screenshot above, creating an account is easy. You will find a form on which you need to submit your information and hit the “Submit” button.

Lastly, double-check your chosen plan. After that, you will find a “Buy Now” button.  Then, you need to click the button to complete the transaction. See how easy it is to grab the Black Friday deal.

Why Use Knownhost During Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

There are plenty of reasons to use the KnownHost discount deal. As we all know, KnownHost offers plenty of features and options with its hosting package.

So, they charge a handsome amount of money for theory packages. You will get a 50% discount using the Black Friday deal.

This will save you a lot of money, and you can enjoy premium features and options at a very cheap price. You can do a significant cost saving on your hosting budget.

Because the Black Friday deals are time-sensitive, taking advantage of this offer can save you money in the long run.

These deals are more suitable for beginners because they will help them to avoid financial risk.

Beginners will only have to invest a little money to get the facility of premium features; they can easily prevent significant losses if anything goes wrong.

Because of the Black Friday deal, beginners can get hosting at a cheap rate, which will create room for them to experiment.

They can confidently use cheap hosting to experiment with different website ideas, design elements, and content strategies. As a result, it will build their confidence level.

Lastly, high-quality web hosting will give your site a more professional appearance, and with the blessings of the Black Friday deal, a beginner can also enjoy this professional appearance by using premium quality hosting at half of its price.

Wrap Up

Black Friday is the chance to grab the best hosting service from KnownHost at half of its price. You will only get this opportunity once a year.

If you are planning to buy hosting services with a lot of premium features, this is your chance to grab the best deal from KnownHost.

So, if you want to know more about these exciting deals, keep an eye on my site because I will come up with news on various types of offers and deals about hosting services and other related tools.

Not only this, I will personally suggest you keep an eye on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales of other hosting service providers like HostArmada, StableHost, or Network Solutions to get a huge discount.

FAQs about KnownHost Black Friday Sales

Here are some of the essential FAQs about KnownHost’s Black Friday deal that help you better understand their sale and discounts.

Can I Get a Free Domain with KnownHost?

Who doesn’t like free things? If you get a free domain with your hosting package, wouldn’t it be a bonus for you? As we know, KnownHost always cares for customer satisfaction. So, they offer a free domain with their basic plan. You also have the option to buy five parts in the Standard plan and unlimited domains from the Professional program.

Is KnownHost any Good?

Without any doubt. I use their hosting service for my site, and my experience is good. With their hosting service, they offer a ton of features and options, which makes them good.

How Much Does KnownHost Cost?

From basic to premium, KnownHost has several options, and they are at different price points. The starting price for known host hosting is $3.47 per month and goes up to $50 a month, depending on the features and options you choose. If you want to know the exact pricing, you can check out their pricing section.

What is the Maximum Discount I can get on the KnownHost Black Friday Sale?

If you talk about discounts, you will get a 50% flat discount on KnownHost Black Friday deals/sales. So if the plan you want to buy is 100$, you will get that for only 50$. If you buy three or more years of tires, you will get a considerable discount. So it’s a very tempting and cost-effective deal.

Is there any Money-Back Guarantee on KnownHost?

Yes, you will get a 30-day money guarantee from KnownHost. KnownHost will give you an opportunity to get your money back if you don’t like their service or their service doesn’t match your requirements.

How to Get the KnownHost Black Friday Deals in 2024?

Click here to get 50% OFF on KnownHost. The Black Friday Sale is already live and will be gone soon. You don’t have to apply any KnownHost coupon codes, as the discounted price is automatically applied when you click on this special link.

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