8 Best AI Video Generator in 2024 (Free and Paid)


Recently, one of the most talked about subjects in the tech industry is AI video generators.

There is a lot of news and talks about it, and many people need clarification about which one is good.

If you search Google for the best AI video generator, you will find different opinions about different types of video generator tools. But what is the best AI video generator?

After testing many AI video generators, I have come up with a list of the top AI video generators. So, without further delay, let’s see the top AI video generators in 2024.

The Best AI Video Generator Tools

Fliki - An AI-powered prompts-based video creation tool. This tool can turn your texts into stunning videos.

InVideo - It's a great Text-to-speech converting tool that will help you create stunning videos without any expensive equipment or characters.

Veed - Veed offers AI avatars, and with the help of its realistic AI avatars, you can easily create stunning, eye-catching videos.

HeyGen - It's an amazing AI-powered tool that allows you to produce studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices effortlessly.

Wave.Video - If you are looking for an AI video creation tool to help you edit your live streaming, Wave.Video is the best solution for you.

#1 – Fliki AI


When it comes to the best video-generator tools then, Fliki is almost everyone’s favorite choice. Why is it so popular as an AI-powered video editing tool?

It’s a prompt-based AI video-generator tool that has a very good reputation in the AI video-generating tool market.

Fliki can easily transform your ideas into stunning videos. You need to write down your ideas; Fliki will transform them into stunning videos in a second.

What if you don’t like the video and want to edit some parts?

You can do that easily with Fliki AI. This feature is different from other video creation tools because it offers an easy-to-use text-to-video editor.

This means you can use text prompts to edit videos, which is unique and useful.

For audio, this tool will offer you lifelike voiceovers, and for visuals, you will get dynamic AI video clips and a wide range of AI-powered features to edit your video video as you need.

This tool can help you a lot in content creation. From YouTube videos to TikTok Instagram reels or videos from other social media platforms, you can create any video with this help.

For marketing videos, this tool also offers AI avatars and several features. This tool can significantly impact your video creation journey for business and other stuff.

However, the pricing of the Fliki AI tool is high for beginners. If you want to explore this tool more, you can get started with a free trial.

#2 – InVideo


InVideo is an AI-powered video-creating tool that will turn your ideas into videos. It’s a prompt-based video creation tool that will make videos from your text inputs.

If you are worrying about your creative skills, don’t worry. It will also generate scripts for your video. This tool offers many templates to help you smooth your video creation process.

It offers an AI video editor, so you can also edit and customize your videos with the help of AI very easily. It also offers AI talking avatar features for its users.

InVideo offers an AI voice-generating tool that is so accurate that you can’t tell the difference between AI and human voices.

So, from video creation to video editing and audio creation for the video, InVideo can handle everything.

Now, if you talk about the price, they have three plans, including a free trial. Although the paid plans are reasonable, but let me tell you a bonus point: currently, InVideo offers a lifetime deal for a limited time only.

#3 – Veed


Veed is an excellent AI-powered video creation tool that can outrank many conventional video editing tools.

The specialty of this tool is that it offers advanced AI technology to edit your video without hassle. How easy is it to edit videos with Veed?

Let me tell you that you can edit some of the most common video editing tasks with a single click.

It’s an online tool, and if you think this online tool will lack some features or be a professional video editing tool, you are entirely wrong.

Veed offers numerous editing features, and all the features have advanced AI technology to make your work easier.

Now comes the video creation part. It can turn your text into stunning videos. It has an option called text-to-speech and video conversion, which will help you create professional-level videos.

Also, if you need images for your video, it will provide them to you. It has an option to generate images for your videos from text.

But while testing this tool, I was pretty surprised to see how it automatically adds subtitles and transcribes a video within seconds. Everything you need to create a complete video will be provided to you.

After testing it, I love this tool. If you learn more about Veed.io, you can get started with a free trial.

#4 – Synthesia


Synthesia is a very useful AI video generator tool that will help marketers, online course teachers, podcast or tutorial-type content creators, and students.

How will it help? First of all, this tool offers 150+ AI avatars. Marketers can easily create promotional videos with the help of these AI avatars.

These AI avatars are confident and fluent, which is a major element when it comes to convincing customers.

Now comes the online course creator. With the help of AI avatars and multi-language support, it has become very easy to create online courses.

You can easily create student-friendly videos with the help of this video creation tool. AI avatars are a great way to create podcasts.

If you are shy and feel uncomfortable talking in front of a camera, these AI avatars are the best thing for you.

If you want to eliminate the hassle of recording and editing videos, you can do this with this tool.

Simply put your script in and select the avatar and language you want. Synthesia will create a stunning podcast for you with your script.

Like podcast creators, tutorial-type content creators can also create easy-to-understand tutorials with the help of this AI-powered video editing tool.

If you want to know more about how Synthesia can benefit you, you can get started with a free plan or purchase a paid subscription with a hefty discount by using this special link.

#5 – HeyGen

HeyGen is a very user-friendly AI video-generating tool. Its clean, easy-to-use interface will give you a pleasant AI video creation experience.

This tool makes it simple to edit and create AI content. From script to video, it will do everything for you.

The video output quality is good and can handle up to 4K resolution. Not only video creation, you will get help from it to manage your content.

This tool has Zapier integration, which will help you manage your videos. In terms of disadvantages, this tool lacks customization options.

Because it has made the video creation so easy, this disadvantage will not hamper your experience of AI video creation that much.

It is a tool that will help you to make a video from scratch. When it comes to pricing, they have four plans, including a free trial.

#6 – Wave.Video

This is a different type of video creation tool in my list. Because this online video editing platform is specially designed for live streaming, this tool offers numerous features for live-streaming videos.

After testing this tool, I found that it offers everything essential for live video editing. You can also edit your videos online with this tool.

Besides editing, how can this tool help you create videos? This tool can help you in plenty of ways when it comes to video creation.

First of all, it offers different types of templates for video creation. The template is designed for live streaming, social media, ads, and promotions.

Wave.Video offers a Stock library of royalty-free images, video clips, and audio, which you can use to create stunning videos.

If you need more than this for you, let me tell you that you will also get visual effects. These visual effects include video filters, translation, overlay, animated text, etc.

Also, you will get several types of graphical elements to make your videos more attractive.

#7 –DeepBrain


DeepBrain is also a text-to-video creation tool, but its main specialty is that it uses advanced AI technology.

With this technology, it can easily create videos with AI avatars that are similar to human-presenting videos.

From realistic AI avatars to natural text-to-speech and powerful AI video creation, it offers everything you need to create videos easily.

It’s a multi-tasking AI power platform that offers you most of the capabilities of AI-powered video generation tools in one platform.

It offers some of the most advanced AI technologies like Deepfake and face swap. It has all the capability to create professional-level videos.

The main customers of this tool are big corporations and businesses because its features are designed to help big companies.

The primary use of this tool is to create how-to videos or explainer videos for content creators and businesses.

The price of this tool starts from $30 per month, but if you want more features, you need to go for their higher-tier plan.

The higher plan starts from $225; the difference between their starter and pro is huge, which could be better content creators.

#8 – Colossyan


Suppose you want a special tool specializing in creating employee onboarding, customer education, compliance training, sales enablement, and internal communications videos. In that case, Colossyan is the perfect solution for you.

This excellent AI video creation tool offers AI avatars and templates for video creation.

One bad thing about its AI avatars is that they are not realistic like other AI tools on the list. But it has some numerous features like AI Assistant to help you with your video creation process.

This user-friendly tool takes minutes to generate high-quality, professional video content. However, you may need more flexibility when it comes to customization.

Final Words

I hope you found my blog post on the best AI video generators in 2024 informative and helpful.

With the increasing importance of video content in today’s digital landscape, utilizing AI tools can streamline the video creation process and enhance your content strategy.

Whether you are looking for free or paid options, incorporating these AI video generators into your workflow can save time and resources while maintaining quality.

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the possibilities offered by these cutting-edge tools.

Thank you for staying with me through the whole article.

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