Fliki Free Trial 2024: Try for Free (No Credit Card)


Are you a content creator? Are you finding a way to create videos quickly and free?

Here is fantastic news for you, Fliki AI. This AI-powered video generator tool is offering a free plan.

If you want to explore the power of this text-to-video creating tool, then the best opportunity is for you to test this AI completely free. The good part is you don’t need a credit card or anything like that.

In this article, I will try to cover details of Fliki and how you can easily access the Fliki free trial without any hassle.

What is Fliki?

Fliki.ai is an AI video generator tool that helps content creators make videos from text, images, or speech.

It’s a very powerful tool that shows the true potential of AI tools in human life.

Because this tool offers 850+ voices and supports English and 77+ languages, when I first saw this tool, I wasn’t sure about its capability.

However, after testing this tool for a few months, I became a fan of it. It helped me create videos easily, which made my life much easier.

I am a software reviewer, and I have a little skill in video editing. However, I was able to make some stunning videos without needing editing skills with the help of Fliki Ai.

It’s a very user-friendly tool. Anyone can use this tool without needing any technical knowledge or editing skills.

It allows you to make videos optimized for any platform, like YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, and Instagram.

This tool provides me with a smooth experience in video creation. If you are new to Fliki AI, here is an in-depth article on Fliki AI review.

How to Activate Fliki Free Trial?

The process of accessing the free plan is easy. I will show you a step-by-step guide with pictures so that you can understand better. Let’s start.

First of all, you need to click this unique link to head over to the main website of Fliki, which looks like this:


As you can see above, there is a free plan on Fliki AI. To activate the free plan, you need to click the “Start for free” button.

After clicking the button, the next step you need to create an account on Fliki. You can simply do that by giving your personal information, including email, name, and password.

Have a look at what it looks like:


Moreover, there are other options for account creation, like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

So, you can easily create your account on Fliki by using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account.

After creating your account, you need to log in. Then, you will see the Fliki dashboard. From here, you can start your journey of video making.

Details and Limitations of Fliki AI Free Trial

First of all, the thing I like about the free trial is that anyone can access it because there are no hard and fast rules or special requirements.

Most tools need credit card information to give you access to their free version, but Fliki wants it from someone else. Just create an account with basic information and enjoy.

The free trial will only offer you 5 minutes of credits per month. This means you only create videos worth five minutes every month if you are on a free plan.

They can do better in this section. Five minutes per month is a very short time from my perspective.

As I told you before, they have 850+ voices, but you will get only 300 on the free trial. But in terms of language, you can enjoy 75+ languages & 100+ dialects.

On the free trial, you can make videos from your ideas, blog articles, PPTs, and Tweets, which is a very good step to offer such things on the free trial.

They also don’t give you limitations for accessing their library of thousands of images, video clips, stickers, and music assets on the free trial.

On a free trial, you can make AI Images too. But the limitation comes in the video quality. You can only generate videos in HD – 720p.

This limitation will stop people from enjoying the full potential of Fliki AI while they sign up for the free trial.

Lastly, the thing I absolutely don’t like about the free trial of Fliki AI is that the video you create will have a Fliki watermark. It will make your video ineligible for professional use.

Advantages of Fliki Free Trial

In this world, if you need success, you must gather as much knowledge as possible.

Everything in the digital world is connected, so having knowledge about everything will open up some doors of success for you.

Video creation is a very important skill you will need to shine in the digital world. But, achieving this skill takes time and a lot of effort.

But with the Fliki AI, you will have the chance to be introduced to the power of AI.

It will help you to create incredible videos without any effort. Good knowledge of AI and video creation will help you succeed.

A free trial is a great opportunity for content creators to try out this amazing tool. And its hassle-free process of claiming the free trial makes it more tempting.

If you are a content creator, this free trial will allow you to try out and compare the difference between AI-generated and manually generated-videos.

You will get a complete overview of the Fliki AI from this free trial, which will help you decide whether to buy it.

What Should You Do After the Free Trial?

The answer is simple: you need to switch to their paid plans if you want to enjoy a smooth video creation experience.

After you are satisfied with the Filiki Ai free trial, you can choose their paid plan, which is pretty affordable. They have two paid plans: standard and premium.

Have a look at these plans:


The standard plan costs only $28/month, and the premium will cost you 88/month. But you will get a 25% discount if you purchase their one-year plan.

As a rest, the price drops to $21/month for the standard plan and $66/month for the premium plan.

So, if you are interested in the paid plans, I have a piece of good news for you! You can get hefty discounts by using a promo code while purchasing their paid plan. For more details, here is a detailed blog post on Fliki discount.

Top 5 Benefits of Fliki AI

Now you know about Fliki AI and how it works. But are you sure about how you can benefit from this AI tool?

If you need clarification about how you can benefit from Fliki AI, in this part, I will discuss the benefits of this tool.

Text-to-Speech Creation is Easy

Converting text into speech is a long process that takes a lot of time.

Suppose you are making an audiobook. You need to attend several recording sessions, which is very hard work.

But with the help of Fliki AI, this work has become very easy.

You need to import the text you want to convert into speech, and Fliki AI will do the rest of the work.

Fliki AI offers 850+ voices and 70+ languages; as a result, you can easily find suitable voices and languages for your audio.

If their voice library isn’t enough, you can clone anyone’s voice. Just record a few minutes of speaking, and Fliki AI will clone the voice for you.

Text to Video Creation without Editing Skills

Video creation is very hard work that needs different kinds of skills and knowledge. So, only some are capable of creating videos properly.

But with Fliki AI, video creation has become very easy for anyone. You can easily create videos just by inputting some text files about the video.

The video creation process takes a very small amount of time. This AI tool has the capability to turn your ideas into eye-catching videos.

For that, you need to describe some words about which type of video you want. Fliki AI will suggest videos according to your idea.

It has a huge collection of royalty-free images, videos, and audio. With the help of that, you can customize or edit your videos.

Its user-friendly interface will help you make stunning videos without any confusion. 

Stunning Videos for Marketing

If you are a marketer, this Fliki AI is a blessing for you. The main job of a marketer is to attract people towards a product or service.

In order to do that, they usually publish blogs and use social media ads, but the most effective way to attract customers is video promotion.

However, creating videos is hard, so most marketers refrain from creating videos.

But with Fliki AI, it has become easy, so it’s a great opportunity for them to make videos to attract more customers and conversions.

As a marketer, you need a few clicks to create an attractive video with Fliki AI, which has the capability to attract more customers.

Saves Money and Time

Fliki AI is a time- and money-saving tool for most people who are involved in content creation.

As we all know, video creation needs some specific skills. Hiring people with such skills is expensive, and other materials like voice artist high-configuration computers are also costly.

Moreover, manually creating videos takes a lot of time because there is a lot of hard work to do in order to complete a video.

For example, a 5-minute video creation can take up to 15 days or more. But with Fliki, you can eliminate all of these.

You need to buy their premium plan, and you need to tell the tool your idea. After that, Fliki AI will create a video within a short period of time.

Attract a Wide Range of Customers

Video is a universal language. Most people around the world can understand videos more easily than text or speech.

So videos are a great way to connect with a big audience. Fliki AI will give you this opportunity.

With Fliki Ai, you can create videos that will attract a wider range of people.

Is Fliki Worth It?

Yes, paying for this tool is worth the money. Fliki AI is very affordable, but it offers a tremendous number of powerful features for creating videos.

This tool will give you a solution for your video creation issues at a very cheap price. From my personal experience, you won’t be disappointed after using this tool for once.

They have a free plan, so you can try that before buying. So, after testing and seeing some reviews, I think this tool is worth buying.

Wrap Up

I hope this article is helpful for you to know about the free trial of a fantastic tool like Fliki.ai.

This exclusive offer allows you to try out Fliki without the need for a credit card, giving you the chance to explore its features and benefits risk-free.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the convenience and power of Fliki for yourself. Visit this special link and start your free trial today.

FAQs | Fliki Free Trial 2024

There needs to be more information about the Fliki AI free plan on the web. People have some common questions about the Fliki AI free trial. So, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about Fliki.

Do I need a credit card to access the Fliki AI free trial?

No, you don’t need a credit card or any of those things. You need to create an account on Fliki to get access to the free trial.

Are there any limitations of the Fliki AI free trial?

Yes, you will face limitations on Fliki AI free trials. The limitations are 5 minutes of credits per month and only 300 voices.

Is Fliki AI’s free trial worth it?

Yes, it’s an excellent opportunity to teach the latest video-generation AI completely free. So, take the chance to grab the free trial.

Who can get a Fliki AI free trial?

Because there are no limitations or requirements for the credit card, anyone can easily claim the Fliki AI free trial.

How to Use Fliki premium account for free?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the premium plan for free. There are three plans to use Fliki; one is free, and the other two are premium plans. You can use a free plan for a lifetime without any payment. But you will have to pay a few bucks to access their premium plan.

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