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If you want to create videos with text prompts, then InVideo is your best option.

If you are a beginner or on a tight budget, I will tell you a fantastic fact about InVideo in this article.

The fact is that InVideo has a free trial version. As a result, you can try this fantastic new AI tool absolutely free.

So, let’s see the details of InVideo and how you can claim the InVideo free trial in 2024.

How to Get the InVideo Free Trial?

You can get access to the free trial of InVideo without any hassle. First, you need to click this link to go to the official InVideo website, which looks like this;


As you can see above, this link has redirected to their pricing plans page, and you will find the free option there.

After that, click the “Get Started” button and open an account on their website. After opening an account, you can enjoy the free version of InVideo.

What Features Does InVideo Offer?

InVideo’s free version will only give you access to some premium features. So, informing you about InVideo‘s true capability will be better.

If you don’t like something on the free plan, you can easily shift to their paid plans. So, without further delay, let’s see what InVideo offers.

YouTube Video Maker


YouTube is the biggest platform for content creators. Because of the growing demand for video in this new generation, we can easily tell that in the near future, the number of viewers and creators on YouTube will increase.

People work hard to make a YouTube video. If you are a content creator or have ideas about the video creation process, I think I need to explain the hassle of video creation.

But InVideo works magic in the YouTube video creation sector. InVideo can generate scripts and add video clips, text, background music, and transitions to your YouTube video.

These are the major and time-consuming tasks of the video creation process. By making these easy, InVideo will surely boost your YouTube video creation process. We need to edit or adjust something every time before publishing a video on YouTube.

If you create videos on YouTube, you can feel this pain. But InVideo makes this work very easy by allowing you to add finishing touches to your video without a steep learning curve.

More than 65% of YouTube video creators create videos for money. So, to activate their goal, they need to monetize their channel.

In order to do that, they will need to create engaging content that attracts viewers.

InVideo can also help you in this sector by creating engaging content that keeps viewers hooked, reaching your monetization goals faster.

So, whether channels made with AI video will get monetized or not, this is the answer for you.

With this amazing AI, you can make videos on any topic. Not only that, InVideo understands how YouTube works and what people want, so it creates videos with strong hooks for your audience.

To make a video, we need many images and visuals to make it attractive. Collecting these takes a lot of work.

It would help if you turned many rocks on the web to find suitable visuals. What if I told you you could get all this in one place?

Yes, you read it correctly because InVideo offers a library of 10 million stock media elements. As a result, you can select images that meet your requirements.

InVideo is a user-friendly video creator tool, and you can easily create YouTube videos from your text with the help of it. If you use this tool, your chance of success in the YouTube industry will increase a lot.

Slideshow Maker


As a content creator, marketer, teacher, or whatever your profession is, if you are connected with the digital world, you definitely need to use slideshows for your work.

It’s the most basic type of video yet an effective way to deliver a message to the audience. InVideo helps you create some of the most amazing slideshows imaginable.

Using InVideo for slideshow making is easy, and I have found this very handy after testing this feature.

So, what do we need to make a slideshow? Several images, right? But what if I told you that you can do that without any type of images?

Yes, you heard right; you can make stunning slideshows by just inputting your ideas by text. Let me give you a more clear view of how it works.

First of all, you need to create a prompt according to your ideas, and the AI slideshow maker will generate a script, select appropriate footage, and apply text and background music. So, as a final product, you will get a beautiful-looking slideshow.

InVideo has the power to help you create portfolios, promos, product explainers, presentations, and more with slideshows.

If you are worrying about music on your slide show, let me tell you that InVideo is a very powerful tool, and it can automatically generate human-sounding voiceovers and background music synchronized with the contents of the slideshow.

The process of making a slideshow with InVideo requires very little time and effort. So anyone can turn their ideas into slideshows to achieve success in business, presentation, or any field they want.

AI Talking Avatar


First of all, thank you if you are a regular reader of my website. You have read my latest article about Synthesia’s free trial, where I discussed what an AI avatar is and how it works.

But here, I will discuss the AI avatar feature of InVideo in this section for those who need to become more familiar with this feature.

AI avatars are human-like faces created with AI. These figures can talk like humans and act like real humans.

These avatars can create engaging, interactive characters in videos, podcasts, or live streams. So, what are the benefits of this avatar?

The main benefit is that it eliminates the need for human actors. And the AI avatars are more fluent and can give your videos a more personalized touch.

Hiring a human actor is costly, and as a beginner or intermediate content creator, hiring a professional artist is like a dream. And most of us feel shy and nervous in front of the camera.

These AI avatars are the best solution for these problems. You can use these as a presenter for your videos and podcasts, and they are good when it comes to showing emotions like humans.

AI Script Generator


Script is the life of any content. Without a script, you won’t be able to move a single step if you want to create a video. But is it really easy work to create a script?

If you are a content creator or have past experience in content creation, you will agree with me that script creation is the hardest part of any video content.

When it comes to creating excellent scripts, InVideo comes in very handy because this AI tool is so powerful that it can create unique, informative, and entertaining scripts for videos.

While I was testing this feature, I found out that this feature actually can write scripts with strong hooks, well-structured messages, and compelling Calls to Action (CTAs).

I was amazed to see how advanced an AI tool can be. This reduces the work of content creation by almost 65%.

As we all know, it can turn any script into videos. So what’s the final sum up? The final talk is that you have to give InVideo your idea, and then it will generate a script for you and create a video from that script.

This means you will get everything you need to create a video from InVideo. All of these processes of video creation are very easy.

You need to write a few sentences about your idea; that’s it. InVideo will give you a complete video from it within a very short time.

This AI will guide you through the whole process, and you can learn how to use this tool to generate video scripts easily.

So, when it comes to rapid script generation, you will have a lot of resources to make videos. So you can easily create more content in a short period of time, and it’s a great way to succeed.

Text to Video


It’s a common feature, and many AI tools, such as Fliki, offer this type of Text-to-video feature. But InVideo is different from them.

You can create any video for any kind of platform just with your ideas. You have to write a prompt with your idea.

Using simple text prompts, you can easily transform your text into videos for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

InVideo will do everything you will need to create a stunning video. You will get stock footage, voiceover, background music, transitions, and more from InVideo. And the interesting fact is that InVideo will do all of this according to your simple prompts.

AI tools are getting more advanced day by day, and InVideo is perfect proof of that. In the past, we have seen AI tools that can create videos from text.

If you are an old reader, you will remember that I have tested and written several different text-to-video converting tools in the past. But no one is as good as InVideo.

Because this tool can generate a complete video from just a few words, this is a formidable feature, and every content creator should have this type of feature in order to gain success.

AI Video Editor


In order to get the proper result from videos created by InVideo, we need to edit those videos.

But as we all grew up knowing and seeing how hard it is to edit a video in a proper way. But InVideo has made a revolutionary change in the video editing industry.

This AI tool offers a very easy-to-use video editor; you can easily add or edit any part of the video with the help of InVideo’s AI video editor.

You can use text commands to edit your video. I never saw such a feature in my journey of AI product testing.

You don’t need any special skills to edit videos. You need to write a command, and the AI will delete scenes, mute voiceovers, change voiceovers, and more.

AI Faceless Video Generator


On YouTube, we see many kinds of videos that don’t require a human presenter. Such types of videos are called faceless videos.

The informative types of videos are mainly faceless videos. Faceless videos have plenty of benefits.

One of the most common is you won’t need to face the camera. InVideo is capable of making this type of video.

You need to write down your ideas, and it will create videos from its vast library of images and videos.

You don’t need any skill or something like that to create faceless videos with InVideo. The process is straightforward, and anyone can access this feature.

AI Voiceover Generator


A significant part of a video is its audio. In my other blog post, I discussed some fantastic text-to-speech converting tools, including Speechify, Fliki, and Synthesia. But for now, I will give you an idea about the text-to-speech converting feature of InVideo.

It can turn any text into speech. This feature is essential to add an extra charm to your videos. It can produce both male and female voices.

The technology is so advanced that the audio from video is similar to humans and can show emotions as well.

You can use these voices for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms, making Invideo a versatile tool for content creators.

Moreover, you can use these voices in order to make your videos more alive and cost-effective. Why am I saying it is cost-effective? Because this will eliminate the need for a voice artist.

Also, you can create videos more frequently because you can avoid the time-killing recording sessions for video audio. So, it’s an outstanding feature that saves a lot of time and hassle for content creators.

Limitation of the Invideo Free Plan

Everything in the world comes free and has limitations. It’s a business policy first. They will give you the test of power, and then you have to buy the entire meal.

InVideo also followed the strategy. But compared to other free trials like Synthesia and Speechify, the limitation of InVideo is minor.

The first limitation that bothers me is that it only offers 10 minutes/week of AI video generation.

Remember I have a mansion in the vast image library of InVideo several times? But the sad news is you won’t get access to the iStock library in the free plan.

Videos can get heavy. But you will only get 10 GB of storage on the free plan. It disappoints me because a budget-level smartphone also offers at least 64 GD.

You can export or share any content only four times a week. But here is another drawback. You cannot use the videos properly because they will have watermarks on them.

What Should You Do After the Free Trial Ends?

You have read my article about the free trial and claim that. But after the free trial, what should you do?

The free trial only tests this excellent AI. If you want to explore the power and capability of this tool appropriately, you need to buy their premium plans. They have two premium plans.

The first one is Business, which costs around $15/Mo, and the second one is Unlimited, which costs only $30/Mo.

Note: If you want to upgrade to a premium plan, I strongly suggest you grab their lifetime deal. Here is an in-depth article on the InVideo lifetime deal.

Why Should You Try the Free Trial of InVideo?

If you get something for free, you can actually use that to improve your life. So, why don’t you get that?

In this modern era, we are becoming dependent on AI tools. So now, the key to success has a new definition.

That definition is that whoever masters using AI in his work will surely win in the long run.

If you are a content creator, blogger, or anything like that, you can quickly implement videos on it using the InVideo free trial. It’s an excellent opportunity to test this software for free.

The process of video creation with InVideo is easy, and it’s an excellent opportunity to learn how this AI works. If I were you, I would definitely try this tool.

Wrap Up

Thank you for staying with me for so long, and I am glad that you have read my article with patience so far.

The primary purpose of my website is to make people aware of the latest technology and AI.

One of my favourite tools that I have tested so far is InVideo. It’s an excellent tool and can give you the perfect balance of power and flexibility.

If you want to create a vast number of videos, this is the right solution for you.

As fast as we adopt AI in our workspace, you will see a massive difference from there. I suggest you try this tool for free for once.

FAQs | InVideo Free Trial 2024

InVideo is a relatively new tool in the market, and people have so many questions about it. In this part, I will try to answer some of the most common and frequently asked questions about InVideo.

Can I get InVideo for free?

Yes, you can get this fantastic AI tool for free, but you need to face some restrictions and a lack of features in the free version.

Do I need a credit card to activate the free plan?

No, you won’t need a credit card or something like that in order to confirm the free trial of InVideo.

Is InVideo AI free or paid?

InVideo AI is a paid tool you must pay to enjoy its features. But it has a free plan, too.

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