HeyGen Free Trial 2024: Try Lifetime Free (Exclusive Deal)


Are you looking to try one of the best AI video creator tools for free? If you are looking for that, then HeyGen free trial is for you.

HeyGen is one of the most modern AI video creation tools. So, people involved in content creation are excited to try this tool.

In this article, I will tell you about the HeyGen free trial 2024. This article will teach you how to use the HeyGen AI video creation tool for free.

Are you excited to learn about the HeyGen free trial 2024?

If you are interested, let’s see the details of HeyGen and how you can use HeyGen for free.

How to Claim the HeyGen Free Trial?

There is nothing special to do if you want to claim the free trial of HeyGen.

First of all, you need to click this particular link to go to the official HeyGen website, which looks like this;


As you see above, a free plan option has a “Get started for free” button. Now, you have to click that button, and after that, HeyGen will ask you to create an account.

After that, you need to create an account with your email and password. That’s it. Now, enjoy the HeyGen free trial for a lifetime.

What Features Does HeyGen Offer?

First, when I learned about HeyGen, I was curious about this tool because this new AI has many positive reviews about its extraordinary features.

After that, I decided to test this tool to explore more about HeyGen. I always love to share my experience with my audience. In this part, I will share what features it offers and what I think about HeyGen’s features.

Video Creation


You guys already know that HeyGen is an AI video creation tool. So it’s obvious that its first and primary feature is to create videos with the help of AI.

But there are many AI video creation tools, so what makes them different?

What makes it different from other AI video creation apps like InVideo and VEED is that it is not a prompt-based video creation tool.

This tool offers AI avatars and templates to create videos. To make a video with this, you need to select an avatar, and then you need to choose Ai voice for your Avatar.

Lastly, you can select templates or start your video creation process from scratch. It gives you more flexibility in video creation than the prompt-based video creation AI.

I personally love the video creation interface of HeyGen. The interface is well organized, and it is easy to navigate.

I think people without much technical knowledge can also create videos with the help of this tool.

It’s a great tool if you want to create studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices.

AI Avatars

AI avatars are a non-detachable part of a good AI video creation tool. Most of the new AI video editors focus on improving their AI avatars.

Nowadays, people are more comfortable representing their thoughts with avatars than representing them themselves.

This is because most of the new content creators are too shy to talk in front of a camera, and most of them lack the skill to represent fluently and confidently.

As a result, the demand for AI avatars is rising. HeyGen also offers a vast library of AI avatars. You can choose from a wide variety of AI avatars for your video.

It’s a great approach to giving customers a huge number of choices. I like their avatar library; it is one of the best avatar libraries I have seen.

But the unique thing about their AI avatars feature is they continuously upgrade their AI avatars so that they become more realistic and responsive.

They frequently release upgraded models with enhanced visual detail, expanded conversational abilities, and more lifelike animations.

It’s a pretty impressive step to improve the AI avatar feature according to the changing needs. They have three types of AI avatars. They are;

Instant Avatar: This is a lifestyle avatar in a natural setting. This means it will look like a human sitting in his home or desk as normal humans do in their natural setting.

Studio Avatar: It’s a more professional-grade avatar for diverse applications. You can use this Avatar for presentations or educational videos. Also, you can use it for tutorials. It works like a professional AI presentation.

Photo Avatar: Actually, this type of Avatar is a dynamically animated photograph. It is usually a picture or animated character that can move its lips and eyes.

Text to Speech


What does it take to create a perfect video? Proper visuals and high-quality audio.

As a video creator tool, HeyGen also offers audio creation tools so that you will get a complete package for video creation.

If you are a tech enthusiast, you will know that new AI technology, called text-to-speech converters, is available in the market.

ElevenLabs and Fliki AI are some of the best text-to-speech converting tools in the market. HeyGen’s text-to-speech converting tool will give tough competition to this tool.

It can easily convert any text into human-like speech. It uses advanced AI technology to make AI voices sound like real humans.

It becomes pretty hard to tell the difference between human speech and AI voices. It’s capable of natural-sounding speech.

As I have past experience testing text-to-speech converting tools, I can tell that this is also a good tool in terms of capability and accuracy.

This tool offers you more than 300+ high-quality AI voices. Not only this, but you will also get 40+ language support.

So, its text-to-speech converting tool is excellent and useful for high-quality video audio creation.

Video Translator


Translation or dubbing is a great way to reach a big audience. You will find this feature useful, especially if you are a marketer or influencer.

As we all know, translating videos is a challenging task. But what if I told you that you can translate your videos in one click?

Not only is it hassle-free, but you can also translate it into more than 40+ languages. HeyGen will reduce your cost and time for translating your videos.

If you can reach a large number of people and share your message correctly with them, your chance of success will increase. So, it’s a pretty effective feature for content creators.

Streaming Avatar

Now, I hope you all are familiar with AI video creation with AI avatars. But have you ever thought of getting an AI avatar that can interact with people?

Isn’t it great to use an interactive AI avatar for different purposes? Suppose you use an AI avatar as customer support isn’t. Will it make you more advanced than your competitors?

If you are a website owner or run an educational website, this type of interactive Avatar is a dream. Using HeyGen’s Streaming Avatar, you can make this dream come true.

With HeyGen’s AI avatar, you can deploy your streaming Avatar as a virtual assistant, support agent, training agent, educational tutor, meeting host, or any other interactive role.

I think the possibilities of this feature are endless. It is my favorite feature of HeyGen, and I haven’t seen this type of advanced feature in any AI video creation tool.

Zaiper Integration


To make your video creation process easier, HeyGen offers a comprehensive Zapier integration. Because of this integration, you can easily automate HeyGen tasks without writing code.

I think this is pretty helpful for HeyGen users because most of us don’t know how to code or lack knowledge about coding.

You can connect HeyGen to over 5,000 other apps on Zapier. As a result, I will help you create a seamless digital ecosystem.

Because of this, you can easily manage your crucial tasks related to video creation. For example, you can upload videos to different social media platforms automatically.

Limitation of HeyGen Free Trial

The free plan is good, but you only get one free credit. So, what does credit actually mean? One credit in HeyGen means 1 minute of video creation.

This means you can only create one minute of video per month with your free account. That’s pretty disappointing for me.

It’s like giving the smell of some good food and then being forced to buy the food. It only has one seat.

Which means you cannot work on a team on the free plan. After that, the number of Avatars is around 120. But you will not get the premium Avatars on the free plan.

On the free plan, you will get 300+ Voices. But the fact is you won’t get any premium voices on the free plan.

What Should You Do After the HeyGen Free Plan Ends?

If you want to create AI videos professionally, more than the free plan is needed. So, what do you have to do if you want to overcome the limitations of the free plan?

The answer is you can go for their paid plans. HeyGen has three different pricing plans: creator, business, and the other one is customizable plan.

Their starting plan 29$ per month. You will have a chance to select the paid plans according to your needs.

Alternative of HeyGen

There are plenty of AI video creators available in the market. But none of them have the ability to compete with this fantastic video creation tool like HeyGen.

So, which one can compete with this tremendous AI tool? As a software tester, I can tell that ElevenLabs is the perfect alternative to HeyGen.

I am telling you this because I have tested this tool. This is a fantastic AI video editor tool that can also create stunning AI videos.

It offers different types of video editing tools like essential editing tools, background remover, subtitle generator, etc.

This tool can also have a library of AI avatars. Lastly, this tool offers a text-to-speech and video feature. With this feature, you can make videos with your imagination.

ElevenLabs also offers a free plan. So, you can use it for free. For more information, just see my detailed article on the ElevenLabs free trial.

Last Verdict

I hope this article is helpful for you in learning about the HeyGen free trial. If you ask me, I will tell you it’s an excellent opportunity to try this type of impressive new AI.

Personally, I love the offerings and features of the free HeyGen plan. The free plan will give you a perfect test of the power of this AI technology.

But if you are considering buying its premium plan but don’t have that much money, I have a bonus for you!

HeyGen offers a coupon code for my readers where you will get a significant discount on their regular plan. For more details, just see my in-depth article on the HeyGen discount code.

Lastly, thank you for staying with me through the whole article.

FAQs | HeyGen Free Trial 2024

People have many questions about the HeyGen free plan. So, in this part, I will answer some of the most common questions about the Heygen free trial.

How do I get HeyGen credits for free?

If you want free credits, you must share your referral link with others.

What is the free limit for HeyGen?

The free limit of HeyGen is one credit, which means you can create 1 minute of videos per month with it.

Do I need a credit card for the HeyGen free trial?

No, you don’t need to give your credit card details to claim the free trial of HeyGen.

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