Veed Free Trial 2024 | Get Lifetime Access (Exclusive Deal)


If you want an online video editor tool to help you create stunning videos, you can try

This online video editing platform offers some of the most useful tools for video editing in one place.

Currently, Veed IO is offering a free trial.

If you want to try out some new and effective video editing tools, this Veed free trial is the best opportunity. Let’s see how you can claim the free trial.

How to Activate Veed.Io Free Trial?

You don’t have to do something special to claim the Veed free trial. The process of claiming the free trial is simple.

First, you need to go to Veed’s official website by clicking this unique link, which looks like this;


As you can see above, a free plan option is in the “Start for Free” button. You have to click that button to get started with a free plan.

After that, you must create an account on Veed, but no credit card information is needed. That’s it. Now, you can enjoy your Veed free trial for a lifetime.

What Features Does Veed Offer?

Veed is an online video editing platform, and people are now gossiping about this tool.

We all know video editing software is complex, the downloading and installing process is hard, and you need to use a powerful PC for some software. But Veed elements all of this problem.

If we see its features and offerings, we will become more aware of why this tool is gaining popularity. So let’s see some features of Veed.

Easy Video Editing


For your better understanding, I want to inform you that I am a software tester, and I test many software from my passion.

I have also tried Veed, and from my testing, I have found that it is a very easy-to-use video editor.

This tool simplifies the editing process by allowing you to one-click snap-to-grid tools.

If you think it is so easy to use, it might not be worth editing professional videos. But you’re mistaken.

This software provides every essential feature you will need to edit a professional video. It effortlessly offers Split, trim, crop, rotate, and loop videos.

If you have past experience in video editing, you will know that preparing the same video for different platforms is pretty hard and tedious.

But with Veed, you can do that with just one click. It can do that by using state-of-the-art technology and a little AI.

This makes the Veed video editor different from conventional video editors. With this editor, you can edit and add audio, music visualizers, and effects.

It is not a usual online video editor tool. It’s a competent tool that can compete with the market leader in the video editing software industry.

To help you a little bit more with video editing, Veed offers highly customizable video templates that you can use to make stunning videos.

A significant drawback of conventional video editing software is that you have to go through a lot of complex processes for Video Polishing.

But Veed made this very easy; you can easily remove unwanted silences, awkward pauses, or filler words.

If you are a professional video editor, you may think that an online tool like Veed cannot process 4K videos.

So you may plan to stick with your old video editor like Filmora, but let me tell you, this tool can export videos in stunning 4K resolution for high-quality output.

At first, I also had doubts about the capability of this editing software, but after using it, it blew my mind.

The way it guides you and how easily you can do editing work for 5 hours only in a couple of minutes with it is really excellent.

Video files have a bad reputation for their size and the storage it takes. As a result, we have seen editors using big hard drives and compression software to save storage.

But with Veed, you don’t need any 3rd party compression or conversion software. It has a built-in compression system, and you can convert your videos in any format.

Subtitles Creation


If you watch movies, especially foreign movies with different languages, you know how useful subtitles are on a video.

However, creating subtitles is pretty hard, and adding subtitles to a video is also challenging. And there is always a risk of inaccurate words or phrases.

But with Veed, this problem is now a straightforward one to solve. With this tool, you can create subtitles for your videos with just one click.

Sounds impossible. But it’s true because Veed uses advanced AI technology with a remarkable accuracy of 98.5% to add subtitles to your videos automatically.

As a result, you can free yourself from the pain of manual typing by adding subtitles to your videos.

As I mentioned earlier, subtitles can help you understand videos in foreign languages. If you use subtitles in your video, you can easily deliver your message to a broader audience.

It generates subtitles with AI and has options for manual upload of subtitle files (SRT, VTT, or TXT) or manual addition of subs.

AI Video


Now, it’s the most crucial useful feature of Veed. First, when I heard about this tool, I thought it might be a basic-level online video editing tool.

However, I changed my mind after seeing the video editing capability of this tool. When I saw this feature, I was amazed.

This tool is capable of editing videos and is an excellent tool that can create videos using AI, so you can tell it’s a multifunctional tool.

With this tool, you can transform your ideas into professional AI videos in a matter of minutes.

If you are a regular reader of my website, you may already know that I have written some reviews about some text-to-speech and video-creating tools like Fliki.

Veed also works like that. Its working method is similar to Speechify, Synthesia, and Invideo. You write a prompt about your idea; this tool will turn it into an eye-catching video.

The video-generating AI of Veed is so powerful that it can create content with videos, music, voiceovers, captions, animations, and even an Avatar.

If you read my article about the Synthesia free trial, I hope you have a good idea about AI avatars.

If you don’t, let me tell you, AI avatars are AI-created figures that can talk or present anything like humans, and you can use them as a cheap and effective alternative to human presenters.

Its video generator is powerful and combines many top-notch features in one place. One of them is Text-to-Speech technology. With this, you can instantly generate voiceovers from text.

AI cannot fulfil your expectations 100%, and we humans have the desire to customize everything according to our wishes. So, to do that, we need images and video clips.

Developers behind Veed know this very well, so it offers you access to a library of thousands of royalty-free stock audio and video clips.

AI video-generating software offers some tools that will help you create AI videos.

When I tested this software, I discovered that Veed provides a complete range of AI tools you will need to create or edit unique AI videos.

AI doesn’t take too long to create videos. So you can produce many videos in a short amount of time, which will boost the efficiency of your video creation process.

Video Background Remover


We usually focus on the main subject in a video, and the background remains unnoticed.

But the background plays the most crucial role in making the main subject of the video attractive. It’s a common practice for video editors to change or customize backgrounds.

But the process of doing it is complex. But with Veed, this process becomes so easy that you can remove background information online.

This tool allows the effortless removal of a video’s original background, which will let you replace it with an image, color, or even another video.

This flexibility will help you easily create marketing videos, ads, and promotional content. These features won’t surprise you if you are a video editor, but there is a feature that will surely surprise you.

The feature is you can use a virtual background on your videos with Veed.

It’s a major feature that will move you one step ahead of your competitors by giving you the flexibility to show creativity in designing video backgrounds.

While filming a video, we often need to remember about the background. As a result, you often see some noises in the background.

These noises are very destructive and can take a lot of time and hard work to remove. But with Veed, you can easily remove all this stuff without doing back-breaking work.

So you can ask me how Veed can do all this hard work so easily. The answer is that it uses very advanced AI technology. This AI technology can remove the background faster and more accurately than humans.

Voice Dubber


If you are a movie lover or love to watch content, I hope you have seen dubbed videos at least once in your lifetime.

What is actually dubbing?

It means translating a video’s original voice into a different language. To do dubbing, you will need a voice artist to translate the audio of the video.

Then, you need to upload the new audio according to the video frame. Isn’t this a lot of work?

But with Veed, you can instantly add narration or dubbing to videos using text-to-voice technology.

This will eliminate the need for voice artists. As a result, you can save a lot of money and time on recording audio.

If you are familiar with other tools like Synthesia and Speechify, you know AI can turn text into a human-like voice. Veed also uses a similar type of AI, and with its help, you can dub any video without hassle.

This dubbing feature is fantastic because you can translate the original spoken audio of your video into over 100 languages using VEED’s automatic translation feature.

If you are thinking about how you can implement the new voiceover on your video and expect a lot of work for that, let me tell you you can do that with one click.

It sounds impossible, but it’s true because Veed offers an automatic voice replacement feature.

This feature can automatically replace spoken words in videos with a voiceover in the selected language, accompanied by matching subtitles.

For video editors, this feature is like a dream come true. I personally love translating my articles and blog content into different languages to reach a vast audience.

I hope content creators can use this feature to improve the reach of their content in different categories and audience bases.

Eye Contact AI


If you are a podcast creator or a product reviewer, or you make videos where you or your presenter need to stand in front of a camera, this feature is a blessing for you.

Eyes are the window of the soul. If you stand in front of the camera, you need to directly focus on the camera so that you can make eye contact with your audience through video.

It helps to convince and get connected with the audience. But sometimes, we forget to look at the camera, or our eyes get distracted.

As a result, the video could be more useful. To fix this, you need to re-record your videos. It’s a time-consuming and tedious task.

But with Veed, you don’t need to re-record your video if you want to fix your eye contact issue.

This tool offers a powerful AI that can automatically redirect your eyes to the camera in video recordings, enhancing on-screen professionalism.

I personally tested this AI feature because it was new to me, and it’s perfect and ensures a seamless and natural appearance of eye contact with the audience. It will make your presentation on a video more confident and fluent.

AI Voice Generator


In the dubbing feature, I have already talked about this feature. But this feature is so powerful and good that I wrote about it separately to give my audience a clearer view.

This feature usually transforms text into voices within a second. This feature is beneficial and a cost-effective solution for voice artists.

You just need to input your text, and it will turn it into audio. You can select from several male-female voices, not just audio.

These voices are human-like and can show emotion like humans. You will hardly notice the difference between a voice and a human voice.

Also, it offers over 100 languages, so you can make audio of your text into any language you want with the help of Veed.

I think podcast, audiobook, and content creators will benefit most from this feature because it will save them money and time for audio creation.

AI Image Generator


Images are one of the best resources of modern life. No matter what type of work we do, images are an undetachable part of our lives.

But it’s hard to find proper images for work. So, to solve this problem, Veed offers an AI image generator.

If you are interested in tech news and read articles about tech and modern life, I think you already know about this type of AI technology. So, what does this AI do?

This AI will automatically generate images from text. This is called a prompt-based image-generating process, and many AI tools are now offering this, and Veed is one of the best from them.

To generate images with Veed, you just need to write a prompt that describes your idea and requirements for your image, and it will then generate that image for you.

Isn’t the process straightforward? I think a five-year-old boy can also generate images by using this feature.

Veed’s AI Image generator can produce various forms of art, including drawings and text art, in a matter of seconds.

I have a suggestion for you if you want to create a better image with this feature. The suggestion is you need to write the prompt properly and clearly and try to show your creativity in simple and easy words for better images. Every feature of Veed is full of surprises.

This image-generating feature is also a surprise for you. The surprise is that you can create videos from AI-generated images easily.

Veed allows you to access this feature directly from your browser to make this image-generation process more handy. I think it’s a pretty good feature and a good competitor of AI, like a mid-journey.

Limitation of the Free Plan of Veed

I don’t have many complaints after using the free plan, and I think this free plan is pretty good between other AI tools.

This free plan tests how excellent and useful Veed is, and you can get limited access to major features to try out the tool’s capability.

But if you plan to use the free plan for the long term, you will face some severe limitations. First of all, you will get only 2GB of storage.

We all know video files require colossal storage capacity. With a capacity of only 2GB, you can’t use it for professional or heavy personal use.

Second, you can only make subtitles for 30 minutes in one month. So, it’s a severe limitation if you plan to use this free Veed for long videos.

The upload limit is the most irritating and significant drawback of the free plan. You can only upload it! Gb files to Veed.

So these are the limitations of the free plan, but overall, this limitation won’t cause any problems for testing.

What Should You Do After the Free Plan Ends?

If you don’t want the limitations of the free plan and want to use Veed Io for professional use, you need to buy their premium plans.

They have three premium plans. The plans are basic, pro, and business. The basic plan costs $18/ per month, the pro plan costs $30, and the business costs $70.

But you can get a huge discount if you want to buy this on an annual plan. Also, if these prices are too high for you, here is an article about discount deals on Veed where you can save some bucks.

Who Will Need the Free Plan of Veed?

First of all, this free plan is for specially dedicated people who want to edit videos but lack video editing. This tool is designed to help beginners who want to create and edit videos.

So, if you are struggling hard to understand and operate a video editing tool, I suggest you try the Veed free trial.

Because it won’t cost you money, it’s an excellent opportunity to test this kind of fantastic tool.

It can make your profession easier, and if you want to start your journey as a content creator, you must try this tool.

I personally love the way this tool is designed to help people with limited technical knowledge.

I am a blogger and know video editing at a basic level, but when I tried this tool, I saw that it was helping me to create some professional-level videos. So I will suggest everyone try this tool for once.

Wrap Up

I hope you found my article about the Veed free trial helpful and informative.

Veed IO is a fantastic platform that offers powerful video editing features, and the opportunity to try it out for free is simply too good to pass up.

By taking advantage of the Veed free trial, you can experience all the benefits of this amazing software without any commitment.

Visit this link to start your free trial today and unlock the potential of your videos with Veed IO.

FAQs | Veed Free Trial 2024

Nowadays, the talk of the town is Veed, and people have some common questions about it. So now, let’s answer some of the common questions about Veed.

Can I use VEED.IO for free?

Yes, Veed has a free trial version. You can use it for free.

Do I need to pay for VEED?

If you want to get the full features of VEED, you need to buy their premium plans and pay a few bucks.

How many days will I get access to the Veed free trial?

You will get a lifetime free trial from Veed. So you can try your free plan now.

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