Veed Black Friday Deal 2024 | Get a Flat 30% OFF (Verified)


Veed is an excellent online video editing and video-creating AI tool. So, if you want to buy this tool but don’t have the budget, this article is especially for you.

I will tell you about a fantastic Black Friday deal with Veed AI in this context. On the Black Friday deal of Veed, you will get a whopping 30% off on their regular price.

So, let’s see the details of Veed.IO and how you can claim the Veed Black Friday deal.

How to Activate Veed.IO Black Friday Deal?

Claiming Veed’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is very easy. First, click this unique link to go to the Veed.IO official Black Friday discount offer page, which looks like this;


After that, you need to click the “Claim Discount” button and choose a suitable yearly plan. Then, follow the typical buying process, like account opening, payment, etc.

But, while buying, you will see an option to put in a coupon code, where you must enter the code “VEEDWEEK” for a flat 30% discount. That’s it.

Veed Black Friday Pricing Plans

Now comes the most exciting part, which is pricing. So let’s see how much you can save on the Black Friday deal of Veed.

Veed.IO has three paid plans: Basic, Pro, and Business. Let’s have a look at their detailed pricing plans;


Basic Plan

The basic plan will cost you $18 per month. But on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you will get a 30% discount on this price. Some features of this plan are;

  • Remove watermark
  • Full HD 1080p exports
  • Export videos up to 25 minutes
  • Storage 5GB
  • Subtitles 60 min/Mo

Pro Plan

The regular price is $30 per month, and you will get a 30% discount on this pricing at a Black Friday discount. Some key features of this plan are;

  • Storage 20GB
  • Stock audio & video library
  • Subtitles 120 min/Mo
  • Translate to 50+ languages
  • Clean audio
  • Eye contact

Business Plan

It’s Veed’s most costly plan and costs $70 per month. Because of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you will get a whopping 30% discount.

  • Storage 50GB
  • Subtitles 600 min/Mo
  • AI Avatars 20 min/Mo
  • Customizable video templates
  • Video call-to-action
  • Video analytics

Note: Veed has a free plan, so if you found this pricing not affordable, you can check that out. For more information about their free plan, here is an article on the Veed free trial.

Who will Benefit from the Veed Black Friday Deal?

If you read my previous article about the Veed discount, you know who will get the best benefit from Veed.

Content creators and video editors are the primary beneficiaries. We all know many people are trying to start their careers as content creators and video editors.

Starting people always need support to shine in the future. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal of Veed works as a support by giving a 30% discount on its price.

If you are a student or teacher, you can also benefit from this tool by creating online course videos or making audio from books. Basically, it’s a kind of AI tool that can help anyone in this modern time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Veed

Every tool has its advantages and disadvantages, and Veed is no different. I have tested this software, found some perfect things about this tool, and noticed some disadvantages.

I think I should tell the advantages along with the drawbacks so that my readers can have an apparent view of how capable this tool is.

So, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages I have found out after the test.


The first advantage of this tool is it has a free trial version. You can create an account on this tool for free, and you can try its features and get a clearer view of its quality.

I have a detailed article about its free plan, so if you are interested, you can see my article to learn more about the Veed free trial.

After that comes the user interface. We are used to seeing complex interfaces that require a lot of knowledge and skill to operate in old video editing software.

But here, the scenario is totally different. You will get a spotless and straightforward interface for easy navigation.

As a result, you can use this tool without any skill or knowledge, so I think it’s a pretty good step to make video editing easy for everyone.

But I don’t believe easy means it lacks essential features. This AI is mighty and offers some competent tools to enhance your editing experience.

I personally love the way they designed their interface, and it’s a very responsive platform for quick interactions. Also, I found its subtitles and text-adding feature very useful.


It’s a new AI software, so it’s apparent that it will have some bugs. But the AI is developing, so I hope to see improvements soon.

But for now, you have to deal with some bugs. Another significant disadvantage of this tool is its inability to recover deleted parts.

So you will face some pain when you edit videos; more specifically, if you cut or modify your videos more or are new to this sector, you will suffer.

I have found out that some users faced issues selecting time frames for video editing. I personally don’t see this issue while testing, but many of the people have seen this problem.

If you closely look at reviews about Veed AI on TrustPilot, you will see people discussing this issue.

Overall, these are the issues that you may face while using Veed. So, personally, I don’t think these will be a big issue while using Veed.

Why Should You Grab the Black Friday Deal of VEED?

I think you all will agree with me that the discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is the main reason to buy Veed.

As I mentioned earlier, it works as a support for beginners. Getting a 30% discount is a blessing, and not only beginners but also professionals are attracted to this type of discount deal.

From my perspective, I always look for this type of discount deal for the software I need. In this modern world, we need multiple tools.

So, saving at least 30% on each tool at the end of the year will sum up to a significant amount. So, I don’t think there is any reason not to grab the Veed Black Friday sale.

The Alternative to the Veed Black Friday Deal

People always love to compare products before buying. So, I will tell you about a great alternative to Veed so that you can compare Veed with that for self-satisfaction.

The product that is an excellent alternative to Veed is InVideo.

This is a fantastic AI video-generating tool that offers some unique avatars. You can use those avatars to create some unique videos.

It’s a helpful tool for creating extraordinary videos, especially explainer videos, podcasts, or review-type videos.

InVideo also offers a Black Friday deal where you can save some bucks while purchasing their paid plan. For more information, see my detailed article on the InVideo Black Friday deal.

Wrap Up

I hope you found this article informative and helpful. I have tried to give you a complete view of Veed’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get a flat 30% off on the innovative and user-friendly video generator platform.

Whether you’re a professional videographer or someone who loves creating videos, Veed is the perfect tool to enhance your editing experience.

Head over to and take advantage of this limited-time exclusive deal. Happy shopping!

By the way, if you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments section.

FAQs | Veed Black Friday Deal 2024

In this part, I will try to answer some frequently asked questions about Veed’s Black Friday deal. So, let’s see;

Is the Veed Black Friday hard to claim?

No, the process is easy; you just need to put in a special code while buying to claim the Black Friday deal.

Is Veed a good video generator?

Yes, it is one of the best AI video-generating tools in the market.

Does Veed has a free plan?

Yes, it has a free plan where you can try this tool for free.

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