InVideo Black Friday Deal (2024): Claim Up to 50% OFF


If you’re looking for an amazing offer on video editing software, look no further than InVideo.IO.

InVideo is a powerful video editing platform that empowers users to create stunning videos with ease.

The excellent news is that InVideo is offering a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal where you will get a 50% discount.

This exclusive deal is an excellent opportunity to buy InVideo AI at a considerable discount. Now, let’s see how you can claim the Black Friday deal of InVideo.

How to Activate InVideo Black Friday Deal?

The process of claiming the InVideo.IO Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal is straightforward. But this discount deal is available only on their studio plans.

First, click this special link to go to the InVideo discount deal page on their website, which looks like this;


As you can see above, a 50% discount is on their paid plans if you select a yearly plan.

Lastly, select a suitable plan for a one-year tier and follow the simple buying process. That’s it.

There is no particular work to do in order to claim the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale of InVideo.

InVideo Black Friday Pricing Plans

People are always excited about the pricing of every discount deal. So, in this part, I will tell you about the pricing of the InVideo AI Black Friday sale.

InVideo has three plans: Free, Business, and the other one is Unlimited. If you want to try a free plan, then just see my article on the InVideo free trial.

Now, let’s see the details of their two paid plans;

Business Plan

The regular price of the plan is $30 per month, but after a 50% discount on Black Friday, you will get only $15 per month.

This plan is suitable for small businesses, educators, and influencers. Some features of this plan are;

  • No Watermark on Videos
  • 60 HD Video Exports/mo
  • Ten iStock Media/mo
  • 1M+ Premium Media
  • 20 Remove Background/mo
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Unlimited Plan

The regular price of this plan is $60 per month, but on Black Friday, you will get a 50% discount.

As a result, the price will become as low as $30 per month. This plan is suitable for agencies and larger teams. Some features of this plan are;

  • No Watermark on Videos
  • Unlimited HD Video Exports/mo
  • 120 iStock Media/mo
  • 1M+ Premium Media
  • 40 Remove Background/mo
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Note: InVideo offers a lifetime deal for a limited time only, so if you want to grab this opportunity, you can see my detailed article on the InVideo lifetime deal.

Who will Benefit from the InVideo Black Friday Deal?

It’s an essential part from my perspective because it’s important to know who will get the most benefit from this Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal.

As a result, you can easily determine whether you need to buy this deal or not.

So, if you are a video editor, you can get a massive benefit from this deal. As we all know, a professional video editor needs to do a lot of video editing.

All the market-leading video editing software needs a lot of skill and hard work to operate. This is because the tools don’t use AI, and their work process is pretty outdated.

However, InVideo uses state-of-the-art technology and AI. AI works as a helping hand for you. It will help you to do video editing tasks like an assistant.

As a result, you will have to do less work when it comes to video editing. Because of the Black Friday deal, you can get this fantastic assistant at a very cheap rate. As a result, it will be a cost-effective solution for reducing workload.

Now comes to content creators. Many people plan to start their careers as content creators because it’s the most lucrative industry. But without quality content, you can become successful in this sector.

But producing quality content demands a lot of things. If you take a closer look, you will notice that creating quality content will take your time, money, and hard work.

It’s a significant investment for a beginner, and most new content creators can’t afford that. So, we are seeing so many unsuccessful content creators in the industry.

But because of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can easily access software that can help you create quality content quickly without requiring a lot of resources.

So, a beginner content creator can get a lot of benefits from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of InVideo.

Now comes marketers. If you are related to marketing, you can understand that marketers have a lot of competition.

Many people are joining as marketers because this sector’s success rate and opportunities are formidable. But what’s the easy way to become successful?

The easy way is to do something extraordinary than your competitors to attract customers.

Doing that promotional video is a great option. But creating such a video that can attract customers requires a lot of money.

But if you buy InVideo when they are offering such an amazing Black Friday deal, you can get your hands on an AI tool that can help you create marketing videos without any effort.

These are the main sectors, and besides these, if you want to implement video in your work to improve your work quality, you can benefit from InVideo.

If you want to create podcasts, video presentations, company videos, explainer videos for clients, etc, this deal is an excellent opportunity for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of InVideo

Every tool comes with some advantages and disadvantages. InVideo is no different.

As you all know, I am a software tester and test SAS tools from my passion, and you will find some fantastic reviews about the latest AI tools on my website. I always try to reveal the truth in front of my readers.

So, in this part, I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of InVideo so you can decide whether you should grab the Black Friday deal or not.


First, when I tested this tool, I noticed that it offers a simple and user-friendly interface.

It’s a great approach, and most of the new tools are focusing on this to make their tool more user-friendly so many people can use them.

I like the way how InVideo creates its interface for non-tech people. Though it’s a video-generating tool, I use this tool to develop videos to see how well it can create videos.

So, after the test, I discovered that it’s a great tool and can quickly create engaging videos.

The video creation process is easy because you will get plenty of tutorial video guides on video creation throughout the process.

You just have to write effective prompts that can describe your ideas adequately to get a perfect result.

You will get several handy tools, and the one I like the most is its 5,000+ templates available in various formats, which comes very handy when it comes to creating stunning videos easily. You can use these pre-made templates for multiple platforms and purposes.

An extraordinary feature of InVideo is its automated text-to-speech feature. We have seen many tools like Synthesia and Speechify that can do this work.

The text-to-speech converting AI of InVideo can produce realistic human-like AI voices. This feature also allows you to create videos in any language. Also, you will get AI-powered text editing for videos.

Now comes the video editing capability of InVideo. The first thing I like is that it gives you complete control over the project’s appearance. How do they do it?

They do it by offering you 16 million+ royalty-free stock footage. Also, you will get a library with more than 1 million videos and photos.

As a result, you can use images and video clips according to your requirements. It’s a cloud-based tool you can access in the browser without downloading.

So, if you think it lacks capability because of this, you are entirely wrong. It can produce videos in HD or 4K video export options.

Lastly, the thing I appreciate about InVideo is its support system. They have a discord community for support.

Also, they are ready to provide 24/7 world-class customer support. If it isn’t enough for you, you will also get free access to a supportive Facebook community.


This product has a few shortcomings and needs to be improved. The AI technology they use has great potential but still needs some development, and the team behind InVideo is trying to improve AI.

As a result, you can see some irrelevant media or videos sometimes. It’s a big drawback because of the automated nature of AI-generated videos, and it becomes hard to engage with customers.

As I saw in the past, by testing a few tools like Speechify or Synthesia, I can directly upload videos on YouTube and Facebook from their dashboard, which makes managing videos easy.

However, InVideo lacks the capability to upload videos directly to YouTube or Facebook.

As we are all familiar with ChatGPT, we know it doesn’t give an accurate answer every time. Sometimes, it makes mistakes by giving you the wrong information.

The same goes for InVideo. Sometimes, it can deliver inaccurate details, so you need to do fact-checking for script accuracy every time.

One of the most prominent features of InVideo is the template. But as we know, the moon has scars, such as some templates of InVideo not being that good or lacking desired elements. Also, InVideo won’t allow you to switch between templates.

As a result, you need to start your video creation from scratch if you want another template. It’s not a significant issue, but I noticed it and thought I needed to share it with you.

However, the major disadvantage of InVideo, from my perspective, is its monthly video export and video duration limits.

If you are a content creator, you will definitely agree with me that a professional content creator needs to create a vast quantity of content every month, and you can’t stop them by limit.

But Invideo has a limit, and I think this limit will cause inconvenience for daily content creators.

I have learned from some reviews on Trustpilot that some people face poor search functionality on video, but I don’t feel that while testing.

InVideo has a lengthy and time-consuming export process, as with most video editing software.

So these are the disadvantages of InVideo, but in contrast to its advantages, these are nothing.

Why Should You Grab the InVideo Black Friday Deal?

If you are on a tight budget or just starting your career as a video editor or content creator, if you miss the Invideo Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, you will regret that later.

Because this is the opportunity to get a 50% discount. 50% is a considerable discount, and because of this, the price of InVideo has become very reasonable.

If you are a content creator and want to try new tools but don’t want to spend that much money, this is the best deal for you.

So, if you are a beginner in this sector or a professional who wants to try a new tool, you should grab this fantastic deal.

Alternative of InVideo

If you are looking for similar kinds of deals, let me tell you a great alternative to the InVideo Black Friday deal, which is Veed.

Veed is a tool similar to InVideo, which is currently offering a Black Friday deal. Veed is one of the best AI video editors that can help you create stunning videos.

If you are interested in knowing about the Veed discount deal, you can check out my detailed article on the Veed Black Friday deal.

Is It Worth it to Grab the InVideo Black Friday Deal?

You will get a 50% discount on InVideo regular pricing on the Black Friday deal. Don’t you think a 50% discount is a lot? You will get this fantastic AI tool only at half of its regular price.

If you compare the features and the cost of InVideo after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you will notice the price is way lower than what InVideo is offering.

This powerful and fantastic AI tool is a steal, and you won’t find this type of good deal in the market right now.

So, if you ask me, I will tell you that the Black Friday deal of InVideo is worth it.

Wrap Up

In this article, I have tried to cover everything you need to know about Invideo’s Black Friday deal.

This is an incredible opportunity to save big on this powerful and versatile video editing tool.

With up to 50% off, you can create stunning and professional videos without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer.

FAQs | InVideo Black Friday Deal 2024

I have noticed that people are somewhat confused about the Black Friday deal with InVideo. So, I have decided to remove the confusion of my readers.

As a result, in this part, I will answer some of the most common and frequently asked questions about the InVideo discount deal.

Is InVideo capable of creating great Instagram videos?

Yes, you can make some stunning videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

Do I get all the features of InVideo if I buy this on a Black Friday deal?

You will get all the features if you buy InVideo on the Black Friday deal.

Do I get a monthly discount on the Black Friday deal of InVideo?

No, you need to buy InVideo for a one-year plan if you want to get the 50% discount deal.

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