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Are you looking for the Speechify free trial? You have come to the right place.

Speechify is a revolutionary text-to-speech software that allows you to transform any text into natural-sounding audio with ease.

The best part is that you can get the Speechify free plan with just a few clicks and enjoy lifetime deal access.

In this blog post, I will explore the incredible features of Speechify.ai and guide you on how to get a free plan in 2024.

How to Activate Speechify Free Trial?

The process of getting the Speechify free plan is straightforward. Let’s see how you can get the free trial offer.

First of all, you need to click this offer link to visit the official website of Speechify and get started with the “Try it for free” button, which looks like this;


After that, you need to create an account on Speechify to get free access. That’s it! See how easy it is to claim the free trial of Speechify AI.

Key Features of Speechify

How to determine if a tool is good or bad? The way to determine that is to see its features and offerings.

In this part, I will talk about some features of Speechify, which I think are the most effective and valuable features of this AI tool. Now, let’s see some essential features of Speechify.

Text-to-Speech Converter


Speechify is a text-to-speech converter AI, so it’s apparent that it will be its main feature. This tool can easily convert any kind of text document into spoken words.

It uses an advanced technology called optical character recognition to identify the words and characters of any text documents and convert them into speech.

Speechify offers some very high-quality human-like AI voices in multiple languages.

As a result, you can select from a wide range of voice and language options when it comes to converting your text into voices.

But the main feature I love about this tool while testing it is its offline capability. You can use this tool without an internet connection.

It supports different types of text files, so you can import any kind of text document and transform it into attractive speech with it.

Library and Document Management


We all know if you want to work in a professional way and shine in your sector, you will need proper management.

You need to follow some rules of punctuality and have to organise your work files for better efficiency.

Speechify will help you in this sector. It offers a personal library for organising and storing your text documents. When you work with many different files, this feature will come in very handy.

Also, it offers OCR technology. It’s not a new technology we all are familiar with, and we know what it does. If you don’t know, let me tell you this technology can extract text from images.

It’s a common but very useful feature, and very few text-to-speech converter AI tools implement this in their tool.

AI Video Generator


Speechify is an ultra-modern text-to-speech converter tool that can create videos from text using text-to-speech technology and visual elements.

I have seen many text-to-speech converter tools, but there are only a few text-to-video AI creation tools available in the market. And one of the best in them is Speechify.

You can create stunning videos from your text easily by using this feature of Speechify.

Instant Translation


If you work in sectors which are closely related to the internet and the modern world, you will notice that you have to work with various languages often.

But isn’t it possible for us to learn every language? So, to help you understand different languages, Speechify offers you a translator tool.

This translator tool is more powerful, faster, and more accurate than Google Translate.

This tool can translate content into over 30 languages. As a result, you can easily understand foreign language content.

Language Learning Tools

We all know there are so many different languages in the world, and knowing them can help us in many ways.

Speechify helps you learn many different languages easily. This AI tool supports understanding foreign language content through translation.

As a result, you can easily learn and improve your skills in different languages. This AI has an amazing capability to provide you with an excellent experience of learning new languages.

Enables Distraction-Free Reading

Reading is a focus that needs work. When we read something normally, there are plenty of elements that can distract us.

But this AI tool helps you to read your documents in a distraction-free mode. It is not just a text-to-speech converting tool. It also helps you to read your documents correctly.

When I tried the focus mode for testing, it amazed me. Because it creates an environment where you can engage in reading without being disrupted by external factors, it eliminates elements that might divert your attention.

It does that by blocking pop-ups, notifications, or other background activities. As a result, you can focus on reading and can achieve knowledge in a short amount of time.

Voice Cloning


If you read my previous articles about some other excellent text-to-speech converters like Fliki AI, you already know what voice cloning is.

It is a technology where you can clone anyone’s voice with the help of AI. The cloning technology of Specchify is very accurate, and you will hardly notice the difference between the original voice and the cloned AI voice.

Speechify Chrome Extension


We all know about Chrome extensions. These extensions are created by software companies to make their tool more handy because using extensions for work can lead to more efficiency.

So, to make Speechify more effective, its creator created a Chrome Extension of their tool. With this extension, you can quickly improve your reading experience.

I personally used this extension for testing, and I loved it. It is a tool designed to enhance the online reading experience.

With this feature, you can easily enable listening to Web Page Content. This means Speechify converts the text into the voice of the webpage.

As a result, you can quickly gain knowledge from the webpage without reading. It’s a great approach, and this is a futuristic technology that can change the way we browse and read web pages.

Users can listen to the content of web pages directly from their browser without the need to read it manually.

If you are tired of reading webpages for hours and it is damaging your eyes, this feature will come in great handy to you.

Listening to webpages rather than reading will help you reduce eye strain. Also, you can customize this voice to your needs by choosing different AI voices.


If you are reading some academic papers or research papers, you are well aware of how vital note-taking is.

Are you thinking about how you can take notes while listening to text with the help of a specified?

Let me tell you this AI tool offers a feature that seamlessly integrates note-taking with the process of listening to text.

I found the note-taking framework very effective. To take notes, you have to specify which part you want to take note of.

It means you can give it voice commands to take notes. It reduces the pain of typing or writing notes.

Just tell Speechify, and it will do that work for you. The most exciting part is the notes are stored in the Speechify app. You can easily access your notes directly from the app at any time.

As a result, you can easily organize your notes and never forget where you have noted your essential information.

Do you want to know another interesting fact about this feature?

Let me tell you you can access your notes without an internet connection. You can also edit or use them without the Internet.

Turns Any Text Into an Audiobook


Audiobooks are gaining popularity, and people now prefer listening to them. So, to keep this in mind, Speechify offers a fantastic feature.

With this feature, you can convert any text, whether it’s a book, document, or article, into an audiobook format because this audiobook format is helpful for a superior reading experience. If you upload your text, then Speechify converts it into high-quality audio.

As a result, you can create audiobooks from personal documents, study materials, or any written content you want.

But if you are thinking just converting text to voice is enough for audiobook creation and what’s the need for highlighting such a feature, you are wrong.

Because audiobooks need to have a particular format so that listeners can easily take in the information, this feature has the ability to create a revolution in the book industry.

Limitation of Speechify Free Trial

There are some limitations to a free trial of any tool. Speechify is no different. It doesn’t allow users to download their audio content for use in other sectors.

Another limitation is that this tool only provides you with 10 minutes of voice generation. So, you cannot convert any big text files into audio.

If you want to overcome the limitations of the free plan, you can buy their premium plans. The premium plan starts from $139 per month.

Note: If you want to purchase their premium plan, I have good news for you!

I have an article about the Black Friday deal of Speechify and the discount deal of Speechify. If you want, you can read them to save some bucks.

Why Should You Grab the Free Plan of Speechify?

The main reason behind the free plan is that Speechify offers you the chance to try a perfect AI tool. Buying any tool without testing can lead you to losses.

Because you never know whether the tool is worth it just by researching its capabilities and features.

So, by claiming this free trial, you can quickly test the tool and learn about its actual capability.

You can gain a proper view about whether Speechify is worthy or not and whether it has all the capability to make your life easy by trying this tool without giving any money.

I suggest you get started with the free trial of this AI tool if you need any text-to-speech converting tool.

Wrap Up

I think you have gained a proper idea about the free trial and how to claim the free plan of Speechify.

With the free trial, you have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Speechify without any cost.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer and after tons of research, testing and reading reviews, I suggest you try this free trial of Speechify.

FAQs | Speechify Free Trial

Now it’s time to look at some common questions about the free trial of Speechify. Let’s see the answers to some of the most common questions;

Is Speechify’s free trial worth it?

Yes, definitely, you are getting the opportunity to test this AI completely free. 

Is Speechify’s free trial good?

You can easily create some quality audio files using the Speechify free trial, so it is definitely a good thing.

Does Speechify have premium plans?

Yes, they have premium plans; the free trial is only for testing the AI.

Who can benefit from Speechify’s free trial?

Anyone who needs audio can benefit from this free trial because you can create quality AI voices for free.

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