ElevenLabs Free Trial 2024: Get Started for Free (Lifetime)

Do you want to use a text-to-speech converting tool for free? Then ElevenLabs.io is the best option for you.

Because ElevenLabs offers a free plan for a lifetime, this is one of the best text-to-speech converting tools in the market.

ElevenLabs offers one of the best AI technologies for audio creation. So, getting your hands on such an excellent audio creation tool for free is an excellent deal.

Now, are you excited to learn more about the lifetime free trial of ElevenLabs? Let’s see the details of ElevenLabs and how you can claim the ElevenLabs free trial 2024.

How to Activate ElevenLabs Free Trial?

It’s a straightforward process to claim the free trial of ElevenLabs. First, click this unique link to visit the ElevenLabs official website, which looks like this;


As you see above, there is a button called “Get Started Free.” You need to click that button to get started with a free plan.

After that, they will ask you to create an account. After creating your account, you will be ready to use Elevenlabs AI for free. That’s it.

What Features Does ElevenLabs Offer?

ElevenLabs is a very popular tool, and people are going crazy to know more about it. So, I personally used this tool for testing purposes.

In this part, I will share my personal experience with Elevenlabs’s features. So, without further delay, let’s see the features of ElevenLabs.

Text to Speech Online


The first feature of this fantastic AI tool is its ability to convert text into speech. Many tools in the market, like Speechify, Fliki, or Synthesia, do this type of work.

Interestingly, when I tested ElevenLabs, I found their text-to-speech converting tool pretty excellent and effective. So why am I telling you that this feature is unique?

The reason is this feature creates AI voices with accurate intonation and tone. I was surprised to see that this feature can deliver crystal clear audio at 128 kbps.

Because of this high-quality audio generation, you can provide your listener with a premium listening experience.

So, what’s the benefit of this feature, and why am I praising this so much?

The reason is this feature makes the audio creation process easy. You need to input a text file, and it will convert it into high-quality audio.

Because of this, you can save a lot of money by not hiring a voice artist for audio creation, and it will also save your recording sessions.

This feature has the ability to generate long-form audio content effortlessly without compromising quality.

This means you can make audio from extensive content. More specifically, this feature is capable of creating audiobooks.

Isn’t it great to have such kind of powerful AI features for free? I personally love this feature for its easy-to-use interface and effectiveness.

Now, people have many questions about AI voices. Most free tools give a robotic voice, which could be more appealing.

But here, the case is different. I was very impressed to see how they implemented human emotions in AI-generated voices.

As a result, the voice becomes more human and pleasing to listeners. If you have ever used a text-to-speech converting tool, I am sure you have noticed that most tools only support a few languages.

But ElevenLabs supports 29 languages. Not only does it offer this many languages, but this tool is fluent in each language and can retain the unique characteristics of each.

Now, if you are very picky, I am sure you will love to see customization options. Personally, I also love to customize my projects to give them a unique signature touch.

So when I saw this tool offers tuning, it made me happy. This tool allows you to refine voice outputs with intuitive and easy-to-adjust settings.

With this, you can customize the clarity and stability or exaggerate voice styles for expressive delivery of your AI-generated voice.

AI Voice Changer


While testing this tool, I noticed an interesting feature on this tool. The feature is an AI voice changer.

With the help of this feature, you can easily change your voice to another character’s voice. Not only this, but you will also have complete control over its emotion and delivery.

You can edit and fine-tune voice-overs using this voice changer for consistent, precise results. As a result, you can maintain the feel and emotion of the original message.

When it comes to emotion, it allows you to access diverse voice profiles to maintain the emotional integrity of your audio file.

So why should you use this feature? This feature is essential to create custom AI voices for videos, podcasts, games, etc.

The most unique part of this feature is that you can do all of this with just a single click. As I mentioned earlier, you will also get the customization option in the text-to-speech feature.

But the fact is you will also get a helping hand from ElevenLabs on your customization work because its advanced AI voice modulation helps you with precision adjustment.

AI Dubbing & Video Translator


We all are familiar with dubbing. In the past, dubbing was a challenging task, and most of the time, maintaining the originality of the voice while dubbing wasn’t possible.

But with the help of ElevenLabs, you can translate and replace original video audio with a new language while preserving the original speakers’ voices. ElevenLabs calls their dubbing feature Dubbing Studio.

With the help of, you will get complete control over localized videos with precise control over transcript, translation, timing, and more.

I tested this dubbing feature for one of my projects to see how it works; the result is fantastic. This tool can create perfect voice-overs in any language with any voice in minutes.

I was not expecting to see such accurate and fast results from ElevenLabs, but they surprised me with many more things.

Their dubbing studio includes features like transcript editing, sequence timing adjustment, voice settings customization, etc.

After seeing this, it is one of the best tools I have ever seen in dubbing. You can instantly dub videos from platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

While testing this, I noticed that it can easily handle multiple speakers for dubbing. So, do you need clarification about learning about so many features and thinking that working with these is complex and requires technical knowledge? You are entirely wrong.

Because it uses AI, the process of dubbing is fully automated. As a result, you can easily upload,  translate, and dub videos without having technical knowledge.

AI Voice Cloning


Voice cloning is a great technology. It is helpful for podcast creators. While testing ElevenLabs, I used this feature for a fun purpose.

First, I cloned my voice with this feature and asked my loved ones to tell the difference. Interestingly, no one can distinguish between my original and AI-generated voices.

From this example, I hope you got a clear idea of how good its voice cloning is. This cloning feature will allow you to create your AI voice clone from just a few minutes of audio.

This cloning technology is applicable across 29 languages and 50+ accents. I have found an interesting thing about this feature.

This means you can clone your voice in one language and use it to generate speech in another. The most crucial part is that you can get your clone’s voice immediately.

So why do you need to clone a voice? The reason is that you can easily create audio for videos, audiobooks, podcasts, video games, and more by cloning your voice.

With its capability, there comes a security risk. You can ask me what will happen if someone illegally clones my voice for evil purposes.

Let me tell you that they will offer you robust security measures to ensure only you can clone your own voice.

After researching on the web, I have found some excellent news about its voice cloning feature.

The good news is that ElevenLabs are constantly adding new languages and accents to the platform. It means we can hope to see better cloning in future.

Library of AI Voices


Most of the text-to-speech converting tools like InVideo or VEED.IO offer a free and premium library of AI voices.

So, before testing ElevenLabs, I was curious about its library. The library of ElevenLabs has AI voices for various use cases, from audiobook narrators to unique characters.

A fantastic thing about the library is that it offers high-quality voices from professional voice clones and synthetic voices created with voice design tools.

The library is organized, and you will see detailed descriptions of voice characteristics. This description makes it easy for you to find your suitable voices.

When it comes to easily finding a suitable voice, there is another helpful feature for that. The feature is a filter; with that, you can filter voices by source language, accent, gender, age, and suggested use cases.

However, while exploring their library, I found a unique thing I needed help finding in text-to-speech converting tools.

The thing is, it allows you to earn money. So how is this possible? It is possible because ElevenLabs gives you rewards if you share your voice.

If someone uses your voice, ElevenLabs will pay you handsomely. It’s a great way to earn passive income.

You can also track your daily earnings from daily analytics updates to monitor voice usage and payments.

Limitations of the ElevenLabs.io Free Trial

The free plan is good, but like every other tool, its free plan has some limitations. The first limitation is that you won’t get any commercial licence for speech synthesis.

It offers text-to-speech conversion of 10,000 characters per month. The number isn’t that great, and if you want to create audio books or anything else, you can’t do it.

You can create only three custom voices. Also, a prominent feature of this tool is voice cloning, which is missing in the free trial.

These are the noticeable limitations of the free plan. And I don’t think it will cause any problems if you are a beginner or want this type of tool for small usage.

What Should You Do After the ElevenLabs Free Trial Ends?

If you want to use the full potential of Elevenlabs, you need to purchase their paid plan because the free plan will only allow you to use the full potential of its AI on small projects.

They have five paid plans. The paid plans start from $5 per month and can go up to $330+ per month.

But the good news is its first two plans have 80% and 50% off in the first month. Let me tell you a secret if you are thinking about the budget.

ElevenLabs offers a coupon code for my readers to save some bucks while purchasing ElevenLabs. For more information, just see my detailed article on ElevenLabs discount code.

Wrap Up

I hope this article is helpful for you to learn more about the ElevenLabs free trial.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get started with ElevenLabs for free, with a lifetime offer that you won’t want to miss.

Take advantage of this incredible lifetime free deal to explore all the benefits and features that ElevenLabs offers.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for the free trial and elevate your online business to new heights with ElevenLabs. Visit this special link to get started today!

FAQs | ElevenLabs Free Trial 2024

In this part, I will talk about some of the most common questions about the Elevenlabs free trial. So, let’s see some of the frequently asked questions about ElevenLabs.

Can I use ElevenLabs.io for free?

Yes, you can use ElevenLabs.io for free. They have a free plan where you get started with ElevenLabs.io for free without any credit card details.

Is it worth it to grab the free trial of ElevenLabs?

Yes, I think it’s worth it because you get this lifetime free trial.

Is ElevenLabs free for commercial use?

No, the free plan isn’t for commercial use. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, you need to buy their paid plans.

Is Elevenlabs a good tool?

Yes, it is one of the best text-to-speech converting tools available in the market.

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