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Do you want to save some extra bucks on HeyGen AI? Want this fantastic AI video creation tool, but the prices are a little bit high for you?

Are you a beginner who doesn’t have that much money to buy their premium packages? If you fall into any of these categories, this article is definitely for you.

So you can ask me how you can save some extra money on HeyGen from this article. The answer is that I will tell you about a HeyGen discount code 2024 in this article.

This means you will know about some of the ways to get discounts on HeyGen. So, are you excited to know about how you can get discounts on Heygen?

If you are excited, let’s learn more about the HeyGen coupon code 2024 and how to claim it.

How to Use HeyGen Discount Code?

If you want to try HeyGen with a 40% discount, then you need to follow a few steps.

First of all, click this unique link to visit the HeyGen discount offer landing page, which looks like this;


As you can see, a 40% discount is being offered! To get started with that offer, you need to select a suitable plan.

After that, HeyGen will ask you to create an account. Now, just create an account by using your email, password, and other basic information. That’s it.

Note: No promo codes are needed if you visit HeyGen by using this special link. This discount will be applied automatically.

HeyGen Pricing Plans

Are you excited to know about their discounted price? If you are excited, let’s see the pricing plans after the discount on the annual plan.

HeyGen has four pricing plans. One is free, and the others are paid, but you will get 40% off on their Creator and Business plans. Let’s see the Creator and Business plan details;

Creator Plan

The regular price of this plan is $29 per month. However, after using the promo code, you will only be charged $12 per month. This plan will offer you:

  • Total 180 Credits/Year
  • info-icon
  • Everything is free
  • 1 Seat
  • Fast Video Processing
  • 3 Instant Avatar
  • Premium Voices
  • Auto Captions

Business Plan

The original cost of this plan is $89 per month, but after using the promo code, the price will be reduced to only $36 per month. Offerings of this plan are:

  • Total 360 Credits/Year
  • info-icon
  • Everything in Creator
  • 3 Seats
  • info-icon
  • Fast Video Processing
  • 3 Instant Avatar
  • 4k Resolution
  • info-icon
  • Brand Kit
  • Team Collaboration

Interestingly, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday times, you will also get a similar type of discount on HeyGen.

By the way, if this pricing is high for you, HeyGen has a free plan. If you want to grab a free plan, just see my detailed article on the HeyGen free trial.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HeyGen

Now you are ready to buy the HeyGen premium package and have the promotional code, but do you know about the product?

I am a software tester and tech enthusiast. I test software and AI technology from my passion, and I have also tested HeyGen.

So, I have decided to share the advantages and disadvantages I have found about this tool while testing. I think this part will help you know about this tool before buying it.


The first advantage I have found while testing is that HeyGen is a very user-friendly tool. It offers a very clean and easy-to-use interface for easy navigation.

It’s very good that they keep this easy so that nontechnical persons can also use this AI video generator. To see more about HeyGen’s capabilities, I tried to make a video with this.

I noticed that it simplifies the video creation process and eliminates the need for expensive tools. Does it simplify the process of video creation?

It makes the process easy by offering over 300 customizable templates. It will also give you the ability to create custom templates to match your needs.

Besides templates, you will get over 100 avatars for your videos. You can choose avatars from various genders, ages, and ethnicities. You can also create custom avatars with custom voices.

Now, a story or script is one of the most essential parts of a video. It is the backbone of a video. But if you are a content creator, you will probably know that writing a script requires a lot of creativity and hard work.

But this tool also has a solution to make this task easy. This tool integrates with ChatGPT to assist with script writing.

Besides writing, you can also translate your scripts into 50 languages. Also, the video quality is pretty good, and it can supply up to 4k.

The video creation process is pretty good; after the video creation process, it also helps you manage your content. It has Zapier integration, which will make your content management automatic.


There is not much to say about the disadvantages. It has a few disadvantages, and the major one is that some customization options are limiting, such as avatar body language and facial expressions.

Technologies are developing, so I hope they will improve this pretty soon. Another thing I noticed is that it has custom voice recording limitations.

Because of this limitation, you can only record eight languages for custom voice recordings.

Lastly, their paid plans can be expensive for high-volume video creators. But because of this discount code, you can neglect this disadvantage.

Who will Benefit from the Heygen Discount Code?

Plenty of people will benefit from this discount code for Heygen. But in this part, I will talk about the people who will get the most benefit from this Heygen discount offer.

Content Creators

This is an AI-powered video editing tool, so it’s obvious that content creators can easily make videos with this powerful AI. Without the help of this AI, creating content is time-consuming.

If you are a content creator, you will know the hard work and stress you must face to make a video, but with HeyGen, you can easily make a video without it.

It will reduce your workload by at least 70%. Because of the discount code, it will get in range of many content creators.

Content creation has become a favourite industry for the young generation, and we are seeing many beginner content creators recently.

This discount code will help them start their journey with a perfect tool without worrying about the price. 


With the help of the HeyGen AI, marketers can easily make marketing videos. The main goal of marketers is to attract customers and convince them to buy their products.

However, because of the profit, this market is becoming over-saturated. If you are a beginner and want to shine, this HeyGen discount is the opportunity for you.

Now you can ask me how is this possible. The answer is that with the help of the HeyGen video creation tool, you can create stunning marketing videos with AI.

These AI videos are more convenient, and you can use many different languages, so they will spread to a large number of people.

Also, most marketers do not use video for promotion because this type of video creation tool is expensive.

But you will get this fantastic AI tool at a huge discount. Marketers can easily gain success because of this HeyGen discount code.


If you are a blogger and want to take your blogging site to the next level, the HeyGen discount code is the opportunity for you. Why am I telling you this?

You can easily turn your written blog into a catchy video.

As we all know, video can deliver messages more effectively. It will deliver your message correctly to a wide range of people.

If you are worrying about the price, I can assure you after the discount code, it won’t hurt your pocket.


If you are a teacher or make tutorial videos, this HeyGen discount code will greatly help you.

You can easily turn your lecture materials into videos, and you can also use fluent and confident AI avatars to represent your lecture materials.

As a result, you can teach your students more effectively, and it will reduce the hassle of taking classes. You can use this, especially during online classes or recorded classes.

Now comes the tutorial video creators. This Ai avatar is perfect for creating tutorial videos. Because of the discount, it becomes affordable for teachers and tourism creators to access this powerful AI.

Is It Worth It to Grab the HeyGen Discount?

Undoubtedly, HeyGen is a perfect AI video creation tool. This tool offers numerous features and capabilities.

People from different sectors can use this tool in their professional and personal lives. Video is now becoming the most successful content.

Having this type of powerful video creation tool is always an advantage. Great features come with a hefty price.

It is out of the range for most people in the tech industry. But, because of the discount code, the price has become more reasonable.

Getting this type of fantastic avatar with an easy-to-use interface to create videos and fantastic customization options, this HeyGen discount code is worth it.

Other Heygen Discount Opportunities

Let me tell you some good news first. In this article, I will tell you about not one but two other ways to get discounts on HeyGen.

The first is the yearly plan, and the second is the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

So, without future due, let’s see about the yearly plan discount and Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts.

HeyGen Yearly Plan Discounts

Heygen’s regular monthly plan is costly. But if you buy this for a one-year package, you will get a 20% discount.

To claim this discount, first of all, you need to go to the official HeyGen website and navigate to the pricing plans. You can simply do that from this special link.

After that, you will find a button that says monthly or yearly package. Now, choose a yearly plan, and the 20% discount will automatically applied to the pricing. That’s it.

HeyGen Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Now comes the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount sales. Just like the yearly plan discounts, you will get a significant discount during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons.

If you are not interested in buying the HeyGen yearly package, then you can look at the HeyGen Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

My Personal Opinion About the HeyGen

I think it’s a pretty good deal after testing the HeyGen AI video creator and seeing its discount code.

Personally, I wait for this type of discount when I need to buy any SAS tool. It’s a perfect practice to look forward to this type of discount code before buying because it will save you a lot of money.

Specifically, if you are a beginner and looking to get your hands on a perfect, user-friendly AI video creation tool, then you can look at HeyGen.

Don’t worry about the price because, after using the discount code, I hope it will pretty much come to your range.

I personally love this tool because of its features, and I think this discount code of HeyGen is a must-grab deal for video creators.

Wrap Up

HeyGen promo code is too good to be an actual deal. I have tried to cover all the aspects of this Heygen discount code in 2024.

I hope you guys love my content and have a clear idea about HeyGen and its discount. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write to me in the comment section.

Thank you for staying with me through the whole article.

FAQs | HeyGen Discount 2024

In this part, I will answer some of the most common questions about the HeyGen discount code. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions;

Is the HeyGen discount code legit?

Yes, it’s a legit discount code, and you will get around a 40% discount on its regular pricing.

Which HeyGen plan is better, the creator or the business?

Both plans are good. It actually depends on your requirements and which plan will suit you the best.

Is HeyGen for beginners?

Yes, it’s a beginner-friendly platform, and you can easily create AI videos.

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