Tweet Hunter Discount Code (July 2024): Claim 50% OFF


Are you looking to buy a tool to help you achieve your Twitter growth?

Do you want to buy a tool to help you manage all the major work for Twitter growth but won’t break the bank?

Then this Tweet Hunter discount is for you. On the discount code of, you will get a whopping 50% off.

Are you excited to know more about this fantastic deal and how you can get it? So, let’s see how you can use the Tweet Hunter discount code to get 50% off.

How to Use Tweet Hunter Discount Code?

Claiming the Tweethunter discount offer is very easy; they currently offer this 50% discount on their Grow plan.

So, to get started with the 50% discount, you need to click this unique link to go to the Tweet Hunter official website, which looks like this;


After that, you have to create a free account using your Twitter/X account. Then go to the pricing section and select the Grow plan.

After choosing the plan, you can purchase the Grow plan as usual, and the discount will automatically be added to your final bill if you visit Tweet Hunter using this special link.

Have a look at what it looks like;


That’s it. See how easy it is to use the discount code of Tweet Hunter to get 50% off.

Tweet Hunter Pricing Plans

Tweet Hunter has three pricing plans: Discover, Grow, and Enterprise.

But, as I mentioned earlier in the article, Tweet Hunter AI currently offers a 50% discount on its Grow plan only. The original price of the plan is $99 per month.

This price is out of range for many of us. But, after applying the coupon code, you will get this plan for only $49 per month. Some unique offerings of the plan are;

  • Over 2M viral tweets library
  • 4,000 staff-picked viral tweets across ten categories
  • Custom tweet inspirations
  • Engage with other people 5x faster
  • Tweet and thread scheduling
  • Daily Al-written tweets
  • Re-write tweets
  • Finish writing a tweet
  • Thread Ideas & hooks
  • TweetPredict
  • Unlimited use
  • Create lists of people & Import from previous tweets & DM
  • Interactions
  • Engage with tweets from specific lists

Why Should You Use Tweet Hunter?

Before buying, isn’t it good to have a clear idea of why you should use this tool?

From my perspective, giving my audiences a clear view of how they can use the tool and how it will benefit them is important.

So, the first reason for using the Tweet Hunter is obvious: if you want to grow and monetize your Twitter audience, you need to use this tool.

This tool offers a massive tweet library with staff-picked tweets for inspiration. If you are confused about what to tweet about and how to write it, this tool will help you.

If you plan to build a community on Twitter, which most people who use Twitter for work try to create, this tool can help you out. Now, you can ask, how will this tool help me build a community?

This tool offers features like Auto DM and CRM, which help a lot when it comes to creating a community.

Also, if you want to build consistent engagement among your community, you can use the tweet scheduling feature of this tool.

Tweet Hunter is a perfect tool that is suitable for a wide range of users. Nowadays, becoming a social media influencer is almost everyone’s dream.

If you are trying to be one and if you want to grow your presence and engage followers on Twitter, this tool is for you.

Wrap Up

Overall, Tweet Hunter is a tool that boosts engagement and helps you achieve marketing goals.

Getting hands-on experience with this tool is an excellent idea if you want to be successful with your Twitter accounts.

Because of this promotional code, this tool is now available to most people. You should grab this fantastic Tweet Hunter promo code before it expires.

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