Textcortex Discount Code (July 2024) | Get 2 Months Free


Textcortex is a fantastic AI content writer, but many readers need to pay more attention to its price.

But in this article, I am here to remove the worry of my readers. Currently, Textcortex is offering a discount code.

You will get a two-month free subscription to their premium plan with the coupon code. Let’s see how you can claim the discount on Textcortex and get two months free.

How to Use Textcortex Discount Code?

The process of claiming Textcortex’s discount code is straightforward. You need to click this link to go to the official website of Textcortex and then have to navigate to the pricing section.

Have a look at what it looks like;


After that, you will see two paid plan options, and you need to choose the plan that suits you. After that, you need to select the billing option for the yearly plan.

After you choose the annual billing plan, the promo code will automatically be added to your final billing, and you will get a two-month free subscription.

Textcortex Pricing Plans

Textcortex has three pricing plans. One of them is free and has limited features. And the other two are the premium plans.

Now, the discount code will be available for the premium plans. Let’s talk about the premium plans.


This is the most popular plan of Textcortex. This plan will cost you around $29.99 per month. This is for people who need a lot of content every day. Here are some features of this plan.

  • Everything included in the Free
  • Create more personas
  • Create more knowledge bases
  • Up to 100 GB storage for files
  • Image generation capabilities
  • Money back guarantee for five days


This plan is for big organizations and agencies. We know that big companies handle a lot of customers, so the pricing isn’t fixed.

It would help if you talked to them, and they will give you a price that meets your company’s requirements. Here are some features of this plan;

  • Everything included in the Premium+
  • Knowledge share
  • Brand personas
  • Enhanced security & privacy
  • Dedicated support
  • Centralized billing

Why Should You Use Textcortex?

Before knowing why you need to grab the Textcortex discount, you first have to know who will need this tool.

This tool is designed for small marketing teams, business owners, or solo workers. Mostly, these people will need content for their work, and Textcortex will work as a time-saving helping hand for them.

This tool is full of features and a very powerful AI tool in the AI content writing industry.

The first feature of this tool is blog writing. And it’s the most used feature of this tool. This tool is fantastic for blog writing. You have to give it information and short and simple instructions on how to write a blog.

Its product description feature also works in the same way, but that will provide you with tailored descriptions for your product.

Actually, these prompt-based writing features are easy to use and very effective in content writing. You can also see the voice and tone of your writing.

It’s a great flexibility in expressing emotions through text documents, and TextCortex AI is very good at this. It has a browser extension. This extension is a very handy tool that saves a lot of time.

If you highlight any text on any web page, this extension will pop up and it will give you a toolbar. In this toolbar, you will see around ten types of tools.

You can rewrite any text on any web page from this simple toolbar. It will also allow you to transform bullet points into engaging emails.

You can also make a summary of any text without losing any information easily from this toolbar.

It’s still ongoing; this Textcortex AI will also allow you to translate, rewrite, or convert the text into speech. This tool can translate any text into 20+ languages.

I was amazed to see how easy it is to use this tool for this time-consuming work. Suppose you need more ideas to give Textcortex to write blogs or something else.

In that case, you will get 60+ templates from Textcortex for any text document you want. This will make your writing work easier and save you time.

In this fast-moving world, your efficiency will determine whether you will succeed or not. We all know writing email blogs or other text-based documents takes a lot of time.

If you want to write them fast manually, their quality will decrease. But with this AI tool, you won’t have to spend tons of time writing anything, whether it’s email, blog, or YouTube content.

So, if you want to save time on quality content, do not miss the discount code for Textcortex.

Last Verdict

Textcortex is an excellent AI tool that will help you achieve success easily, especially in the marketing sector.

This discount code is a golden opportunity to grab this fantastic I tool without breaking the bank.

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