Synthesia Black Friday Deal 2024: Grab Upto 80% OFF Now (Special)


Do you know claims they are the number one text-to-video converting AI tool in the market?

If you know that and want to buy this but have a tight budget, this blog post is for you. I will tell you about the Synthesia Black Friday deal in this article.

This Black Friday deal on Synthesia AI is a perfect way to save some extra money, so without further delay, let’s see how you can claim the Synthesia discount deal in 2024.

How to Activate Synthesia Black Friday Deal?

If you want to claim upto 80% discount on Synthesia, you don’t need to do any complicated work.

First, you need to visit their website by clicking this unique link to purchase Synthesia when the Black Friday sale goes live.

Please note that no coupon code is required to get this discount. This offer will be applied automatically.

Have a look at what it looks like;


As you can see above, on their Black Friday pricing plans, you will get an 80% discount on their yearly plan!

After you go to the website, buy a plan that suits you. That’s it. The 80% discount on Black Friday will automatically add to your final price.

Synthesia Black Friday Pricing Plans

There is much confusion about the pricing of the Synthesia Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. So, let’s see the pricing of Synthesia’s Black Friday deal.

Starter Plan

This is the basic plan of Synthesia. The plan costs $22/month and suits people who are new to video creation. You will get upto 80% discount on this plan. Some features of this plan are;

  • 1 editor & 3 guests
  • 120 minutes of video/year
  • 70+ AI avatars
  • 120+ languages and voices
  • Al script assistant Newl
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Image, video & music Upload

Creator Plan

This is a more professional plan. The plan is suitable for professional content creators. The regular price of this plan is $67/month. You will get a flat 80% discount on this plan. The features of this plan are;

  • 1 editor & 5 guests
  • 360 minutes of video/year
  • 90+ AI avatars
  • 120+ languages and voices
  • AI script assistant is New!
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Image, video & music uploads

Note: If this price is still high for you, you can try its free trial. Here is a detailed article on Synthesia’s free trial.

But if you are still interested in their paid plan, you can save a few bucks using a promo code. Here is a detailed article on the Synthesia discount code.

Who will Benefit from Synthesia?

Content creators, bloggers, and affiliate marketers will be the main benefit takers of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal of Synthesia AI.

Also, individuals who want to create videos can also benefit from this Black Friday deal of Synthesia.

I personally tested this tool, and I know its capability. This tool is very powerful in video creation, and it is straightforward to use.

So, for people who are looking to buy a cost-effective solution for AI video creation, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are the best opportunities for them.


You can create stunning videos using this tool, so as a content creator, this AI will come in very handy. 

In marketing, giving something special to your clients and the rest of your competition is always the primary target for most marketers.

Uniquely presenting your product or service is the best way to drive more conversions. With Synthesia, you can create stunning videos with AI characters that will promote your product better.

Most marketers don’t have the budget for this type of tool. But on the Black Friday deal, the price of Synthesia comes to an affordable rate. So, marketers can benefit from this price reduction.

Most people hesitate before buying any new tool if the price seems high. Most of us don’t know how good these AI tools are and how good they can be.

This excellent service comes at a price because we need an idea about the capability, so we hesitate to buy.

But many people will buy out of curiosity after getting the 80% discount on the Synthesia Black Friday deal. But this curiosity will help them discover excellent tools like Synthesia.

Lastly, I can tell that people who are interested in buying Synthesia but hesitating after seeing the price will benefit most from the Synthesia Black Friday deal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthesia

If you have made it this far and are determined to buy Synthesia, it’s my duty to warn you about the disadvantages and advantages of Synthesia.

It’s my moral duty to show my readers the accurate picture of Synthesia before they make a purchase. So, let’s talk about Synthesia’s key advantages and disadvantages.


While I am telling you the advantages of Synthesia, you can ask me how I know all of this.

First of all, I am a software tester. I test many tools and software from my passion and share my experience with my beloved readers.

After testing, I discovered that Synthesia is very easy to use. It offers a user-friendly dashboard, and I have made some sample videos with it, and Synthesia offered me high-quality videos.

I don’t have any complaints about their video quality because the quality is very promising.

You can use these high-quality videos for more audience engagement and brand elevation. Because of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you will get 80% off on every plan of Synthesia.

As a result, it will become a very lucrative and cost-effective AI technology for video creation. It’s a multipurpose AI tool so that you can use it for various purposes.

You can use it to create different types of videos for different purposes. Also, you will get the flexibility to customize your videos as per your requirements.

Let me tell you more about the versatility of Synthesia. This AI tool supports multiple languages and accents.

You can do all this without knowing any editing skills. But you will get professional-type results after creating a video with Synthesia.


I have not only tested this AI but have also done research about it. So I have a clear idea of what types of disadvantages and problems it has.

First, I have faced occasional minor hiccups in lip-syncing and pronunciation, and after researching, I found out it’s a common problem.

This AI has potential and some compelling features, but you have to pay a lot to unlock the full potential of this tool.

Some avatars they offer are unrealistic and lack facial expressions and emotion-showing capability.

Also, some of them are robotic and don’t suit any video. This tool has a significant drawback, but they introduce new avatars every week, so I hope this problem will end soon.

Synthesia’s last and most significant disadvantage is that its custom avatars are priced at $1,000 per year. It’s an enormous price for a custom avatar, and most users find this expensive.

Why Should You Grab Synthesia Black Friday Deal?

On the Black Friday deal of Synthesia, you will get an 80% discount on the regular pricing of the tool.

So, if you plan to buy Synthesia, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal is the perfect opportunity to save money.

This tool has the capability to give you the power to outshine your competitors with stunning video content. Its AI avatars are fantastic and can act like real humans.

So what’s stopping you from grabbing this fantastic Black Friday deal of Synthesia, where you are getting tons of features?

This tool can be a great friend for content creators at the price point after the Black Friday deal.

If you are a marketer and want to create a stunning marketing campaign with an attractive and fluent presenter, this tool will be the best option for you. It’s good at making videos, tutorials, and presentations.

So, if you are related to a job requiring video creation or think you can make your work more attractive, you can go for the Synthesia Black Friday deal.

The Alternative to the Synthesia Black Friday Deal

Actually, the text-to-video and speech-creating tools market is polluted with different kinds of tools.

So, selecting the best alternative was hard for me, but as I tested several AI text-to-speech and voice-converting tools, I will tell you the best alternative to Speechify from my experience.

Speechify is an excellent alternative to Synthesia because it is an excellent tool that can turn any text document into an attractive and human-like voice.

This tool has fantastic voice cloning technology and also can create videos from your text documents.

Its easy-to-use dashboard will help you to understand the process of creating amazing videos from your text documents.

I tested this AI tool, which also has a Black Friday deal. If you are interested, check out my article about the Speechify Black Friday deal.

Is It Worth It to Grab the Synthesia Black Friday Deal?

If you look at the price of Synthesia after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and compare it with the features it offers, you will get the answer to whether it’s worth it or not.

If you ask me, It’s definitely a worthy deal. It offers tremendous features and is easy to use.

So, getting a tool to help you produce some extraordinary videos is always a worthy deal.

If you ask me, I will tell you that you will regret it if you miss out on the Black Friday deal of Synthesia.

Last Thoughts

If you made it this far, thank you for staying with me through the whole article. I think I was able to give you a perfect overview of Synthesia’s Black Friday deal.

Synthesia is an excellent AI tool, and getting upto 80% discount on it is a massive fact.

So, if you like my article and want to know more exciting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you can bookmark my website.

FAQs | Synthesia Black Friday Deals 2024

People have some questions about the Synthesia AI. In this part, I will try to cover some of the most common questions about the Synthesia discount deal.

Is Synthesia’s Black Friday deal good?

Yes, it’s an excellent deal compared to other AI tools-related Black Friday deals.

Is the process of claiming the Black Friday deal of Synthesia complicated?

No, the process is very simple; you need to visit their official website when the Black Friday deal goes live, and then just buy your choice plan, and the discount will be added automatically with the pricing.

Do I need to buy the Synthesia Black Friday deal?

If you are a content creator or require videos on your work, you can try this tool because on Black Friday, you will get 80% off, and the price will become reasonable. So you should try this tool.

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