WP Rocket Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2024: Get 30% OFF


There are many ways to improve your website performance, but there’s one solution that can significantly boost your performance and speed up your site: a caching plugin!

If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your site’s performance, WP Rocket is the way to go.

Get started with WP Rocket.

In this detailed review of the WP Rocket Black Friday deal article, you’ll find everything you need to know about website cashing and WP Rocket. So, let’s jump into the details.

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a powerful and efficient plugin to provides a fully managed caching service on WordPress.

It is a WordPress plugin that will make your site load faster. It’s the easiest way to speed up your WordPress site.

Using this plugin doesn’t require rocket science. This plugin only takes 3 minutes to set up. It will make it easier for you to deal with complicated staff.

WP Rocket automatically uses 80% of the best web-performing practices as soon as it is turned on, even before any options are turned on! Also, it’s very easy to set up.

Learn More: Visit WP Rocket’s official website.

How to Activate WP Rocket Black Friday Deal?

The process of claiming the Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal for WP Rocket is straightforward. Here is how you can claim the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

First of all, you need to go to the offer window of WP Rocket. You can do this by clicking the special link.

Have a look at what it looks like:


As you can see above, you will be getting 30% OFF. After that, you will be redirected to the pricing section of Wp Rocket.

Here, you will find pricing with discount. Now, you need to choose a suitable plan for you.


After selecting your suitable plan, you need to click the “Buy WP rocket” button. After clicking this button, it will redirect you to the account creation page.


Here, you need to fill in some necessary information like email, address, and other information.

After giving all the information, you need to make a payment to confirm your purchase. You can pay by Credit card, Debit card, and PayPal.

After completing the payment, you need to download the plugin.

Now, you need to go to your WordPress website to upload and activate this plugin. That’s it. Here’s how you can claim the WP Rocket Black Friday deal.

WP Rocket Black Friday Deal Features

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin that is always on top when it comes to optimizing WordPress sites.

It has many powerful features for optimizing your files, media, and even preloading pages. So, let’s see some features of WP Rocket.

JavaScript Execution


With WP Rocket, it’s easy to put all JavaScript files on hold. We all have some JavaScript files we don’t use that are used for non-essential things.

The speed of your site will slow down because of these files. You can get much better performance if you delay this kind of script, and Wp Rocket lets you do that.

It would be best if you first went to the file optimization tab to find this option. Then, you have to choose this manually.

All JavaScript files will be delayed by default when you turn on the feature for the first time.

If this causes problems on your website, add the scripts you don’t want to be held up to the list of scripts you don’t want to be held up. This action will speed up your website.

Remove Unused CSS


Google suggests getting rid of CSS that isn’t being used to make pages load faster. You can do this with the help of this tool.

The file optimization tab has this feature. Once you choose “Remove unused CSS,” all the code that isn’t doing anything but making your website bigger will be gone.

CLS Improvement

CLS, which stands for Cumulative Layout Shift, is a way to measure how stable the page looks. Every time the content changes, the layout changes.

A good CLS score should be at least 0.1 or less. Optimizing for CLS is complicated because it involves your website’s code.

So, it’s more about ensuring room for ads and other important things. This tool will improve your CLS in three ways;

  • Fix images and videos without dimensions.
  • Preloads fonts 
  • Remove unused CSS

LCP Improvements 

LCP checks how long your site’s most important content is to load. It improves your site LCP by following some steps;

Lazy Load


Under the media option, you can lazy load images and iframes; there’s a short description of what that means.

If you have an image like a logo in the footer, there’s no reason why the first person to look at your website should have to download it.

So, you have a long law or a long blog post with 25 images in a long list format. In that case, there’s no reason for the user to download all those images immediately.

Instead, they will be “lazily loaded” or loaded as the user scrolls down the page. This makes the page lighter and loads faster, especially for mobile devices, where it hurts the most.

High Frame and Videos

High frames and videos do the same thing, and there is also a sub-option for YouTube. This will replace the iframe that YouTube adds with a preview image if you use YouTube videos.

After clicking on that image, the YouTube player starts to download. The benefit of this is that the YouTube player is big, taking up about 1.2 Megs in JavaScript.

It loads slowly on mobile devices, so if you load it with this image instead, the user doesn’t have to download JavaScript on the first load.

Disable Emoji Optimization


You will always have the option to ship emojis that can’t be checked. Since browsers can already load emojis, there’s no reason to load emoji JS.

This is just a backup to make it look more like Twitter’s emojis and more uniform.



The preload option is easy to understand. This will load the pages ahead of time in the cache. Suppose you have Rank Math installed and check this box.

In that case, it will automatically find the sitemap and start preloading the items in it. This will speed up the time it takes for your site to load.

If you don’t have an SEO plugin or another SEO plugin installed, paste the URL to your sitemap’s XML file there.

Database Cleanup


The options in the database cleanup This lets you go ahead and clean up the database by removing unused resources that are often just redundant saves.

For example, repost revisions are created every time you hit the update button in WordPress when you’re editing a post.

If you don’t have a good reason to keep a lot of revisions, it is highly recommended to get rid of them. You can get rid of several hundred megs just by getting rid of them.



You have access to a caching tab with WP Rocket. It does this by allowing you to set certain things, such as whether or not to enable caching for users on mobile devices or the site. You also can edit the lifetime of the cache.

Still, it is recommended that you pay attention to this setting only when prompted to do so by Google Page Insights.

WP Rocket Black Friday Pricing Plans 2024

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin with three pricing plans: Single, Plus, and Infinite.


Want to get a plan? Well, Get started with a regular plan.

Now, you may think that the regular plan is too high. No worries, although they currently do not offer any lifetime deal, but there is a Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal in 2024 on Wp Rocket where you can get up to 30% discounts for every plan.

Pros and Cons of WP Rocket 

Pros Cons 
It will speed up your site.No free trial plans.
The price of this tool is reasonable.Only 1 website is allowed with a single license.
This tool is easy to use.
It is very good at integration.

Why Should Use WP Rocket?

Your site’s speed is becoming more and more critical. If your site is fast, it will rank better than your competitors.

So, it’s more important than ever to have a website that loads quickly, especially on mobile phones. You can imagine someone using your website for the first time on a mobile phone on a 4G or 5G network.

If it takes too long to load, they’ll leave the page and go back to Google Search. So, it’s essential to have a website that loads quickly.

This is where the Wp Rocket shines. The WP Rocket is so great. Well, it lets you make your CSS and JavaScript smaller.

It will also let you postpone JavaScript. This means that all the useless information that’s spread out across your website will be put into a single file that’s easier for all devices to load.

This helps you because it makes your SEO better. Overall, it helps you get more sales. The faster your website is, the more people will come to it, and the less likely people will leave immediately.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress caching plugins, and I am using the same plugin on shofikulislam.com; that’s why I highly recommend using it.

It’s fully compatible and optimized for major web hosting providers. It’s very easy to use, and over 200K users love it.

Fast loading time is crucial for search engine optimization. Your site’s bounce rate will rise, and its purpose will be compromised if your pages load slowly.

Boosting your website’s speed couldn’t be easier than with WP Rocket. Moreover, you can return this within 14 days of purchase and get your money back. If you want a faster website, try using WP Rocket.

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