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If you are trying to organize your group projects and want a project management tool, Taskade is one of your best options.

But the price of this tool is high for most of us. But this article will tell you how you can get a huge discount on Taskade.

Taskade is currently offering a discount code. If you want the Taskade coupon code, this article is for you. So, let’s see how you can use the Taskade promo code.

How to Use Taskade Discount Code?

Getting the discount code of Taskade is easy and straightforward. You don’t have to do any special task in order to claim the discount code of Taskade.

First, you need to click this unique link to go to the official website of Taskade and then to the pricing section.


After that, you will see three different types of paid plans. Select a suitable plan and choose the annual billing process.

If you choose annual billing, the discount code will automatically be added to your final billing. That’s it.

Pricing of Taskade

Taskade offers three different paid pricing plans. So, let’s look at the packages in more detail.

Pro Plan

This plan will cost you $29 per month. But if you choose the annual billing, you can enjoy this plan only at %19 per month because of the discount code. Some offerings of this plan are;

  • Taskade AI
  • 3 AI Agents
  • Custom Knowledge
  • 3 users
  • 3 workspaces
  • Custom fields, Gantt chart, calendar integration, file uploads, and more!

Business Plan

It is the most popular plan of Taskade. It costs around $69 per month. But because of the discount code, you will get this for only $49 per month. Some offerings of this plan are;

  • Everything in Pro
  • Taskade AI
  • 20 AI Agents
  • Advanced Knowledge
  • 10 users
  • 10 workspaces
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • Advanced Automation with AI Agents

Ultimate Plan

This is the most costly plan of Taskade. The discount code will give you a huge discount on this plan.

The regular price of this plan is $149 per month, but you will get it for only $99 per month. Some offerings of this plan are;

  • Everything in Business
  • Taskade AI
  • Tooltip Preview
  • Unlimited AI Agents
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • SAML/SSO and API Access
  • Unlimited users
  • Public sharing and embeds
  • Unlimited Knowledge
  • Premium support and onboarding

Why Should You buy Taskade?

A common question people ask is why they should grab the discount code of Taskade.

Before answering the question, we think if we talk about the features and how they help small teams in managing projects, you will automatically learn the answer.

First, this tool is very effective in remote project management through collaborative workspaces and integrated video and messaging tools.

So why is it important? Because this type of action will help your team collaborate easily and effectively.

Using this collaboration tool allows you to easily distribute tasks properly to your team members, and the project becomes well organized.

For better team collaboration, knowing everyone’s role is essential. You can do this with the help of Taskade by sharing to-do lists, managing tasks, and organizing notes within dedicated folders.

We hope everyone is familiar with how Google Doc link sharing works. Similarly, with the help of Taskade, you can invite your team members to projects, folders, or workspaces through shareable links.

As a result, your team members can easily join your project. Taskade offers a workspace for your entire team.

Here, you can discuss the project and can control everything about the project from a single dashboard. If you ask, we will tell you that it’s like having a virtual control room or a meeting room for a project.

But the thing that caught our eyes is that you can have full control over your project workspace.

Because it allows you to set limits on permissions to team members, you will have control over who can view, check, or edit documents within the workspace.

So, if you want to keep something secret or do not want any team member to interfere in any part, you can easily use this feature.

Now, if you are familiar with this feature in other project management tools, let us tell you about some fancy features of Taskade.

The feature is that it offers various project views such as mind maps, kanban boards, or calendars for visualization.

This type of option makes this tool unique. Also, you can create tasks for your team members and show them in different formats like bullet points, arrows, or checkboxes.

You can ask why these features are beneficial. The answer is that using different formats will help you describe tasks to your members easily and make the workspace more lively.

Now, come to the most important part, which is communication. We know that successful teamwork requires proper and uninterrupted communication.

So, as a project management tool, we had a lot of expectations from Taskade while testing it. The platform’s communication features include real-time chat, virtual meetings, and screen sharing.

But the surprising fact is that it also includes timers, comments, link embeds, and emoji reactions on tasks for communication.

If you tell us to rate their communication system, we will give them a 10 on 10 mark. Lastly, it integrates with cloud storage services.

As a result, you can easily upload and use files from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. It makes file sharing and access easy.

So now tell us, will you use this tool if you have a team working on a project?

We hope you have got the answer to why you should buy Taskade. In addition, this discount code for Taskade makes this a good deal.

Last verdict

Taskade enhances remote team productivity. It offers numerous features for managing multiple projects effectively.

If you own a small remote team, this Taskade discount code is a golden opportunity to buy management software for your team at a very low price.

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