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Are you looking to buy an excellent all-in-one marketing tool? Do you want to buy different tools for different purposes?

Then it would help if you went for Simplified. It’s a multitasking tool that can fulfil almost all your marketing needs. But are you afraid of its price?

Don’t worry; I will tell you some fantastic news about Simplified in this article.

The news is that Simplified offers a promotional code that will give you a flat 40% discount on all its products.

So, are you excited to know about the Simplified discount code 2024? Let’s see the details of Simplified and how you can claim the 40% discount.

How to Use the Simplified Discount Code?

If you want to use the Simplified discount code, let me tell you the process is very easy. You don’t have to follow any complex system to use the Simplified discount code.

First, you need to click this unique link to visit the Simplified official website and then go to the pricing section of the tool you want to buy.

Have a look at what it looks like;


Then, you have to choose an annual plan. A flat 40% discount will automatically apply to your final bill if you choose any yearly plan.

That’s it. See how easily you can claim the Simplified 40% discount.

Simplified Pricing Plans

After seeing the 40% discount, I am sure that you all are excited to know about the pricing after the discount. So, let’s see;

Graphic Design Plan

The graphic designing tool has two pricing plans. One is pro, which is $15 per month, and one is business, which is $30 per month.

After the 40% discount, the price of the pro plan becomes only $9 per month, and for the business plan, it is only $18.

Video Editor Plan

The video editing tool has two pricing plans. One is pro, which is $19 per month, and one is business, which is $49 per month.

After the 40% discount, the price of the pro plan becomes only $11 per month, and for the business plan, it is only $29 per month.

AI Writer Plan

The AI writing tool has three pricing plans. One is pro, which is $18 per month; one is business, which is $49 per month; and the last one is agency, which is $199 per month.

After the 40% discount, the price of the pro plan becomes only $11 per month, and for the business plan, it is only $29 per month. Lastly, the agency plan will come down to a very low price.

Social Media Plan

The social media manager tool has three pricing plans. One is pro, which is $30 per month; one is business, which is $49 per month; and the last one is agency, which is $199 per month.

After the 40% discount, the price of the pro plan becomes only $18 per month, and for the business, it is only $29 per month. Lastly, the agency plan is only $119 per month.

Note: If you want to try Simplified before purchasing any paid plan, here is a piece of good news for you!

They offer a free plan, so you can try Simplified for free. For more information, just see my article on the Simplified free trial.

Who will Benefit from the Simplified?

Simplified is a multitasking marketing tool, so after getting a 40% discount, many people can benefit from this.

But in this part, I will tell you about people who will get the most benefit from this discount code. So, let’s see whether you are on the list or not.

Video Editors


Video editing tools are costly. If you are a video editor, you will know that renewing video editing tools on a yearly basis costs a lot.

With that, most of the video editing tools do not offer AI technologies and features that will make your video editing easy.

But Simplified Video Editor is AI-powered. As we all know, AI-powered tools are very effective and easy to use.

If you read my previous article about InVideo and WeVideo, which are AI video editing tools, you would probably know that AI-powered tools, especially video editing tools, work like magic.

Simplified AI video editing tools are no different. This tool is packed with features like a text-to-speech converter.

Also, you will get every essential video editing feature from caption creation, animation creation, presets, and subtitle generator. It will make your video editing journey smooth and easy.

You don’t need to have special skills to edit videos with a Simplified Video Editor. So, a nontechnical person can also use this tool for video editing.

Getting this amazing type of tool at an excellent discount is a steal. So, I think video editors can use this tool to boost their efficiency and effectiveness without breaking the bank.

Graphic Designer


One of the most famous and favourite freelancing professions is graphic design. In this modern era, everything is based on visual elements.

However, creating eye-catching designs needs experience and skill. But what if I told you, you can become a graphic designer with little or almost no graphic design knowledge or skill?

Yes, it’s true; with the AI power graphic design tool, you can easily create visually appealing designs quickly.

The AI-powered graphic design tool helps you in every sector of your design creation as an assistant to make your work easy.

You can use a vast library of templates in order to create designs. The most iconic feature of this AI-powered graphic design tool is its one-click editing feature.

With this, you can easily resize, crop, and animate elements with just one click. Having such a powerful graphic design tool at a 40% discount is great.

This Simplified discount code is a blessing for beginners who want to start graphic design.

Also, if you are a professional graphic designer and want a tool that can reduce some of your workload with the help of AI but don’t want to spend a hefty sum, then this discount coupon code is the best opportunity for you.

Content Writer


We have heard people saying content is the king. From marketing to education, we need content in every sector of modern life.

Writing content for Google or social media requires special techniques. If you want to attract readers, you need to write in a certain way.

It seems easy, but once you start writing, you will find that content writing is one of the most hard and creative jobs.

If you talk about website content, it gets more complicated because you need to focus on SEO. As a multi-functional tool, Simplified offers you an AI content writer.

This AI writer is so good that it will generate content from your ideas. The content is fully SEO optimized, so you don’t have to worry about getting a penalty from Google.

The best part of this content writer is its long-form article writing feature. As a content writer, if you get access to this fantastic content-writing tool, it will be a blessing for you.

Plenty of content writers are available in the market like Writesonic, but only Simplified is giving this 40% discount now.

So, I think if you are a content writer or want content for your website, social media, or marketing campaign, this discount is an excellent opportunity to save some extra money on AI writing tools.

Social Media Manager


I think you all have ideas about how social media management works. If you own a business and want to spread to a vast number of people, you need to operate multiple social media accounts.

Managing multiple social media accounts is a hassle. What if I told you you can manage all of this from a single dashboard?

Yes, with the help of a Simplified social media manager, you can control and manage all your social media from one single dashboard.

Also, it will offer you many essential AI-powered features to manage and control your social media accounts effectively.

With this, you can easily like, comment, and interact with people from all your social media accounts in one place.

As a result, you can manage all of your social media accounts without hiring a social media manager.

Not only will it save you from the cost of hiring a social media manager, but its 40% discount code is also a cost-saving opportunity.

Is It worth It to Buy Simplified with the Discount?

If you think about the effectiveness of Simplified and its pricing, it’s a value-for-money product. I won’t tell you that it’s a cheap product, but the price is reasonable.

So most of us can easily buy one or two products. But the main benefit of the discount deal is that it helps you to buy all its services at the price of two products.

Is it amazing that you are getting a multitasking tool with a video editor, graphic design tool, content writer, and social media manager?

A 40% discount on its pricing makes it almost accessible compared to its competitors’ pricing. So, the Simplified discount is definitely worth it.

Wrap Up

Getting a flat 40% discount on Simplified is a valid and good-to-be actual deal. I personally suggest beginners grab their preferred tool from Simplified on this opportunity.

If you don’t have the most significant issue, I will suggest you buy all four Simplified tools on this occasion because this type of lucrative deal won’t last for a lifetime.

Lastly, thank you for reading my entire article, and I hope that this article was helpful for you to learn about the Simplified discount.

FAQs | Simplified Discount Code 2024

In this part, I will answer some of the most common questions people have about this fantastic tool. So, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about Simplified discount codes.

How can I get a discount code on Simplified?

If you purchase any plan Simplified for one year, the discount code will automatically apply to your final pricing.

Is Simplified a good tool?

Yes, Simplified is a very good tool, and it helps you to manage some hard work effectively, like video editing and graphic design.

Is Simplified an AI tool?

Yes, Simplified is an AI-powered tool, and it uses one of the most advanced AI technologies in the market.

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