Riverside Discount Code (July 2024) | Claim 50% OFF Now


Are you a podcast creator or thinking of starting a podcast? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will talk about one of the most famous podcast creator tools, Riverside.fm, and how you can get a 50% discount on this tool.

Are you excited to know how you can use Riverside’s coupon code? So, without future due, let’s see how you can claim Riverside’s discount.

How to Use Riverside.fm Discount Code?

The process of claiming Riverside’s discount is very easy. First of all, you need to go to Riverside’s official website from this special link, which looks like;


After that, you need to navigate to the pricing section. After that, you need to select their yearly plan to claim the discount code.

Then, you need to buy your suitable plan as usual, and the discount code will automatically add to your final billing. That’s how you can claim Riverside’s discount code.

Riverside.fm Pricing Plans

Now, come to the most anticipated part, which is pricing. In the pricing section, you will see four different plans.

But you will get the discount code only on their standard and Pro plans. Let’s see more about these two plans.

Standard Plan

The regular price of this plan is $19 per month. But if you claim the discount code, it will cost you only $15 per month. Some offerings of this plan are;

  • 5 hours of multi-track recordings
(Separate audio and video tracks)
  • Full suite of editing tools
  • Everything is free
  • Up to 4K video quality.
  • No watermark. It’s all you.
  • 48kHz audio quality. Sounds good.
  • Screen sharing
  • Live streaming to social media

Pro Plan

It is the most popular plan in Riverside. It will cost you around $29 per month. But after using the discount code, it will cost you only $24 per month. Some offerings of this plan are;

  • 15 hours of multi-track recordings
(Separate audio and video tracks)
  • No limit on edits.
  • Everything in Standard
  • Magic Audio. Sound your best.
  • AI Transcriptions. 100+ languages.
  • AI-generated Show Notes. Impressive.
  • Teleprompter (For host)
  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Live chat support (Just in case)
  • Accept live call-ins

Why You Should Use Riverside.fm?

In this modern world, producing quality audio has many purposes. So, if you are a content creator, especially a podcast creator, Riverside is a very good tool for you.

Because it helps to record studio-quality audio. Riverside records local and provides high-quality 4K video. This is the first dedicated podcast platform to provide 4K video recording.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s suitable for podcast creators because you can also edit your podcast audio quickly with this tool. I was genuinely amazed after seeing its quick post-production capabilities.

If you do podcasts with more than one person, these editing capabilities will help you a lot. It offers a separate track editing system.

This provides separate audio and video tracks for each participant for better control in post-production.

Now, what if you want your podcast to reach a wider audience? You probably need to make your podcast in different languages.

Riverside.fm offers AI transcriptions. With it, you can transcribe your recordings in 100+ languages within seconds.

Riverside also offers a text-based editor. This type of feature is helpful, and I have seen many new tools providing it.

Now comes a very fantastic feature of this tool: magic clips. This aI-powered feature is helpful in creating short-form clips with a single click.

As a result, you can easily create video and audio clips for your content in no time. The most unique and iconic feature I like about the Riverside is its remote podcasting feature.

This feature ensures stable remote connections and offers a mobile-friendly iOS app for recording on the go.

So, no matter your situation, you can easily make podcasts anywhere. After testing this tool for a while, I can tell you that Riverside‘s audio quality is top-notch compared to other podcast recording tools.

Also, plenty of features like screen sharing, social live streaming, and the ‘Clips’ feature for repurposing podcast content exist.

Last Verdict

Podcasts are becoming popular day by day. Nowadays, most celebrities are using podcasts to connect with their fans and followers.

Not only this but there are also many sectors that are adopting it as a way to communicate with people.

So, I think podcast-creating tools are essential for most people nowadays. Now Riverside is giving a 50% discount, and I don’t see any reason not to grab Riverside’s discount code.

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