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Are you looking for a reliable PHP social network script to build your own social media platform?

Finding the best script is a hassle. Most newcomers make mistakes when choosing a theme/script for a new website, which may be due to a lack of adequate coding knowledge.

With that in mind, after much research, I came up with the best PHP script for creating a social network.

Get started with Wowonder.

Stay tuned to this Wowonder review article to learn more about Wowonder and learn how to use it to create your own social network.

What is Wowonder?

Wowonder is one of the best PHP social network scripts you can easily find on the market. The script at the top was created by Doughouz Forest.

Using CodeCanyon WoWonder, you can build a functional and complete professional social media network without in-depth knowledge of coding. Rich coding and popular bootstrap have been used to make it easier.

If you plan to run ads on your website or want to implement a variety of subscription management to make money, Wowonder is right for you.

Wowonder Review- Features

WoWonder has everything you need to manage your social network. Some common features are mentioned below:


Advanced Admin Panel

WoWonder knows that having an extensive admin panel is very important for you to manage a social network.

So, with CodeCanyon WoWonder, you will have access to a powerful admin panel through which you can control your social network.

Also, you can easily manage your website content users, page groups, and much more. It allows you to easily change your colour style and much more.

It allows you to develop unique settings for your unique social networks to expand your social network. As a result, your social network expands.


Live Streaming

Nowadays, live streaming has become a popular method of social media. Without the live streaming feature, it will be challenging to persuade people to use your social platform.

That’s why Wowonder has created a top-rated live streaming system. With this in mind, you and your social network users can go live using it anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Instant Messaging

Nowadays, we all know that most people use social media to communicate with friends and family through live chat.

With that in mind, Wowonder has developed an instant messaging system powered by NodeJS.


Payment Options

Using WonderScript, you can create membership-based social networks or sell membership-based features on your social network. It now supports almost all payment methods.

You can easily accept payments from your users using Bitcoin, PayPal, local banks, credit/debit cards, and mobile phones.



No matter what type of website you are currently building. Because many visitors will browse the site using mobile devices, and you will lose a lot of visitors if your site is not responsive.

With that in mind, Wowonder is designed to be responsive and pixel-perfect on all types of mobile devices.

You will have a great user experience regardless of the type of device your users are using to browse your network.


Cache system

Unclear and delayed load speeds will negatively affect the user experience. With CodeCanyon Wowonder, your social network will be powered by lightning speed.

To do this, Wonder has developed a powerful caching system. Once you enable this, your website will load quickly, and your user experience will be outstanding.


User Privacy

If you want your social network to run very well, you need to do something extra to protect your privacy. Your business will not last long if you do not prioritize user privacy.

With that in mind, Wonder gives you more control over your site so you can give your users privacy and security.

Click here to learn more about WoWonder.

Wowonder Pricing Plan

You can get CodeCanyon Wowonder Script with three affordable plans and easily create your own social media site, which are; BASIC, ADVANCED, and EXTENDED.

Basic Plan $120/Mo

  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime updates
  • 1-year support package
  • All features included

ADVANCED plan $165/Mo

  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime updates
  • 1-year support package
  • All features included
  • Installation service

EXTENDED plan $299/Mo

  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime updates
  • 1-year support package
  • All features included
  • Installation service
  • Resell the code to a client

Do you want to use Wowonder? Click here to get Wowonder!

Pros & Cons

The WoWonder script is easily customizable.It can handle 1 million or more users due to server and other technical reasons.
The one-time payment seems like the best deal to me.Installation services are for advanced packages only.
You will be given a powerful, user-friendly admin panel.
WoWonder Allows your users to log in to other websites using your social network easily.
WoWonder is responsive on any device, so users will feel comfortable using it.
Users can easily find their friends by filtering.

WoWonder review (Conclusion)

Last time I got Wowonder Script as the best PHP script for social networks. It is a compelling feature-complete PHP script that gives you much control over your social network.

If you want to create a social network but do not have advanced coding knowledge, then the Wonder script is best for you.

You may also check out another awesome tool- Woorise.
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