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Web Hosting Hub Review (December 2023): Is It Really Good?


Web Hosting Hub is a reputable web hosting provider and is well known for providing quality hosting services.

Their speciality is that they offer reliable and affordable hosting solutions.

Many of you requested to review their hosting services because their services are specially designed for individuals and small businesses.

Because of my beloved audience’s request, I tested their hosting a few days ago, and now I will talk to you about the actual in-depth and unbiased review of Web Hosting Hub.

Web Hosting Hub Review | Overview

Web Hosting Hub was founded in 2010 and is based in Virginia Beach. Basically, Web Hosting Hub is a sister company of InMotion Hosting.

It’s a small hosting company, and they have just two data centers, one in Virginia Beach and the other in Los Angeles.

Before reviewing this hosting service, I thought it was a massive company and had several data centers.

However, their data centers are different from the data centers of other companies, like StableHost, ChemiCloud, and WPX.

Because they claim that their data centers are green, where a green data center means an eco-friendly data center.

I was pretty impressed after knowing this, and this is a significant step. Their Los Angeles data center uses outside air cooling technology.

As a result, it reduces cooling costs by nearly 70% and lowers annual carbon emissions by over 2,000 tons.

Other hosting providers like Network Solutions, StableHost, and especially Hostinger need to follow their steps because they have the highest number of data centers.

After researching the company and seeing its hype among new users, I have found out that Web Hosting Hub primarily targets smaller websites, start-ups, and bloggers.

It specializes in shared hosting services tailored for individuals, bloggers, and small businesses.

If you talk about their features, They offer an easy-to-use website builder with drag-and-drop functionality and customizable templates.

They also support popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

But I was looking for something unique and interesting. One of the exciting things about them is that they offer unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and email accounts with their hosting plans.

Along with this, they offer 24/7 customer support through phone, live chat, and email.

So, if I take a closer look at their price, they have competitive pricing with flexible billing options and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

But they lack a monthly payment feature, which I personally don’t like. They also provide free domain registration for the first year, like most of the popular hosting providers like Network Solutions and Hostinger.

This is an overview of Web Hosting Hub. So now let’s dive into its features, disadvantages, and pros and cons.

Web Hosting Hub Features

There is no perfect hosting service provider. Every company has some unique features along with some disadvantages. Now, I will talk about the features I love about Web Hosting Hub.

In this part, you will find out if it is good like other popular hosting companies like FastComet, HostArmada, and Nestify or if it’s complete trash. So let’s see:

BoldGrid Website Builder

Web Hosting Hub includes the BoldGrid website builder as a standard feature with every plan.

I like the name of their website builder, so I built a website with it in order to test this web builder.

BoldGrid is a user-friendly website builder, and it offers drag-and-drop. It provides access to 20 free and eye-catching templates.

I was disappointed after seeing the number of templates because most of the hosting service providers, like Hostinger, Network Solutions, and StableHost, offer a huge library of template collections.

But Web Hosting Hub only offers 20, though these 20 templates are pretty exclusive and premium.

However, they have a system to overcome the need for templates. They allow users to customize their themes by providing access to source files.

So, it’s a good solution and unique compared to most hosting service providers. All themes are built with HTML5 and are responsive, ensuring compatibility with various devices.

Also, these themes come with unlimited pages and demonstrations, offering flexibility in website design.

If you want to change themes, it won’t result in content loss, ensuring a smooth transition between designs.

I appreciate how Web Hosting Hub overcomes its weak point of not having many template collections.

After creating a website with its BoldGrid website builder, it is a powerful website builder. And it’s well known for its quick and easy website creation process.

The exceptional thing about BoldGrid, which separates it from other website builders offered by popular hosting companies like Hostinger, StableHost, and Network Solutions, is that it comes with a tutorial.

As you can see, here is an explainer video to learn how to use BoldGrid effectively. It’s a beginner-friendly feature; every website builder should have this feature.

Reboust Security


If you read any of my previous articles about web hosting, you would probably know that I always give importance to website security.

I tried to give my readers a well-researched security review of any hosting services I tested.

So, I did the same when it comes to Web Hosting Hub. I have done good research before writing this.

First of all, I have found out that Web Hosting Hub strongly emphasizes security right from the start.

They have a strict verification process. Some accounts may require additional details via email or phone call to activate and verify the account.

However, I didn’t face any of these issues while creating an account on it. Though it’s time-consuming work, I appreciate their verification system because it will provide its users an extra layer of security.

Also, Web Hosting Hub uses the suPHP configuration on its servers to run scripts as a standard gateway interface.

So, if you don’t know what it is, it is like your website’s guardian angel. It’s a configuration used on Web Hosting Hub servers to make sure your site runs smoothly and securely.

Moreover, Web Hosting Hub offers common security features like free SSL, which we see on most web hosting service providers.

One of its excellent security features gives you the power to control who can access your website files and folders.

It’s like locking the doors to your online house. Interestingly, all these security settings are super easy to configure through your cPanel.

So, it has the upper hand over other hosting service providers in terms of providing easy security.

Now, come to another critical part: virus and threat protection. We all are familiar with having antivirus software on our computers.

Web Hosting Hub also offers this type of antivirus software protection for your website from harmful viruses and malware.

It’s a standard security system, but their antivirus is better than other hosting service providers.

Because they have taken additional security measures following a hacking incident in 2011, which affected several websites, it’s important to note that these extra security measures may come with an additional monthly charge.

Despite the potential cost, I think the level of protection, including additional WordPress security, will help you secure your website.

Decent Customer Support


I have had bad experiences with customer support from most of the web hosting services I tested so far. While testing its customer support, I was concerned about its customer support.

After contacting them, I admit that Web Hosting Hub offers reliable customer support. Because when I contacted them, they gave a reply within 3 minutes.

After reading some reviews, I saw that the company claims that its average response time is typically less than 5 minutes.

So, you can tell that the company’s claim is not false. Overall, my customer support experience is positive.

In order to test them, I told them about the slow load speed of my website, and they showed me how I could speed up my website.

The people I have talked with have plenty of IT knowledge and are pretty friendly.

Easy Website and Blog Setup


I was surprised to see that Web Hosting Hub provides a user-friendly website setup process.

It’s a beginner-friendly approach. Because it targets small businesses and individuals, making every process easy is a good sign that they understand their customer requirements.

Even individuals with no prior website-building experience can quickly set up their website.

Users can easily choose WordPress for blogs or Prestashop for e-commerce websites during the sign-up process.

I like the way they set up the simple button-click options to streamline the setup process.

Eco-Friendly Practices at Web Hosting Hub


As I mentioned earlier, Web Hosting Hub follows environmentally friendly policies.

Since 2010, the company has been actively working to minimize waste, promote recycling, and reduce paper usage.

They have green data centers. I am calling them green because the data centers used by Web Hosting Hub are designed for energy efficiency.

Their most energy-saving data center is located in Los Angeles, CA. This data center employs advanced Outside Air Cooling Technology to enhance efficiency.

They are introducing new technology to save energy and make their data center more green.

I learned from some trusted sources that they are spending a lot to invent and implement new energy-saving technology.

I didn’t have data on other energy-saving technologies, but I did know that adopting this cooling method has led to a remarkable 70 percent reduction in cooling costs.

And this energy-saving step led to lower annual carbon emissions by almost 2,000 tons.

As a digital marketer, I always try to learn about new technology. So, I was curious about its effective eco-friendly cooling system.

When I researched it, I found out that it works by expelling hot air outside and drawing in cooler air with Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) units.

This process is activated only when necessary, such as during high temperatures and humidity, avoiding continuous energy consumption.

Now, there are many people who are concerned about nature and want to use eco-friendly products or services. If you are eco-friendly, you can choose Web Hosting Hub.

Free Domain Name


Almost every web hosting service provider, like Hostinger and Network Solutions, offers free domain names.

So, to keep up with competitors, each Web Hosting Hub plan includes a free domain name for the first year.

They also provide some security options with their Domain. One of them is domain locking.

This feature prevents unauthorized changes to the domain name. This is a nice-to-have option, and I always like free things, so it’s a good deal.

Site Migration


I think this site migration feature is actually a customer hooking feature. Most of the web hosting service providers offer free site migration.

If you talk about popular hosting like WPX or KnownHost, they took this thing one step further by providing an easy process for site migration.

Web Hosting Hub also offers free site transfer for up to three websites, which is included in shared hosting plans.

The transfers are free for cPanel accounts within 5GB with up to three databases or websites. But if you have a large site, it will cost you $10 per transfer.

The transfer process is easy. You need to provide account information and login credentials to Web Hosting Hub. and they will handle the rest of the work.

I was happy to see that Web Hosting Hub is researching its competitors and providing this easy and free migration to compete with big web hosting service providers.

E-commerce Feature


E-commerce is one of the most important features of Web Hosting Hub because the demand for e-commerce sites is rising, and it is one of the most valuable features of this hosting service.

To help you with your e-commerce website, they will provide you with PrestaShop.

This serves as the default shopping cart program, which you can use on your e-commerce website.

It provides a user-friendly and feature-rich platform for managing your online store.

One notable feature of PrestaShop is that it offers flexibility. While it’s the default choice, Web Hosting Hub understands that different users have varying preferences.

Hence, you have the freedom to explore and choose alternative shopping cart solutions if PrestaShop doesn’t align with your specific requirements.

This flexibility ensures that you can tailor your online store to meet your unique business needs.

It also offers Magento. This tool will help you to create a visually appealing and highly functional online store. I don’t need to tell you the specialty of Magento.

Because it’s a famous e-commerce website builder with an easy drag-and-drop interface, the surprise didn’t end here because the Web Hosting Hub also offers a tool named OpenCart.

For those seeking more choices, OpenCart is a versatile and user-friendly solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your hosting plan.

So basically, Web Hosting Hub understands the diverse needs of e-commerce businesses.

As a result, they are trying to improve its features by providing PrestaShop as the default shopping cart, offering Magento with its drag-and-drop store builder, and giving you the option to include OpenCart in your hosting plan.

This variety ensures that you can select the e-commerce platform that best suits your online selling objectives and preferences.

Performance and Speed


In this part, I will tell you the test results of Web Hosting Hub. I have been testing this for three months.

I have tried this with various tools and software. Here are the test results to give you a clear view of Web Hosting Hub.

The first major test for any hosting service provider is uptime. Over a 3-month testing period, I have got an average uptime of approximately 99.95%. I need more than this to satisfy me.

Because most of the hosting services I have tested gave me almost 99.97% uptime, KnownHost, EasyWP, and Liquid Web gave me 99.99-100% uptime during my testing period.

So I will tell you that Its uptime falls slightly below the industry-standard uptime of 99.9%.

Despite the uptime being marginally lower, it remained relatively stable throughout the entire 3-month duration of testing. So, this uptime won’t create any issues.

For speed testing of Web Hosting Hub, the Pingdom testing test result was 1.69 seconds, which is slower than competitors like Hostinger and StableHost.

Web Hosting Hub claims that they offer SSD. Technically, SSDs are faster, but in this case, I didn’t get that fast speed.

Web Hosting Hub Pricing Plans

In this part, I will talk about the most crucial thing is pricing. It comes with three types of shared hosting plans. Also, they provide WordPress hosting.

Have a look at the pricing plans:


As you can see above, the pricing plans of Web Hosting Hub. Find the perfect hosting package for your website at competitive prices.

Pros and Cons of Web Hosting Hub

Everything on earth has some good and bad sides. Web Hosting Hub is no different.

In this part, I will tell you about its significant pros and cons to give you a clear view of their hosting service.

Pros of Web Hosting Hub:

  • Unlimited Resource Allocations with All Hosting Plans
  • 24/7 Technical Support from a US-based team
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee (Longest offered by any host)
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free Domain Registration
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Reliable Performance
  • Scalability
  • Security Measures

Cons of Web Hosting Hub:

  • No Advanced Hosting Options (e.g., VPS hosting or dedicated servers)
  • E-commerce Functionality May Not Be Sufficient for Growing Stores
  • Pricing Depends on Contract Length
  • Limited Upgrades (Only offers shared hosting)
  • No Monthly Billing (Requires annual commitment)
  • Limited Hosting Options
  • Plan Limitations
  • Lack of Advanced Features
  • No Windows Hosting

My Recommendation for Web Hosting Hub

If you ask me, the thing I love the most about Web Hosting Hub is their contribution toward eco-friendly hosting service.

If you are a person who prefers eco-friendly things, this hosting is for you. People who are truly concerned about our environment can use this hosting as an appreciation to their green data center.

If you own a small business or run a small site, this is a suitable option for you.

But if you have big ambitions and want to grow your site, then I prefer Liquid Web, Cloudways, and Nexcess over Web Hosting Hub.

Why Should You Use Web Hosting Hub?

If you want cheap shared hosting, then it is the best solution. Their service is dedicated to small businesses or personal sites, so you will get a perfect hosting service if you own this kind of website.

Small e-commerce businesses can benefit the most because they offer many e-commerce-friendly features.

Moreover, I want to tell you a major good thing about Web Hosting Hub. and that is it offers an extensive 90-day money-back guarantee, one of the longest in the hosting industry.

No other hosting service providers don’t offer this extended money-back guarantee. Most of them only provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This guarantee allows users to try Web Hosting Hub’s services for up to three months and receive a refund if they decide to cancel.

But they have a habit of tricking customers with tempting offers. Some deductions apply according to the terms and conditions if you want a refund. So basically, you don’t get your full money.

They will not give you a refund for non-refundable fees for SSL certificates, domain privacy, and domain names. But overall, this money-back guarantee is good and a unique feature of Web Hosting Hub.

So, if you are looking for cheap web hosting packed with features, then Web Hosting Hub is your best solution.

Last Thoughts

Every hosting has some unique features as well as drawbacks. But Web Hosting Hub is different.

They only target to provide good quality shared hosting to small businesses or personal users.

So, it’s a good option for people looking for good quality shared hosting. I hope this article helps you to know about Web Hosting Hub properly.

FAQs about Web Hosting Hub

People always have questions about it because it’s different from other hosting services.

So, to remove the confusion, I will try to answer some of the most common questions about Web Hosting Hub.

What is Web Hosting Hub?

Web Hosting Hub is a web hosting service provider company. It is well known for providing shared hosting services to a small business or personal website.

Who owns Web Hosting Hub?

InMotion Hosting owns Web Hosting Hub. They founded Web Hosting Hub in 2010.

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