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If you are looking for an easy but powerful way to generate leads, then UseArtemis is one of the top-notch ones.

By using this, you can search for anyone’s contact information, like email addresses and phone numbers, in just a second.

Say hello to useArtemis.

Hey there, in this useArtemis lifetime deal review article, you are about to know its overview, features, why you need to use it, pricing plans, useArtemis Appsumo lifetime deal, discounts, and last verdict.

UseArtemis Overview & Features

UseArtemis is a tool for looking for email addresses and phone numbers. This tool lets users locate practically any contact information in a single second.

Your search for contact information may now be considered complete! You can find everyone’s email addresses and phone numbers to get in touch with them.

All the information they give comes only from legitimate and recognized sources. You can search for contact information using several criteria, such as the business name, job title, name, and location. So let’s see some features of UseArtemis;


Powerful Dashboard

Once you log in, you will come over to the dashboard. In the dashboard, you will find the prospective platform and credit usage.

You will also find the options to use the LinkedIn extension and do a search with the prospecting platform manager.

Their save prospects import LinkedIn search results which are currently in beta. They also have a what is coming soon section, which has LinkedIn prospecting Automation and a cold email Outreach tool.

useArtemis allows you to find out how things work there and how they can help you. The UseArtemis dashboard has a list where you can make multiple lists and organize your contacts.


Prospecting Platform

You can look for potential customers. You can search by first name, last name, job title, country, industry, company name, and company country.

So, if you put some information in the category you want, it will show you the person you searched for email and LinkedIn ID.

You could choose all these and Export them as a CSV, saving the file on your computer. It would be easy to pick one and click “add to list.”


Bulk Enrichment and Domain search

Bulk enrichment is where you can drop a CSV file or browse and get one from your computer. All of the results from that CSV file will come up when you do either of those things.

Following that, they have a domain search section; this is the section where you can look up a specific domain name.


Email Verification 

With this feature, you can check emails. But here, the feature is missing something: a bulk email verifier. That means that the feature is now available, and you need to go to your list and copy this email one at a time.

You must copy an email and then paste it into an email verifier. If you do that, the email verifier will check to see if it is accurate.

You can use this tool to code email outreach or code email marketing. You can use this to find email addresses and other information about your target customers.


Chrome Extension for Finding LinkedIn Leads 

If you install this extension and then go to any LinkedIn profile and click on it, it will give you that person’s contact information.

You will have to pay one credit for it. You can explore anyone’s contact details. This tool lets you reach out to your ideal customers from LinkedIn.

360° Coverage on a Global Scale

Their algorithms ensure they are right 99% of the time and cover 85% of professionals. Here’s what to expect from UseArtemis.

Uncompromising Accuracy: You’ll be able to reach the people who make the most important decisions with peace of mind, knowing that their AI ensures accuracy at every step.

More than 30 million organizations have been Indexed

Whether you’re looking for a specific person or group, Artemis probably has you covered.

Global Compliance

To make sure that all data rules are followed, they line up with GDPR practices and follow all CCPA rules.

Why You Need to Use UseArtemis

The information comes from their private database of more than 500 million emails, all of which have been checked.

It actually bridges the gap between reaching people and getting things done. With their Chrome extension, you can find the phone numbers and emails of your prospects.

With their Chrome extension, you can do a LinkedIn search, see contact information right away, or add the results to your UseArtemis dashboard.

Then, you can add to it with our email search engine and export it as a CSV file. Or, start a campaign of cold outreach.

UseArtemis has email addresses, phone numbers, and business profiles for more than 30 million companies.

By doing so, you are more likely to find prospects. So if you want to Accelerate your outreach efforts, you need to use UseArtemis.

useArtemis Pricing Plans

It comes with three plans; Prospecting, Outreach, and Unlimited.

Prospecting plan $29/Mo

  • 2000 Credits per month
  • Chrome extension
  • Prospecting platform
  • Domain Search
  • Email Verify
  • Export contacts

Outreach plan $49/Mo

  • 7000 Credits per month
  • Chrome extension
  • Prospecting platform
  • Domain Search
  • Email Verify
  • Export contacts
  • Analytics

Unlimited plan $99/Mo

  • Unlimited Credits per month
  • Chrome extension
  • Prospecting platform
  • Domain Search
  • Email Verify
  • Export contacts
  • Analytics

Click here to get a plan.

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useArtemis Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

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useArtemis Lifetime Deal One-time purchase of only $69 | $1,800

  • Lifetime access to useArtemis
  • Access to 500M+ database
  • Access their LinkedIn Chrome Extension
  • Search by job title and company name
  • Search by location, industry, or team size
  • Storage of contact information in useArtemis lists
  • Export of found data to a CSV file
  • Access to Bulk Enrichment
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • 7,000 credits added to your account/Mo
  • Access to the prospecting platform and domain search
  • Access email verifier
  • Unlimited number of exports
  • Premium support

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Last Verdict

useArtemis is a fantastic lead-generation tool. You can use it to find contacts in your target markets, and it’s been really easy.

The software is impressive, with a great interface. Very helpful to use to locate email addresses and export to a contact list.

useArtemis is a great tool for sales and marketing professionals who want to generate leads quickly and easily.

Overall, I highly recommend useArtemis to anyone looking for an easy way to generate leads.

So get useArtemis lifetime deal now.

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