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Nowadays, tracking clients and projects are quite challenging; although there may be different management platforms, using multiple platforms is a hassle.

What if there is a single dashboard where you and your client could have all the project put information, apps, files, and assets in a single place?

With that in mind, today, I came up with a platform that lets you and your clients keep all information in one place and a single dashboard.

Say hello, SuperOkay.

So, stay connected with this blog and enjoy SuperOkay lifetime deal.

What is SuperOkay?

SuperOkay is an online platform that offers customizable client portals to share the project’s links, assets, connected apps, and more with your stockholders.

As a result, you can easily and quickly organize everything from these links to project briefs and estimates.

It’s an alternative to Portal and Basecamp.

With SuperOkay, you can customize a powerful client portal for sharing documents, information, content, tasks, links, and embedded apps with your client.

It also helps assign tasks easily and store essential information so that no information gets lost.

In addition, SuperOkay keeps track of any pre-existing apps that you and your clients have already used, such as Google Analytics, Figma designs, and Trello boards for quick effectuation.

It would be best for digital marketers, web developers, freelancers, agencies, and service providers looking for an organized client project management system.

SuperOkay Lifetime Deal Features

SuperOkay is a productivity tool for service providers that aims to adapt your client’s interactions and strengthen the relationship to always agree on how much you are spending and when it will be ready.

Let’s look at some of the features of SuperOkay that give you a customizable client portal to share project links, assets, connected apps, and more with your stakeholders.


Visualize Client Projects with One Dashboard

You can imagine client projects in a single dashboard using SuperOkay, which combines commonly used apps, internal documents, and frequent links.

Moreover, you can add interactive modules such as pricing tables, FAQs, approval buttons, embeds, file requests, and much more to easily design a custom interactive experience for your clients.

Also, you can start by choosing one of SuperOkay’s content templates and customizing it to your liking, including varied summary, offers, and status updates.


Create and Customize Smart Documents

SuperOkay helps you create and customize smart documents with very simple elements or interactive modules.

In addition, to communicate with clients through documents and comments, you can easily assign action items to each other over a while.

It allows action items to refer to a portion of a document and even encourages clients to sign in all the right places.


Customize Each Client Portal

SuperOkay helps you customize each portal with the current project or client brand and also helps allocate action items to stay on top of the tasks and ensure things are done.

Detailed design options allow each project to seem like its own defined space and will enable you to differentiate your work visually.

That means you can finish giving quickly and stay in the same headspace to give to the recipients of each project.


Happy Project Settings

SuperOkay assists you with a clean and customizable portal to easily share project files, assets, and tasks with your clients.

It is difficult to communicate with a client without constant follow-up and without worrying about the number of exclamation points in an email.

Also, it allows you to design client portals with unique custom branding for each project.

Use SuperOkay to keep your clients and projects on the same page!

Click here to see more features about SuperOkay.

SuperOkay Pricing Plans

SuperOkay provides a user-friendly interface for sharing all your links and documents with your clients and partners.

It has three types of monthly pricing plans to make your actual work profitable: SOLO, SOLO+, and BUSINESS plan.


SOLO plan $30/Mo

  • Unlimited Projects
  • 1 Team Member
  • Unlimited active projects
  • Unlimited client contacts
  • 1 Team members
  • Premade document templates
  • Reusable blocks
  • Sharable links
  • Email support
  • Priority support response

SOLO+ plan $60/Mo

  • Custom domains
  • Full White Label
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 1 Team Member
  • Unlimited active projects and client contacts
  • 1 Team members
  • Premade document templates
  • Reusable blocks
  • Sharable links
  • Email support
  • Priority support response

Click here to see the BUSINESS plan.

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  • Unlimited projects
  • One team member

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Last Verdict

I hope you enjoyed this blog about SuperOkay lifetime deal since managing projects and clients using multiple platforms is quite challenging.

That’s why I would recommend you use SuperOkay platform.

So, get SuperOkay lifetime deal now.

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