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Last Update On August 2, 2022

Are you struggling to rank on Google’s SERP for your website?

But if you aren’t actively tracking your targeted keywords, monitoring backlinks, or fixing other on-page SEO issues, then you never get google ranking either.

In this situation, you need a platform for on-site optimization and competitor analysis to overall level up SEO strategies.

Here is Seodity.

Hey there, today in this Seodity lifetime deal review article, you are about to know what is Seodity, its features, why you need to use it, regular pricing plans, Seodity Appsumo lifetime deal, discounts, and last verdict.

What is Seodity?

Seodity is a well-known and powerful SEO tool that can help you with keyword research, site audits, backlinks, rank tracking, and finding all onsite problems which you will need to be addressed.

Using Seodity, you can analyze your website’s content, measure your SERP, and compete with other websites.

Seodity gives you technical SEO elements and uses an algorithm to check the quality of the content on any website.

It also lets users compare websites (keywords, texts) in a simple way to help them develop better content and SEO strategies. The daily comparison of keyword results is used to get an accurate SERP ranking from anywhere in the world and to keep tabs on your competitors.

Additionally, an uptime monitoring feature helps you check the status of your SSL certificate and provides you with accurate historical data.

Seodity also uses Google Lighthouse to provide a detailed report on how well a website is doing.

It also has features like Duplicate Title Checker, Website Speed, and Backlink Analysis to improve your ranking.

Learn more: Visit Seodity’s official website.

Seodity Lifetime Deal Features

Seodity is an SEO research tool with a few fantastic features that let you see behind the curtain all of your competitors’ marketing strategies, so let’s see some features of Seodity;


Keyword Research

Seodity makes it easy to find and learn more about the best keywords. You can find out how your website and those of your competitors rank on Google for the keywords you want to use.

The tool can also find related keywords and save them for future analysis. If running a PPC campaign, you can find the most cost-effective keywords and save a lot of money without losing any profit.


Explore Contents

For Google to notice your website, you need to publish a lot of content. 60% of marketers put out one piece of content every day. But coming up with new ideas always is a lot of work.

With Seodity, you can get ideas for great content from pages already ranking well. You can also sort your results, filter them, and look at the content ideas.


On-site and Data Explorer

The ranking is about more than just keywords and content. Even if you have the best content on the web, you may not rank. Because your website might have problems, which is a problem.

You can easily find more than 100 things that affect the position of your website, such as a low number of words, a duplicate title, a title that is too long, and so on. Seodity will tell you how to solve those problems step-by-step. Isn’t it incredible?


Rank Tracking

Tracking your rank is an essential part of improving your SEO. You need to know how your website or your competitors’ websites rank.

You will get an accurate SERP ranking with Seodity, no matter where your business is located. Just choose a place.

More than that, it tells you where your website ranks on Google for different devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop.

This is because Google changes the positions for other devices. You’ll know immediately if you need to change your site for mobile devices.

You can also see how your website’s rank has changed. It helps you make a plan for Google.



If you use it? Then building backlinks will be so much easier. You can use Seodity to find and build the best backlinks for your site.

Seodity also looks at the charts of your website’s backlinks history to determine which backlinks rank well in the Google search engine.

Even you can sort and filter for specific details about backlinks. And you can find out the exact anchor text for all kinds of backlinks.

With Seodity, you can find out how much traffic your website gets and where your visitors are coming from by looking up the backlink URL.

You can save your favourite backlink out of 100 to keep track of it.



Using Seodity performance analysis, you can improve your ranking on Google.

Seodity has an automated tool called Lighthouse that helps you improve your web pages.

Seodity can help you take your PWA apps to the next level by making them more reliable, engaging, and valuable.

You will get a full SEC audit of your website, and it will be easy to see which parts of your website are well optimized and which ones need work.


Organic Traffic

Seodity gives you everything you need to get unique, organic traffic from search engines. If you follow all of SEO’s rules and guidelines, you can grow your business quickly and get a lot of customers after a month.

Also, four steps 14 will help you greatly if you want more organic traffic to your site.

Want to know more? Well, click here to learn more about Seodity.

Why You Need to Use Seodity

Seodity has everything you need to improve the SEO of your website. Seodity is best for SEO experts, marketing firms, online businesses, and anyone who wants a more straightforward way to boost their Google rankings.

Digital marketing or SEO Seodity will help you a lot if you want to get leads naturally.

Additionally, you have 60 days to request a refund. So you can get your money back if you’re going to. You can’t lose anything.

Seodity Pricing Plans

Seodity comes with four types of regular pricing plans, Which are given below;

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Agency plan.

Bronze plan $89/Mo

  • 3,000 Webpages
  • 350 Keywords
  • 10 Competitors
  • 30,000Backlinks
  • Unlimited projects
  • 300 On-demand on-site analysis
  • 300 On-demand lighthouse analysis
  • Weekly technical & SEO analysis
  • Daily keyword analysis

Silver plan $149/Mo

  • 10,000 Webpages
  • 1200 Keywords
  • 20 Competitors
  • 80,000Backlinks
  • 900 On-demand on-site analysis
  • 900 On-demand lighthouse analysis
  • All other Bronze plan features

Click here to see all other’s plans or get started with a regular plan.

Or now you may think that the regular price is too expensive? No worries, because a Seodity lifetime deal is available on Appsumo for only $79.

Seodity Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

Appsumo is the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Because among all the lifetime deal-related websites globally, Appsumo is the best.

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Seodity Lifetime Deal One-time purchase of $79 – $828

  • Daily keyword analysis
  • Weekly technical and SEO analysis
  • Unlimited domains and projects
  • 2,500 webpages
  • 300 keywords
  • 10 competitors
  • 20,000 backlinks
  • 250 on-demand on-site analysis/Mo
  • 250 on-demand Lighthouse analysis/Mo

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Last Verdict

At the end of this article, I will say that if you want to get an overall picture of how search engines rank your pages and learn how to improve them, Seodity is a wonderful tool to use.

It performs an excellent job of searching for backlinks and finding onsite problems that need to be addressed. Highly recommended for you!

So get Seodity lifetime deal now.

NB: Most deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need this lifetime deal, grab it without delay.
Also, check out another most amazing tool: Browse AI lifetime deal.
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