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Do you often need help managing your time and productivity at work?

With so many distractions and tasks to juggle, it’s not always easy to stay on track.

That’s where Rize comes in.

Rize is an intelligent time tracker that helps you make the most out of every minute of your workday.

By encouraging focus and efficiency, Rize builds better habits that can help you increase your productivity and achieve your goals.

In this Rize lifetime deal blog post, I’ll delve deeper into how Rize works and how it can help you take control of your workday. Are you ready to boost your productivity? Let’s get started!

What is Rize?

Rize is an intelligent time tracker specifically designed to improve your focus and help you build better work habits.

It is very beneficial to track time. It is helpful to remove bad habits like multitasking, and it helps to focus on one thing.

It will help you become more conscious about how you spend your time. Also, you can find bad habits you weren’t adequately aware of.

Learn More: Visit Rize’s official website.

Rize Lifetime Deal Features

Time tracking is an old idea, but Rize gives it a new life by making it automatic. So now, let’s jump into the full review of Rize’s features.


Improve Your Focus

It’s impossible to improve what you don’t measure. Rize will provide you with a daily score and in-depth, personalized metrics. And it is very helpful for quantifying and tracking your focus.

You can drill down into the quality of your focus time. And it is necessary to see how much you are switching contexts.

Basically, it will inform you about your most distracting apps or websites. Rize will make you more focused, and it is very important to improve your work quality.


Build Better Work Habits

Work habits determine your success rate. Almost everybody believes that work habits are the key to a successful and happy life.

It works as a habit-builder assistant to help you build better habits. From a study, we learn that taking frequent breaks improves productivity.

Rize will notify you when you have to take a break. It does this by analyzing your work habits and pattern. You don’t have to set a timer if you use Rize.

It prevents some severe issues like burnout and limits work creep. Also, it keeps you energized between sessions of focus work.


Automatic Time Tracking and Daily and Weekly Reports

It is one of the best features that it can automatically track time. You don’t have to worry about tracking because Rize will do that for you without any attention.

Also, it will capture any time you spend on your computer without having to start or stop. Daily reports are necessary to improve your time habits day by day.

Rize provides you with daily information on your time spent. Also, it has a weekly report system which is essential for tracking your overall improvements.


Customizable Categories and Tracking Schedule

You can create custom categories if you want to know more precisely how you spend your time.

It gives you a more precise view of how you spend your time. You must create a customizable tracking schedule if you want Rize to start and stop to record the time spent automatically.

Rize will automatically track your activities based on your tracking schedule.

Overworking Notification: Ensure you don’t overwork yourself by receiving notifications when you’ve worked a certain number of hours.

Google Calendar Integration: Organize your meetings more efficiently by connecting to your Google Calendar.

Meeting Categorization: Sort your meetings by keywords such as recruiting, interviews, standups, etc.

Focus Time Analysis: Get a quick overview of your focus and which apps and websites take up most of your time.

Project Tagging: By tagging blocks of time with project tags, you can further segment how your time is spent.

Rize Pricing Plans

Rize automatically tracks and categorizes your time in the background and detects when you are focused on a particular type of work, attending a meeting, or taking a break.

It has three regular pricing plans; Free, Annual Billing, and Monthly Billing.


Click here to get started with a regular plan.

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  • Unlimited Hours Tracked
  • Daily Focus, Break, and Meeting Scores
  • Customizable Categories
  • Smart Break Notifications
  • Focus Interrupters and Context-Switching Metrics
  • Meeting Categorization
  • Automated Tracking Hours
  • Daily Email Report
  • Work Hours Metrics and Notifications
  • Google Calendar Integration

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Last Verdict

Thank you for reading my blog post about Rize, It’s an intelligent time tracker that makes you more productive!

Using Rize, you can better control your workday, build better habits, and stay focused and efficient.

It’s a great tool for anyone looking to improve their productivity and make the most out of their workday.

NB: Most of the deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need any lifetime deal, grab it now without any delay.
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