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Last Update On June 17, 2022

There are several ai products out there aimed at content creation. Most of them claim to be able to help you write better copy optimized for conversions. However, the majority of the products out there lack quality.

Riku.ai isn’t like any other ai product. It gives you the ability to customize how the content generator is to be used.

You want to write prose or any story, or you want to write any copy for selling any product or service, you got it!

Check out Riku.AI.

Today in this Riku.AI lifetime deal review article, you are about to know what is Riku.AI, its overview, features, Riku.AI Appsumo lifetime deal, discounts, and last verdict.

What is Riku.AI?

Riku.AI is a platform that lets you easily access the best AI models from across the internet, so you can quickly switch between technologies to get the most out of your data.

You can use Riku.AI to find the right AI model for your business needs, whether you need to improve marketing automation, customer service, or lead generation.

Additionally, you can easily switch between technologies and tests. Which works best for your project before saving it to your account or exporting it.

With this tool, you can test and trial different AI models and see what your prompt works better with which model!

To learn more: Visit Riku.AI’s official website.

Riku.AI Overview

Riku.AI is an Ai-based software development tool. You can use this tool for the best prompt building experience. It enables you to integrate various AI technologies on a single platform.

You’ll only receive GPT-J when you first open Riku.AI. You must add the other APIs. Riku.AI tools provide the most significant AI models in a single dashboard.


Riku.AI was created so that you can always test out most of the different AI models without having to get individual tools.

Also, you can create custom prompts to fine-tune the output. Riku.AI does not come with its own set of tools; instead, it lets the community design and shares its tools.

Riku.AI offers a variety of features including different types of search results (including popular models), ratings and reviews from users, and a user-friendly interface. So, let’s see some of the best features of Riku. AI.

Riku.AI Features

Riku.AI offers an amazing platform for creating customized prompts, opening up an array of possibilities, and saving you a lot of time and money!

Now let’s talk about some Riku.AI important features;


AI Fine-tuned Models

Riku.AI will assist you with resolving the issue of being able to import your fine-tuned models directly into Riku.AI. They will do this for use with all the other major language models that they support.

If you have developed a fine-tune with OpenAI, AI21, or Cohere, they got you covered. And you can now integrate these fine tunes into Riku.AI with a few clicks. You may learn about Riku’s capabilities from their documentation when importing your fine tunes into Riku.

You can find instructions for OpenAI, AI21, and Cohere, so you can’t go wrong! After importing these fine-tuned models into Riku, you can utilize them as part of prompt chains or more complex processes.

You may even use the single endpoint to call these fine-tuned models for usage in your apps.


Sharing AI Prompts Publicly

Riky.AI offers you one of the most useful abilities, and it is sharing AI prompts publicly. You can generate a stunning sharing link for your brand or business in just a few clicks.

You can also attach your logo, edit the brand name, add a title and description, and select your brand colors. Everything is configurable with the assistance of Riku.AI, so you can use these share links whatever you want, and they are pretty strong.

Every initial public link generated in Riku.AI is granted an automated password or code. Anyone who wishes to utilize this generator must enter the password or code first. This provides more security to your generator.

Also, assuring that only those you’ve approved may use it. There are currently 200 generations per sharing to help you control responsible access. They promised to add more customizable options to help you.


Single API Endpoint for Every AI Technology

Riku.Ai redesigned the method, and they will allow users to export their code. And this makes it very simple for both seasoned coders and those experimenting with no-code tools for the first time.

Regardless of whatever prompt you need to engage with, submit a POST request to the same endpoint, and they will route it for you. The dynamic data comprises only the Prompt ID and Input fields.

Riku.AI aims to serve as the engine room for your AI creations. They will provide a pleasant environment. Where you can construct and experiment with the best big language models available.

A significant part of that purpose is helping you pick the right technology for the work you have in mind by making it as easy as possible to play with the technology side by side and make a choice fast on the outputs.

Riku.AI Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

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Riku.AI Lifetime Deal One-Time Purchase of $69.00 – $1200.00

  • Creating AI prompts from Leading Technologies
  • Access to an Ever-Expanding Library of Community Prompts
  • Unlimited GPT-J Technology
  • Export Prompts to Python or Curl
  • Helpful Documentation
  • Use Prompts Directly in Riku

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Last Verdict

Riku is marvellous. The software system will help you do everything you do online. It does a great deal of tedious tasks for you and its owner is amazing!

He has a proven record of development and isn’t one of these ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ snake oil peddlers we sometimes see.

Riku is an artificial intelligence software that can help you with social media, emails, photos, and more. Riku integrates into your applications program to save you time with dreary tasks like managing posts on social media or email lists. The sky is the limit.

I endorse for you to use Riku.AI, when you have lots of projects to do.

So get Riku.AI lifetime deal now.

NB: Most of the deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need any lifetime deal, grab it now without any delay.
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