RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal | Best Wp Rocket Alternative in 2023


If you want your website to complete at the highest level, you need to rank high on search.

But getting there isn’t all about search engine optimization (SEO). It’s also about website speed and how fast your website loads.

In this situation, you need a platform to compress all your images, cache your web pages, and minify your CSS, which will load your website faster and rank high on searches.

Get started with RabbitLoader.

Hey there, in this RabbitLoader lifetime deal review article, you are about to know what RabbitLoader is, its features, why you need to use it, pricing plans, RabbitLoader Appsumo lifetime deal, discount, and last verdict.

What is RabbitLoader?

RabbitLoader is a WordPress plugin that makes websites load faster and helps your page rank by using content minification, lazy loading, minimizing, and removing used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files from websites without breaking or breaking your website design.

It can help you figure out how to boost your page speed for every URL, even if you don’t know how to code or have any technical knowledge.

It’s an alternative to Wp Rocket.

You can also check your website’s score and metrics from your WordPress dashboard, and after installing RabbitLoader, you’ll see results in just a few hours.

Also, it is a cache management tool based in India that is used worldwide to speed up websites and give excellent page speed performance.

Learn More: Visit RabbitLoader’s official website.

RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal Features

RabbitLoader is a WordPress optimization plugin with many features that speed up your website’s load times and help boost your page rankings. So, let’s see some RabbitLoader lifetime deal features;


Boost Page Speed Score 

Your Google PageSpeed Score will always be 100 out of 100 if you use RabbitLoader. Google’s Web Vitals is an effort to give unified advice on quality signals that are important for providing users with a great experience on the web.

They help you improve your FCP, FID, and CLS timings, which raises the quality of your website and gets you better rankings. FCP is the first time any part of the page’s content (usually text or an image) is shown on the screen, and the user can see something.

RabbitLoader makes FCP better by removing CSS and JS that stop rendering, shortening the time it takes for the server to respond, and keeping the number of requests low by putting payloads off-screen.

Also, it can help reduce the FID time by cutting down on the work of the main thread. This lets the browser respond to user actions in about 50 milliseconds.

They load the LCP elements and styles as soon as possible. Render-blocking JS and CSS are put off until later, so LCP can usually render in 2.5 seconds.

They also try to save the space needed for elements that will be loaded later in a page’s timeline.


Sub-Second Loading Time 

The website loads faster with RabbitLoader. It’s better for your Google Core Web Vitals, which will help you move up in Google’s rankings.

They use many modern technologies to compress the content and send it from a group of servers in different places.

Also, they store your website’s assets in a cache and send files like images, JS, CSS, and fonts to visitors from the server closest to them.

There are more than 300 of these servers around the world. You can also set rules for which URL patterns to cache and which not to cache.

Interestingly, RabbitLoader will also optimize your image. Also, they will help you cut down on the number of hops you have to make and serve content from the closest possible location to cut down on latency.


Integrated Standard & Premium CDN

With their built-in CDN, RabbitLoader promised you would have the lowest latency in any part of the world.

RabbitLoader is an excellent CDN with more than 300 points of presence. Also, the latency will be ten times lower.

It uses the CDN cache to give your website’s visitors what they want. The data center saves a copy of your website each time someone visits it, which will be used shortly to load the website from the same place.

It’s used by almost every extensive webpage these days and can handle up to 70% of requests. You will also get a Change Detection that works on its own.


Origin Fallback 

RabbitLoader caches the resources, like HTML, images, CSS, JavaScript, etc., served to visitors in CDN nodes with the correct expiration time.

Even if the origin stops responding, the visitor sees a cached version of the page, so they don’t know anything is wrong with your site.

Also, the automatic Switchover is one of the best things about Rabbitloader when the origin doesn’t respond to a new request because of a network problem, server outage, misconfiguration, etc.

The visitor is served a cached version of the page from the cloud in real time if this setting is available for the plan and the website owner has turned it on.

Want to learn more? Well, click here to see more about RabbitLoader.

Why Do You Need to Use RabbitLoader?

RabbitLoader allows you to check your website’s performance at a low fee, whereas similar services from other companies would cost you far more.

In addition, it guides how to speed up your website. In this case, you need this specific utility, and nothing else will do.

It is possible to check a website’s loading time rate without installing any additional software using this application.

However, other tools’ plugin configuration presents a challenge. With this app, you may buy resell plans and generate income from the comfort of your home. Any other program does not offer this particular function.

Get your website at the top of Google’s search results with the help of this helpful tool. Your website’s global accessibility is enhanced by this tool’s 300+ point content delivery network (CDN).

The absence of this feature from competing devices is a significant drawback. If you upgrade to one of the paid plans for this product, you’ll have access to features that aren’t included in the free version.

By meticulously minifying your webpage’s pictures, javascript, CSS, and HTML files, Rabbitloader will boost your website load time.

It won’t mess with your website’s style. However, this task is infeasible with any other technologies while still maintaining the integrity of the website’s design.

If for any reason, a user doesn’t like any of the available plans on this service, they may request a full refund. Unfortunately, other resources lack this functionality.

RabbitLoader Pricing Plans

It comes with three types of pricing plans, which are: Free, Skippy, and Hopper.

Free plan $0/Mo

  • Unlimited pageviews count
  • 500 Max canonical URLs
  • 2 Gb standard CDN bandwidth
  • PageSpeed score booster
  • Above-the-fold CSS for every page
  • JavaScript/CSS optimizations
  • Lazy loading of below-the-fold images/videos
  • Image auto-conversion to WebP
  • 1 Page rules

Skippy plan $9.99/Mo

  • Everything Free plan features+
  • 2.5k Max canonical URLs 
  • 20 Gb standard CDN bandwidth
  • LQIP/Blurred image placeholder
  • 15 Page rules

Hopper plan $19.99/Mo

  • Everything Skippy plan features+
  • 15K max canonical URLs
  • 100Gb standard CDN bandwidth
  • 25 Page rules
  • Multi origin

Click here to get started with a plan.

Or now you may think that the regular price is too expensive. No worries, a RabbitLoader lifetime deal is available on Appsumo for only $59!

RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

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RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal One-time purchase of only $59 – $900

  • Lifetime access to RabbitLoader
  • All everything Hopper plan features+
  • 100 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • 5 websites
  • 25 Page rules
  • Unlimited page views

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Last Verdict

RabbitLoader’s fast loading times are critical to successful SEO and PPC campaigns, and also, it’s a good tool for website optimization. The caching is effective and helps with the speed of delivery for getting requests.

Please read their documentation to understand when to use static vs semi-dynamic vs dynamic types of caching, depending on the type of content.

I hope RabbitLoader will significantly affect your loading speeds and performance metrics if you use it. I would highly recommend RabbitLoader.

NB: Most deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need this lifetime deal, grab it without delay.
Also, check out another most amazing tool: Phonesites lifetime deal.
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