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Your website visitors are not being converted into customers? You may think this is a lack of design for your site.

But in reality, it is not. At this time, growing up, you will not be able to poll every visitor to your website, and it is a matter of time to optimize blindly.

If there is a tool that will show you how a visitor behaves on a website, what are the illegal elements on your site and looking for a solution?

Introducing Plerdy.

Stay tuned to this article to learn more about Plerdy lifetime deal review and learn how to use it to increase conversion based on traffic behaviour.

What is Plerdy?

Plerdy is an awesome conversion optimizer tool that helps you heatmaps, session recording, click tracking, and analyze user behavior and convert visitors into buyers.

Plerdy Alternative to: Hotjar

Plerdy is the best for SEO agencies, UX specialists, and web designers who want user-driven data to level up their sites and boost sales.

By using Plerdy, You can easily track user behaviour with key metrics like clicks, traffic type, and device.

Also, You can Use heatmaps and UX/SEO analytics to make informed right decisions for optimizing your website to improve your conversion.

Plerdy Lifetime Deal Features

Plerdy helps you increase conversion rate and converts visitors into buyers.

plerdy features

let’s have a look at the feature of Plerdy below;

  • Heatmaps
  • Popup Forms
  • Event Tracking Tools
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Seo Checker
  • Session Reply
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Sales performance

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Plerdy Pricing Plans

Plerdy has four types of pricing plans;

Free, Start, Business and Premium

Free Forever Plan $0/mo

  • 2000 Pageviews per day
  • 3 views/day Heatmaps reports
  • 100 Video sessions
  • 1 Displaying forms and NPS
  • 50 Collecting leads
  • 100 Clicks on banners
  • 10 SEO audit, pages per day
  • Today Comparison of days in SEO audit
  • 10/pages API Google Search Console
  • 1 Months of storage

Start Plan $23/mo

  • 10000 Pageviews per day
  • Unlimited views/day Heatmaps reports
  • 1000 Video sessions
  • 3 Displaying forms and NPS
  • 500 Collecting leads
  • 1000 Clicks on banners
  • 2000 SEO audit, pages per day
  • Today/Yesterday Comparison of days in SEO audit
  • 2000/pages API Google Search Console
  • 3 Months of storage

Business Plan $47/mo

  • 25000 Pageviews per day
  • Unlimited views/day Heatmaps reports
  • 2000 Video sessions
  • 5 Displaying forms and NPS
  • 2000 Collecting leads
  • Unlimited Clicks on banners
  • 5000 SEO audit, pages per day
  • Today/Yesterday Comparison of days in SEO audit
  • 5000/pages API Google Search Console
  • 6 Months of storage

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  • Stack unlimited codes
  • GDPR-compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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last Verdict

Your website definitely needs a tool to understand visitors’ behavior, which is why I recommend you use Plerdy.

Try Now Plerdy lifetime deal today!

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