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Last Update On September 12, 2022

Employee attrition can be a real pain, but I think that hiring new persons is a bigger challenge.

How do you select the best candidate if you/your team have your hands full and are occupied with doing other things first?

Meet Playhunt.

Hey there, today in this Playhunt lifetime deal review article, you are about to know what is Playhunt, its features, why you need to use it, regular pricing plans, Playhunt Appsumo lifetime deal, discounts, and last verdict.

What is Playhunt?

Playhunt is a service that allows you to efficiently search through a vast number of resumes to locate individuals that are the most excellent fit for your open positions.

Using video surveys, you can quickly sort through many CVs to find the ones that fit your ideal candidate’s profile.

These surveys allow you to: – Evaluate the candidate’s experience in the skills you need for the job, even if they aren’t listed in the CV; – Find out if the skills listed in the CV match up with reality; and – Evaluate the candidate’s experience in the skills you need for the job, even if they aren’t listed in the

Any business that receives many applications for a single position is interested in accelerating the hiring process. Now, let’s take a look at some of Playhunt’s features.

Playhunt Lifetime Deal Features

Playhunt is a video survey that is not an alternative to the live interview, but this is an awesome efficient filter that helps you invite only the best candidates for your interviews. So let’s see what features it offers for you;


Quick Start

Playhunt can be used in less than a minute. On the first screen, after you log in, you can add your questions and send the links to the candidates.

And while you’re at it, check out what the other candidates have said since you last heard from them.


Job Openings Management

It’s easy to work with a long list of jobs that need to be filled. You can write down job openings in the first column.

In the second column, you can write down a list of interview questions with the job opening. In the third column, you can see how the candidates answered the questions.


Reviewing Video Responses

You can watch the videos faster by choosing a faster playback speed and stopping the videos at any time. Take notes, mark what you like and don’t like, and talk about the answers.



You can do surveys that show what your brand is all about.

Use your domain instead of Playhunt’s if you want candidates to trust you.

Playhunt pages for candidates can be made more interesting by adding your style.

White Label is an option for you. It doesn’t have the Playhunt logo or even mentions it.

You can also send your welcome message to candidates.


Easy Integration

You can use API calls to get data from Playhunt and add it to your software.

Playhunt will send data to your URL endpoint to give your real-time app information.

Workflow automation and integrations with more than 4,000 apps. Start automating in minutes.

Ola! Want to learn more? Well, click here to learn more about Playhunt.

Why do You Need to Use Playhunt?

With Playhunt, you can tell the candidates to answer as many questions as you want in the form of a video recording.

If you want to link to the video survey in your job posting or send it separately, you can do so.

From there, the candidates will get their links and can record their answers whenever convenient, using a laptop camera or a camera on their phone.

Once you’ve been notified, you can listen to the candidates’ answers, make notes, and share them with your coworkers and employees whenever you want.

Get the Playhunt lifetime deal today, and you’ll change how HR recruits people with a video service where candidates can answer your questions in a much more effective and revealing way.

Playhunt Pricing Plans

Playhunt is an immediate software that allows you to significantly improve your work as a headhunter or in human resources.

It helps you automate the entire hiring process and will save thousands of hours over the year!


It comes with three types of pricing plans. Which are given below;


STARTER plan $0/Mo

  • 15 Interviews per month
  • 7 days of storage
  • Job openings
  • + interview sharing

TEAM plan $35/Mo

  • 50 Interviews per month
  • 100 days of storage
  • Job openings
  • + interview sharing


  • 500 Interviews per month
  • 365 days of storage
  • Job openings
  • + interview sharing

Click here to get a regular plan or get started with a free trial which is fully free.

Or now you may think that the regular price is too expensive. No worries, a Playhunt lifetime deal is available on Appsumo for only $45!

Playhunt Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

Appsumo is the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Because among all the lifetime deal-related websites globally, Appsumo is the best.

I think Playhunt is the best Appsumo lifetime deal offer ever. Even you can get an additional discount offer of up to 97% on the Playhunt Lifetime Deal on Appsumo.


Playhunt Lifetime Deal One Time Purchase of $45.00 – $420.00

  • Lifetime access Playhunt
  • 1 account
  • 50 video-surveys responses/Mo
  • 100 days of video-surveys storage
  • Unlimited job openings
  • Unlimited video-surveys templates
  • Unlimited sharing with colleagues

Get an Extra 10% Discount Playhunt Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Playhunt’s lifetime deal offering price is only $45. But you can easily get an extra 10% discount on the Playhunt Appsumo deal.


If you want a 10% extra discount offer for your first purchase from Appsumo, follow the instructions below:

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  • Enter your valid Email id.
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  • Check your email inbox
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Note: 10% Discount offer valid only for first purchase (New customer).

Hurray! Playhunt lifetime deal from Appsumo one-time purchase for only $40!

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Last Verdict

Playhunt does exactly what is described – can create video surveys and that’s it. But does it really well, simply and conveniently.

This platform is a very good screening tool for interviews, and with the addition of the ability to download the videos could be a good tool for video surveys, video feedback, and marketing.

It’s very easy to use and gets right to the point without spending excessive precious time. I think you all will get more than your anticipated amount of takers for this app. Highly recommend!

So get Playhunt lifetime deal now.

NB: Most deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need this lifetime deal, grab it without delay.
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