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If you are looking for a way to save valuable time and increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks in Google Sheets, then you are coming to the right place.

In this blog post, I will break down a tool that can help you with all of this by automating your work.

Get started with Logic Sheet.

Hey there, in this Logic Sheet lifetime deal review article, you are about to know an overview, features, why you need to use it, pricing plans, Logic Sheet Appsumo lifetime deal, discount, and last verdict.

Logic Sheet Overview & Features

Google Sheets has an add-on called Logic Sheet. You can get Logic Sheet from the Google Workspace Marketplace and open it in Google Sheets by going to the Add-ons menu at the top.

With Logic Sheet, you can use your spreadsheet to do all kinds of data analysis and analytics tasks.

Logic Sheet is an all-in-one tool for Google Sheets that lets you process data. Logic Sheet is the best tool for automating spreadsheets in the world. So, let’s see some features of Logic Sheet.


Google Sheets Automation

Logic Sheet is specially tailored for Google Sheets. It has many options to automate google sheets. Triggers can be set up for automation.

Also, it gives you the opportunity to choose conditions. Lastly, you can Run actions based on what you want.



Triggers tell your automation what to do. You can use different kinds of triggers to set your spreadsheets to run on their own.

It will give you three different types of triggers. The time-driven trigger is the one that is used most often. It also has an on-edit trigger and a trigger for when a form is submitted.


Data Tracking with Actions

Logic Sheet will run some automated actions if the workflow is started. It will automatically send a message to Slack. Also, it can send email. It will also help you get the most recent data.



It is one of the best features that will help boost your automation, and it is one of the features that you should look into.

This optional step allows you to set up a set of conditions that will be met whenever the automation is run.

You can modify your rule as applied to your data by using these properties, such as when the range A1 value is equal to x.

After selecting “Add a condition” from the drop-down menu, you will be presented with a menu from which you can choose “When all/any of the conditions are/is met.”

If you select “all,” the automation will not begin processing until each of the conditions you have defined has been satisfied.

If you choose “any,” the automation will run if any of the conditions that you have previously established are true.


Add Connections

This function will put you ahead of the competition in the automation field by one step. Sometimes we must link our Google Sheets to a third-party app.

You will need to first connect third-party applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to Logic Sheet before Logic Sheet can communicate automatically with those applications.

This will grant Logic Sheet the ability to send data to those apps safely and securely.

Merge Tags

It is probably Logic Sheets’ most valuable tool. The prevalence of dynamic content is growing daily.

In Logic Sheet automation, “merge tags” are shorthand for “dynamic content.”

When the workflow is executed, the app will “translate” into their corresponding values if you use them in fields that accept merge tags. If you use the merge tag “range B12” in an email, cell B12 will replace the merge tag.

Want to know more? Well, click here to see more about Logic Sheet.

Why Do You Need to Use Logic Sheet?

Using Logic Sheet makes data analysis and analytics in spreadsheets much simpler. This tool can perform tasks such as cleaning and formatting data, sorting data, performing calculations, and importing data from external sources such as APIs, databases, and websites.

Logic Sheet allows you to import a company’s stock price and its current and historical financial statements into your spreadsheet with the click of a single button.

Importing foreign exchange rates into your spreadsheet is something you can do with a Logic Sheet, which adds even more functionality to your spreadsheet (including cryptocurrency prices).

So, if you want to make your Google sheet work more productively, you need to use a Logic Sheet.

Logic Sheet Pricing Plans

Logic Sheet is a tool that makes your life much easier. It efficiently automates repetitive tasks but is also easy to use and set up.

Also, the interface is clean, free of clutter, and incredibly user-friendly. It has four pricing plans; Free, Individual, Team, and Enterprise.


Free plan $0/Mo

  • 30-day unlimited free trial check
  • 5 executions per day after trial check
  • No credit card is required check
  • Free forever

Individual plan $14.9/Mo

  • Unlimited executions/day check
  • Unlimited automation workflows check
  • Access to all utilities and functions check
  • Email and live chat support

Team plan $9.9/Mo

  • All everything Individual plan features

Enterprise plan $245/Mo

  • Unlimited users check
  • All everything Team plan features

Click here to get started with a regular plan.

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  • Access to all advanced data processing features
  • Unlimited daily executions
  • All future updates and new functions
  • Email and live chat support

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Last Verdict

Logic Sheet is a solution that improves work with Google data sheets and extends their functionality.

Also, the intuitive interface makes it easy to write complex formulas in the Spreadsheet without the necessary knowledge.

You can download external data or import from the outside from any website to the Spreadsheet, e.g., financial data, exchange rates, stock prices, etc.

It also has data cleaning functions, such as removing duplicate lines/lines, spaces, punctuation, case conversion, number rounding, etc.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get data into google sheets, this is a great tool with no recurring costs.

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