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Last Update On June 22, 2022

Are you looking for an easy-to-use platform that can automatically track software subscriptions so you can manage your SaaS apps in a single convenient location?

With that in mind, today in this blog article, I will break down a tool called LicenceOne.

Checkout LicenceOne.

Today in this LicenceOne lifetime deal review article, you are about to know what is LicenceOne, its overview, most popular features, why do you need to use LicenceOne, regular pricing plans, LicenceOne Appsumo lifetime deal, discounts, and last verdict.

LicenceOne Overview

LicenceOne is a software management tool that allows you to make it simple to track, manage, invoice, and optimize your spending for Saas products.

Additionally, this tool aids in preventing unnecessary expenditures. You can use LicenceOne instead of Blissfully, LeanIX, and Torii.


It will also be perfect for solopreneurs, businesses, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Who wishes to stop squandering money on unneeded SaaS products and accounts.

To learn more: Visit LicenceOne’s official website.

LicenceOne Features

LicenceOne is a comprehensive software management platform. And it makes it simple to check, control, and enhance your SaaS products. It makes managing your software simpler than ever.

So let’s see some of the most useful features of LicenceOne.


Synchronize with more than 11 000 data sources

LicenceOne provides you access to over 11,000 data sources. Which includes Google, PayPal, Dropbox, and Zapier.

Every company owner understands the importance of having management tools. Because it assists them in controlling their spending.

It becomes challenging to track several subscriptions for your firm. The subscription management of LicenceOne synchronizes with over 11000 data points.

It is helpful to avoid auto-renewal. It also puts you back in control. And allows you to prevent problems such as auto-renewals, subscriptions, and inactive subscribers.

If you really want your business to flourish, keep track of those subscriptions. Also, you have to understand the paying cycle using LicenceOne.


Add and remove

It is easy to create and deploy user management workflows with LicenceOne. It’s also simple to track which people join and leave the organization. And you will know how they use the program.

Whenever anyone enters or departs the firm, you can arrange their software accessibility. You will need a few clicks to do this.

Collect invoices faster

Keep your accountant pleased and get all your invoices in no time using LicenceOne’s autopilot invoice collector. You will receive several forms of email bills for your membership.

Track data compliance

You can now track data compliance in ways you have never seen before! Dozens of software equals dozens of data centers, subprocessors, and security flaws.


Track every aspect and watch the command structure using LicenceOne to prevent surprises. Several software programs make it more challenging to follow data standards. And also providing digital to the world.

LicenceOne is a helpful tool for tracking compliance data and monitoring methods. LicenceOne keeps track of every aspect. Also, it provides you with all the data you need to avoid surprises.

Why do you need to use LicenceOne?

LicenceOne may save your business up to 30% on annual expenses. Also, it will give you back control over business spending.

It also saves time collecting invoices and other tedious duties. Where you contribute no value and invest more money into your budget.

LicenceOne Create a list of your data subprocessors. And prevent workers from disclosing sensitive information without the legal guarantees you need.

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LicenceOne Pricing Plans

This software has a simple and intuitive interface. It allows you to find software licenses taken from bank accounts or opened by Google Workspace.


It comes with two different types of regular pricing plans. Which is;

Pro and Enterprise plan.

Pro plan €1,00/Mo

  • Unlimited Tracked software and employees
  • Automatically detect renewal dates
  • Receive renewal alerts
  • Receive software detection alerts
  • Detect user login activity
  • Autopilot invoice collection
  • Employee offboarding
  • Bank integration
  • Up to Monitored bank accounts
  • Google Workspace integration
  • PayPal & Lydia integration
  • Unlimited LicenceOne users and teams & budgets
  • SSO via Google
  • User roles
  • Hosting in France
  • Live chat & email support

Click here to see the Enterprise plan.

Now you may think that the regular price is too expensive? No worries, because a LicenceOne lifetime deal is available from Appsumo for only $49.

LicenceOne Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

Appsumo is the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Because among all the lifetime deal-related websites globally, Appsumo is the best.

I think LicenceOne is the best Appsumo lifetime deal offer ever. Even you can get an additional discount offer of up to 97% on the LicenceOne Lifetime Deal from Appsumo.


LicenceOne Lifetime Deal One Time Purchase of $49.00 – $265.00

  • 10 tracked employees
  • Unlimited tracked software
  • 3 monitored bank accounts
  • Automatically detect renewal dates
  • Receive renewal alerts
  • Receive software detection alerts
  • Detect user login activity
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Integrations: Bank, Google Workspace, PayPal, and Lydia
  • Unlimited LicenceOne users, teams, and budgets
  • Audit logs
  • SSO via Google
  • User roles
  • Hosting in France
  • Autopilot invoice collection

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Last Verdict

Do you know exactly how many applications and subscriptions you have? No? I don’t either!

From now on, LicenseOne will be your virtual accounting assistant to manage all your subscriptions. It’s the perfect solution for tracking all your company’s applications and licenses.

It will automatically track usage and provide notifications when your licenses are about to expire, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises at renewal time.

And you’ll finally know exactly how much you’re spending on your subscriptions each year. You can also say that you have used support and they have been very responsive in helping you!

So get LicenceOne lifetime deal now.

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