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If you are a creator or adviser on YouTube, having actionable data is the key to making better decisions. Unfortunately, most of the data you’ve got access to is basic and normal.

What if there was a way to get advanced keyword suggestions, see what your competitors are doing, and stay up to date on all the latest trends?

Meet KeywordSearch.

Hey there, in this KeywordSearch lifetime deal review article, you are about to know an overview of KeywordSearch, its features, why you need to use it, pricing plans, KeywordSearch Appsumo lifetime deal, discount, and last verdict.

KeywordSearch Overview

KeywordSearch is a powerful artificial intelligence tool for YouTube. It can help you find high-ranking keywords, videos, channels, and ads.

This tool can find high-ranking keywords, YouTube channels, and video placements for your ad campaigns, which will help your marketing strategy and increase sales.

You’ll be able to do much research at once and organize the results into valuable groups for your channel.

KeywordSearch is best for YouTubers, Content Creators, and Marketing Agencies who want an easy way to improve the ROI of their ads on YouTube by doing intelligent keyword research.

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KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal Features

KeywordSearch is a suite of YouTube tools with many features to help you better your content, grow your channel, and optimize your ads. So, let’s see some features of Keyword Search;


Search Trend and Volume

With KeywordSearch, by typing in your target keyword, you’ll be able to see the number of times that term has been searched for and its trends.

So, you’ll be able to find popular, trending, and high-ranking keywords on YouTube, which gives you a chance to move up in the rankings.


Find Similar Keywords

As a marketer, you need to find related keywords, which puts a lot of work into your YouTube SEO.

With KeywordSearch, you can find keywords similar to the ones you’re targeting and save many of them to your custom collections.

You’ll also see how similar each keyword is, choose the ones you want and copy them to your clipboard.

So, you can easily add them to your YouTube tags. You can easily make, export, and add to collections from any screen, whether you’re looking for keywords or researching your competitors.


Look for YouTube Ads

By tracking your competitors and getting campaign data directly from YouTube, you’ll be able to improve your ad strategy without making any extra effort.

With this AI tool, you can also find out what your competitors are doing, which can help you improve your YouTube advertising strategy.

You can also use the platform’s extensive library of YouTube ads to track other advertisers in your vertical keyword and ad spending histories.

With this simple search, you can see the top YouTube ads for any keywords or industries you want to target.

You could even see the complete list of keywords your competitors are using, and it would only take a few clicks to add them to your lists.


Discover Video Placement

You can search for targeted keywords on KeywordSearch to find top-ranking video placements for YouTube ad campaigns.

For any keyword, you could find video placements for YouTube ads that would increase your return on investment (ROI).

Also, you can scroll through endless high-ranking videos to target and copy and paste any link into your next ad placement campaign.

Interestingly, you’ll be able to connect KeywordSearch to all your favourite apps through Zapier easily. This will make it easy to streamline your research workflow.


Set Up your Keywords

With “Collections,” you’ll be able to keep track of all of your keywords, videos, and competitors.

Also, you can make as many collections as possible for each project, campaign, video, or research session.

Want to read more? Well, click here to learn more about KeywordSearch.

Why Do You Need to Use KeywordSearch?

KeywordSearch lets you search YouTube for valuable keywords, video placements, and other data that you can use to improve your YouTube strategy.

Just type in a keyword you want to use to get a list of related keywords and more information about each.

So, you can see how popular specific keywords are, spot trends, and find keyword opportunities that will get you noticed on the platform.

You can check out how similar each keyword is. You can copy the words you want to use and then paste them into your YouTube tags.

Also, creating, exporting, and adding to collections is easy from any screen. This is true whether you are looking for keywords or researching your competitors.

By saving your favourite results in custom collections, you can organize data into specific groups and do research in large quantities.

With KeywordSearch, you can also see how your competitors use YouTube ads, which can help you improve your strategy.

Moreover, you can see all the top-ranking YouTube ads for the keywords or industries you want to reach by doing a simple search.

KeywordSearch Pricing Plans

It has two pricing plans; KeywordSearch and KeywordSearch+Ad Spy.


KeywordSearch plan $97/Mo

  • AI keyword research
  • YouTube video placement ads
  • Competitor research
  • Smart collections

KeywordSearch+Ad Spy $147/Mo

  • Everything in KeywordSearch features+
  • Spy on competitor’s YouTube ads
  • Track YouTube ad spend trends
  • Unlimited Keyword & ad search

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Now you may think that the regular price is too expensive. No worries, a KeywordSearch lifetime deal is available on Appsumo for only $69.

KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

Appsumo is the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Because among all the lifetime deal-related websites globally, Appsumo is the best.

I think KeywordSearch is the best Appsumo lifetime deal offer ever. You can even get an additional discount offer of up to 98% on the KeywordSearch lifetime deal on Appsumo.


KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal One-time purchase of only $69 | $873

  • 300 searches/Mo
  • One collection
  • 300 saved items/collection
  • AI keyword research
  • Discover similar keywords
  • Video placement ad search
  • Competitor channel research
  • Export collections to CSV
  • Advanced search
  • Organize your keywords in collections
  • Audience targeting
  • 100+ countries and languages

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Last Verdict

With KeywordSearch, you can create content on YT that will rank well and attract the right audience.

I want to assure people that this tool is excellent for content creators posting on YouTube, not just advertisers. My advice is:

Get KeywordSearch lifetime access now.

NB: Most deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need this lifetime deal, grab it without delay.
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