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At this time, engaging your participants in a zoom meeting presentation is like trying to get a good picture of your dog.

But it’s very challenging to get your audience to meaningfully interact with the material when you’re limited to sharing your PowerPoint screen.

Do you want an online tool to help your meetings share, present, and collaborate productively online on a web-based whiteboard?

Meet HuddleIQ.

Hey everyone, I will disclose the HuddleIQ lifetime deal– The number one digital whiteboard platform.

What is HuddleIQ?

HuddleIQ is an online digital whiteboard platform that allows you to meet, present, and collaborate productively online.

It also helps you visualize your ideas with a digital whiteboard to share with your team.

It’s an alternative to Miro and Mural.

Using HuddleIQ, you can quickly brainstorm and visualize ideas on an online whiteboard with built-in video conferencing.

Also, you can organize projects and track progress with an automated task track management tool by using HuddleIQ.

It helps you to unlock your team’s potential with a collaborative, online comprehensive digital whiteboard that brings you closer together.

It even allows you to unlock your team’s potential with a collaborative, online comprehensive digital whiteboard that brings you closer together.

It would be best for Remote teams and educators who want to improve their project organization, presentations, and collaboration.

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HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal Features

Using HuddleIQ, you can get instant feedback from your audience using comments, polls, and the chat function. As a result, you can know how your meetings and presentations are landing.

There are many more features to help you meet, present, and collaborate productively online. Let’s take a look at some of its important features;


Live Visualize Projects

You can use HuddleIQ to watch your projects live with your team through an online whiteboard and built-in video conferencing facility.

You can even present your digital whiteboard online and in real-time while video conferencing is done.


Create Captivating Presentations

Using HuddleIQ, you can create and share captivating presentations to give input with live annotations and chat.

It also helps you with hundreds of customizable templates for brainstorming, education, planning, and many more.

Even it allows you to boost productivity which will help you optimize your workflows with built-in automated task management.


Task Management Tool

It lets you brainstorm, organize, and track projects with the help of task management tools.

HuddleIQ lets you create and control personal or shared projects directly from your dashboard.

It even allows you to customize the permissions for every project, which can help you manage who has access to your work and what they can do with it.


Customize Projects

You can fully customize your projects, from your design to sharing permission to use it.

Interestingly, it provides an intuitive digital workspace to transform your creativity into team productivity that helps you stay on task.


Integration helps you integrate and use a variety of third-party applications.

Different types of applications include Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Features at a Glance

  • Brainstorming
  • Building Blocks
  • Education
  • Meetings & Workshops
  • Problem Solving
  • Research & Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Integrations
  • Customize projects
  • Task management tool
  • Create captivating presentations
  • Live Visualize projects

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HuddleIQ Regular Pricing Plans

HuddleIQ has four types of pricing plans. These are; Free, Standard, and Premium

Free plan $0/Mo

  • 3 Members
  • 3 Boards
  • 200 Objects Per Board
  • Unlimited Private or Shared Projects
  • 100 MB Upload Storage
  • 10 MB Maximum Upload Size
  • Educational Tools Templates
  • Access to All Other Features
  • Support Self-Service

Standard plan $7/Mo

  • Number of Members 1 or more
  • Unlimited Number of Boards
  • Unlimited Number of Objects Per Board
  • Unlimited Private or Shared Projects
  • Guests 10 Commentators or Viewers
  • 25 Gb Upload Storage
  • 100 Mb Maximum Upload Size
  • Integrations Cloud Storage
  • Save Board as a Template
  • Educational Tools Templates
  • Access to All Other Features
  • Support Standard Support

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Now you may think that the regular price is too expensive. No worries, a HuddleIQ lifetime deal is available on Appsumo for only $79.

HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

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HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal One Time Purchase of only $79.00 – $720.00

  • All features above included
  • 5 members
  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited guests as editors, commentators, or viewers
  • Unlimited private or shared projects
  • Unlimited objects per board

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