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If you are seeking an intuitive platform that stops fraud in its tracks with real-time DMARC monitoring and reporting while increasing email deliverability, then you are coming to the right place.

If you do cold email outreach, you don’t want emails to land in spam. And there’s a variety of tools you need to reduce spam hits.

In this blog post, I will disclose a tool that helps you to figure out what’s wrong with your email configurations!

Get started with DMARC Report.

Hey there, in this DMARC Report lifetime deal review article, you are about to know what DMARC Report is, its features, regular pricing plans, DMARC Report Appsumo lifetime deal, discount, and last verdict.

DMARC Report Overview

DMARC Report improves email delivery and compliance with enterprise-level reporting. It makes it simple to check email settings for suspicious behaviour. And it also blocks spam before it reaches inboxes.

This high-volume tool helps you protect several domains and report on analytics.

With this tool, you may safeguard your emails to preserve your sender’s reputation and use rigorous screening for incoming emails.

The software generates complete and forensic DMARC failure reports for your domains. DMARC Report sends suspicious activity alerts to any email address.

You can investigate the rogue IP address by accessing incident details, email content, and metadata. So, let’s see the features of DMARC reports.

DMARC Report Lifetime Deal Features

DMARC Report is a great tool to find out which server is sending your mail under your domain. This greatly reduces phishing emails from your domain. Let’s see some of the key features of the DMARC Report;


DMARC Secures Your Email Against Spoofing

DMARC is a mechanism for email authentication. It also validates every email that purports to be from your domain.

It’s a secure mechanism that can identify genuine senders from phishing attempts. Use DMARC Report to protect your firm against fraud.

Finding Out Where Malicious Emails Are Coming From

In-depth forensics is available with real-time geographical reporting. This will assist you in identifying attackers and doing threat intelligence.

The DMARC Report provides complete insight into assault trends. Based on this, InfoSec experts may strengthen your resistance to future attack attempts.


DMARC Reports to Monitor Domains

The DMARC Report enables you to manage your company’s domains. Every email that says it came from your domain will be read and looked at. And will provide you with real-time information on those that fail authentication.

DMARC Reports alert you when attackers use the incorrect domains. They will tell you whenever the DNS settings of your domain change.

They’ll tell you if your emails fail to be sent due to deliverability, security, or other issues. Even better, you will get these notifications by email.


MTA-STS Encrypts Incoming Emails

The MTA-STS (Mail Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security) protocol is a widely used standard. This significantly increases email security.

It works by mandating that emails sent to your domain remain encrypted. It also ensures that inbound communications are not received in plaintext.

This prohibits hackers from accessing email traffic, tampering with emails, and attaching dangerous attachments.

TLS Reporting Made Simple

Enterprises may discover email deliverability problems using TLS reports, which can take place when email messages aren’t adequately encrypted. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) published this in September 2018.

Additionally, it has become the norm for business email security. DMARC Reports transforming complex JSON data into easy-to-read documents.

So you may share this right now with everyone. You don’t need any coding knowledge for this at all.

Data Visualisation for DMARC Reports

XML DMARC total generic reports are complex documents. And Which are hard to read and even harder to figure out what they mean.

With DMARC Reports, you don’t have to guess how hard it would be to fake your email security.

They put all the important facts into graphs, charts, and statistics. It is a great way to show how much your email security efforts are worth.


All-in-One DMARC Data at Your Fingertips

All email security measures DMARC Reports are color-coded. You can make email security choices using dashboard data.

Highly Visual Aggregate Reports

DMARC Report has eight views, providing corporate stakeholders with email security information. It sends high-level data to security operations specialists to check manually.

DMARC reports may discover and fix authentication issues before they become data breaches or attacks. You can also prevent suspicious conduct.

Log Every Email by its Source

DMARC records every IP address that sends emails via your domain. It is easy to tell which IP addresses belong to real users. And you can also determine which phishing efforts are.

Geographic Threat Intelligence for Email Spoofing

Knowing the source of harmful emails is crucial. AI-driven DMARC Reports identify hazardous email spoofs and phishing attempts.

InfoSec professionals can design more muscular, more comprehensive rules to safeguard consumers.

Active IP Verification

AI-powered threat intelligence engine blocks cybercriminals and spam bots. You can stop hackers from using your domain name to steal data.

Comprehensive PDF Reports on Demand

The DMARC Report provides PDF security reports for email. Stakeholders will receive PDFs via scheduled delivery. Anyone on the team can produce a PDF report on demand.


Optimize Deliverability with AutoSPF

SPF records may have 10 DNS lookups. In firms with many third-party suppliers or personnel, email authentication fails.

AutoSPF replaces DNS lookups with IP addresses to improve SPF records. It changes addresses, so authentication doesn’t fail when email providers move hosting services, assuring best-in-class deliverability for big or complicated organizations.

Real-Time Forensic Reports

DMARC Report provides email forensic reports when your domain’s emails fail authentication. You’ll get complete information on emails that pretend to originate from your domain.

So you can immediately discover fraudulent spoofing efforts and address email deliverability issues.

User Privacy Encryption

DMARC’s forensic reports emphasize emails with sensitive contents that fail authentication.

They rank privacy, and our solution complies with legislation. They also protect private data by encrypting forensic reports.

Deploy DMARC Report In a Few Easy Steps

DMARC Report comes with a complete installation wizard. Set your DMARC policy and produce your own records using a modern, straightforward UI.

Click here to see all other features of DMARC Report.

DMARC Report Pricing Plans

DMARC report provides a detailed and summarized DMARC – MTA-STS reporting analysis. It also helps you to do the configuration for all of them.

It comes with three affordable monthly basis regular pricing plans. These are; Free, Standard, and Enterprise.


Free plan $0/Mo

  • 10,000 Compliant Messages/Mo
  • 1 Domain
  • Aggregate Reports
  • Forensic Reports
  • API / Widget Embeds
  • 60 Day Retention

Standard plan $100/Mo

  • 2 Million Compliant Messages/Mo
  • 25 Domains
  • Everything in Starter
  • Whitelabel Domain
  • Groups and Teams
  • MTA-STS Hosting
  • TLS-RPT Reports
  • 90 Day Retention
  • $1 per additional domain

Enterprise plan $400/Mo

  • 5 Million Compliant Messages/Mo
  • 100 Domains
  • Everything in Standard
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Bulk Domain Import
  • Enterprise SSO
  • 365 Day Retention
  • $0.50 per additional domain

Click here to get started with a free plan.

Now you may think that the regular price is too expensive. No worries, a DMARC Report deal is available on Appsumo for only $69!

DMARC Report Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

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DMARC Report Lifetime Deal One-Time Purchase of only $69.00 | $497.00

  • 25 domains
  • 75,000 emails per month
  • White-label domain
  • White-label interface and reports
  • Aggregate reports
  • Full aggregate and forensic reports
  • API and widget embeds
  • DMARC summary timeline reporting
  • Groups and teams
  • Subdomain
  • MTA-STS hosting
  • TLS-RPT reports
  • 90-day retention
  • Analyze email traffic
  • Customized alerting and reporting
  • Meet compliance standards
  • Enforce DMARC policies
  • Deploy DMARC report

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Last Verdict

In conclusion, DMARC report is an essential tool for businesses that want to protect their email domains against fraud.

With DMARC Report, you can stay informed about the security of your email domain and take proactive measures to prevent fraud and improve compliance.

It’s an amazing solution for those needing to monitor their domains for DMARC compliance.

NB: Most of the deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need any lifetime deal, grab it now without any delay.
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