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Last Update On September 9, 2022

Do you want to track your links, brand your links, unlimited URL shortener, clicks analytics, pixels tracking, and more?

Stop your quest right now and just give this great app a ride which I will disclose below, you will love it.

Say hello, Lynxshort (Branded Link Shortener).

Hey there, today in this Branded Link Shortener lifetime deal review article, you are about to know what is Branded Link Shortener, its features, the reason behind using it, Branded Link Shortener Appsumo lifetime deal, discounts, and last verdict.

What is Branded Link Shortener?

Branded Link Shortener is a smart link shortener that allows you to create links using your domain and track the statistics of how well particular links perform.

You can shorten your branded links on Branded Link Shortener, which is a powerful platform.

With the Branded Link Shortener, you can quickly cut strings so they are short enough to share on different social networks.

Also, you can track engagement, clicks from affiliates, and more when you share shortened URLs with the site.

It would be best for marketers, digital marketing agencies, and business owners who want to increase brand recognition, inspire trust, and click-through rates.

Learn more: Visit Branded Link Shortener’s official website.

Branded Link Shortener Lifetime Deal Features

Branded Link Shortener is a great software that can shorten your links to make them more readable. The software is easy to use and has many features that make it a great tool for any business.

That is a huge win for any brand; it helps with consistency and creates brand trust. It is also great for social media posts when character space is limited and you need to maximize your line. So let’s see some features of Branded Link Shortener.



This tool’s statistics are very high-tech. With these numbers, you can learn more about your audience.

You can also look at how well your links are doing and see statistics like referrers, browsers, devices, etc. Using this information, you can make your business better.


Your audience can also be retargeted if you add tracking pixels to your links. And you can look at how many people click on those links.


Targeting is one of the best things about Branded Link Shortener. You can send your users to a different page depending on their location, platform, or language.


One of the best things about Branded Link Shortener is that it lets you do this. You can run limited marketing campaigns based on time or clicks with the help of this feature.


When it comes to software, privacy is the most important thing. With the password option, you can protect your links from people you don’t want to see. It’s a great thing about this tool.


With custom domains and aliases, you can change how your links look. You will learn more about the brand if you click on the branded links. This will help you build trust and increase the click-through rate.

Want to know more? Well, click here to learn more about Branded Link Shortener.

The Reasons Behind Using Branded Link Shortener

Brand, track, share your short links, and interact with your users in new ways.

Short links are URLs that usually have less than 20 characters. They are made by the website owner and make it easy to get to content on their site without having to type in a long URL. Short links make it easier for people to send links to each other and spread their content further.

Make your Links Stronger

Don’t use links that are hard to remember; instead, give your links easy-to-remember aliases.

Users know which links they’re clicking, and branded links will help people remember your brand, build trust, and get more people to click on your links.

Mark your Links to Get More People to Click on them

No one likes to see a number after a link; it looks unprofessional and is a distraction.

With Branded Link Shortener, you can make short links unique to your brand and fit your audience’s needs. It’s a great way to get more people interested in what you have to say.

Check how well the Link Works

Take advantage of all the effort you’ve put into it. With Branded Link Shortener, you can see how well your content is doing by seeing how many people clicked on your shortened URLs.

Look at how many clicks and conversions each of your links get and figure out which ones work best.

Share with the World, and your Audience will Grow

There’s no reason to have a link if you don’t tell anyone about it! With Branded Link Shortener, you can share any shortened link with just one click.

You can also interact with people on social media by posting a link with a few words about it.

Personal and Commercial use Rights are unlimited

The branded short link can be used in any of the situations below:

  • Every link used in a Facebook ad.
  • Every link is put in an email.
  • Each link posted on social media
  • Each link that a blog has.

Plus, nearly everywhere.

Reseller Licence

You will also get a Reseller Licence. It can be used to make ten more full accounts. You can sell these accounts again and keep all the money you make.

Branded Link Shortener Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

Appsumo is the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Because among all the lifetime deal-related websites globally, Appsumo is the best.

I think Branded Link Shortener is the best Appsumo lifetime deal offer ever. Even you can get an additional discount offer of up to 97% on the Branded Link Shortener Lifetime Deal on Appsumo.


Branded Link Shortener (Lynxshort) Appsumo Lifetime Deal One-time purchase of $14 – $2,999

  • Lifetime access to Branded Link Shortener
  • All future plan updates
  • Unlimited links
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Get an Extra 10% Discount Branded Link Shortener Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Branded Link Shortener’s lifetime deal offering price is only $14. But you can easily get an extra 10% discount on the Branded Link Shortener Appsumo deal.


If you want a 10% extra discount offer for your first purchase from Appsumo, follow the instructions below:

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  • Get a 10% discount Offer!

Note: 10% Discount offer valid only for first purchase (New customer).

Hurray! Branded Link Shortener lifetime deal from Appsumo one-time purchase for only $13!

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Last Verdict

Branded Link Shortener is easy to use and makes sharing links a breeze. You can share links with just a few clicks, and you don’t have to worry about long URLs getting in the way.

Plus, the branding is great and makes you feel confident that you’re using a quality product. I definitely recommend a link shortener for anyone who wants an easy way to share links!

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and shortened URL service that can be inserted into pixels to analyze user information, do get it at this great price, and you can’t miss this one.

So get Lynxshort lifetime deal now.

NB: Most deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need this lifetime deal, grab it without delay.
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