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If you seek an automated platform to take care of your advertising, you are coming to the right place.

In this blog post, I will disclose an automated AI that can help you create great ads, manage, analyze conversions, and increase ROI on both Facebook and Google simultaneously.

Get started with Adline.

Hey there, in this Adline lifetime deal review article, you are about to know what Adline is, its features, why you need to use it, pricing plans, Adline Appsumo lifetime deal, discount, and last verdict.

What is Adline?

Adline is a unified advertising platform that promotes brand awareness, generates leads, and converts customers into paying customers.

The software does everything for you, saving you time and effort. It’s a one-stop shop for advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

You can easily choose the best ad by duplicating it and making dozens of variants to test.

Adline was made to make it easy to advertise. For example, you can quickly create a campaign by making a few exciting ads in their easy-to-use creative studio.

You can make a lot of different versions and a b test. It makes it easy to choose the channels where you want to advertise.

Also, Adline is an intelligent machine that will automatically help you make the most of your budget. You have complete control over your advertising thanks to an easy-to-understand overview.

With its help, you can create beautiful reports and send them to your coworkers. You can also use it to look at how your channels are doing, how visitors are converting, and more.

It makes you smarter than your competitors and helps your business grow.

Learn More: Visit Adline’s official website.

Adline Lifetime deal Features

Adline is an easy-to-use advertising and analytics software with lots of features that help you increase your digital ad ROI. So, let’s see some features of Adline lifetime deal;


Advertising That Does It All

Adline is the perfect tool if you’re tired of running your advertising campaigns by hand.

It makes it easy and quick to create and manage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, all in one place.

You’ll save time with Adline and be able to focus on other parts of your business.


Multichannel Ads Creator

If you want to make ads that get results, it can help. They want to help businesses reach their online goals by giving them an ad creator that is easy to use and gets great results, no matter how much experience they have.

With Adline, making ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google search, and Responsive is now easier.

Ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Were Made by

Ads can now be placed on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Just write a headline and a description and upload a picture or video to start.

Once you post on Facebook or Instagram on the back of your ad, you’ll also be more visible.


Easy to Make a Campaign

Are you tired of handling your ads for Facebook and Google separately? You can now put them all together in one campaign centre.

Find out everything you need to know about both channels in one place. It’s easy and quick to make campaigns. There’s no need to connect to an ad account.

Multichannel Presence in 1-Click

By making ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search in the same campaign, you can make your business visible everywhere with just one click.


An Easy and Innovative Way to Target

When you tell Adline where you are, who you want to reach, and what keywords you want to use, it will automatically use them on both Facebook and Google.

If you ensure that the right people are seeing your ads, you can concentrate on other essential things.

Spend Your Money Well

Adline’s algorithms optimize your daily spending, ensuring you only spend money on ads that get the most results.

Consolidated Campaign Reports: You can now get a report that includes how much you spent on Facebook and Google, so you don’t have to switch between platforms to get the whole picture.

You’ll be able to see the results of your advertising on both Facebook and Google at a glance.

No Need for an Ad Account: Adline handles all the work behind the scenes for your ad accounts, so you can focus on making ads and putting them online.


Automatic Optimization

Adline is the best choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their advertising budget.

Their cutting-edge algorithms will automatically optimize your campaigns to bring in the most money and waste the least. If you know your money is being spent wisely, you can sit back and relax.

Maximize ROI & Minimise Loss

Adline’s analysis of key metrics like cost-per-click, click-through rate, and conversion rate will automatically find ads that aren’t working and scale up the ones that are, so you only spend money on ads that get results.

Keeping Tabs on Your Results

Does your marketing campaign lead to sales? How much does each new customer cost?

With Adline’s tracking script, you can count any website goal, button, or link as a conversion and measure how well it works.

Keep Track of Conversions Automatically

The tracking script from Adline is set up to find all conversion events on your website automatically.

With just one installation, you can keep track of every button click, link click, and page reached.

Cost Per Action/Cost Per Conversion Should Be Looked At.

  • Find out which sites or channels bring in the most customers.
  • Find out where you can send traffic to make more sales.
  • Cost per conversion can be easily analyzed.
  • By looking at your cost per conversion, you can figure out where to put your advertising money to help your business grow profitably.

Map Analytics

Use the click map to find out what your prospects are doing on your website after they click on your ad.

This tool turns your website into a visual analytics dashboard showing how people use your site in real time. 

Campaign Builder That’s Easy to Use

With the help of Adline, you can choose who you want to reach. You can also decide how much you want to spend and click “start” to get your ads out there.

With its help, you can post all of your Facebook and Google ads with just one click.

Easy to Make Ads that Work Fast

Your new ad tool can make many ads quickly and save hours. Making great ads is more accessible with it.

Want to learn more? Well, click here to see more about Adline.

Why Do You Need to Use Adline?

Adline’s automatic budget optimization algorithm optimizes your advertising budget six times daily.

This tool automatically pauses bad ads and scales successful ones by tracking ad metrics. You can maximize ROI and minimize losses without doing much.

You can change ad spending 40 times a week to fund effective campaigns. Adline Ads Creator lets beginners and experts create multichannel ads quickly.

To publish ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google, type a title and description and upload an image or video. You can quickly duplicate ads and change creative or copy to test variations.

It unifies Facebook and Google ads into one central campaign builder to manage multi-channel ads without multiple accounts.

Also, Adline‘s tracking script analyzes your website for conversion events like button clicks, links, and landing pages. It is possible to determine which channels generate the most traffic and conversions.

Because cost-per-conversion analysis is simple, you can invest your marketing budget in maximizing profits.

Adline’s click map lets you visualize where visitors click on your landing page in real time. Learn how website visitors use it to understand your audience better and identify growth bottlenecks.

Interestingly, you can also compare traffic and conversions across channels, devices, and locations.

Adline Pricing Plans

Adline is a fantastic product and very easy to set up. Setting up clients and running their ads is very simple.

Also, a good overview of how the different ads are performing and making changes is easy to perform.

Clients automatically get their billing and receipt from the system, so very little work for you as a business owner.

It comes with three regular plans; Starter, Growth, and Premium.


Starter plan $59/Mo

  • Automatic Budget Optimizer
  • 1 User
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Responsive Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • 1 Click Map Page
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Email & Chat Support

Growth plan $149/Mo

  • Automatic Budget Optimizer
  • 2 Users
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Responsive Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • 5 Click Map Pages
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Tailored Onboarding
  • 30-Min Strategy Call
  • Dedicated Customer Success

Click here to see the Premium plan.

Now you may think that the regular price is too expensive. No worries, an Adline lifetime deal is available on Appsumo for only $59!

Adline Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

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Adline Lifetime deal One-time purchase of only $59 | $5,376

  • Lifetime access to Adline
  • All everything Growth plan features+
  • 2 sub-accounts
  • 5 users
  • 10 click maps
  • Unlimited ad spend

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If you want a 10% extra discount offer for your first purchase from Appsumo, follow the instructions below:

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Note: 10% Discount offer valid only for first purchase (New customer).

Hurray! Adline lifetime deal from Appsumo one-time purchase for only $53!

Last Verdict

What a great product! It really takes the thinking and wasting valuable ad spend out of the advertising equation!

With ads becoming more and more expensive, it is more important than ever to find ways to do things more efficiently across all platforms, and Adline is the answer.

NB: Most deals are usually out of stock within a few weeks of coming to the Appsumo. So, if you need this lifetime deal, grab it without delay.
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